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Office national de sécurité sociale | Published January 21, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017

This market consists of the standard delivery and installation of furniture for office spaces, meeting rooms, informal spaces such as cozy corners, etc .. This is mainly office tables, conference tables, tables in informal spaces, office chairs and meeting chairs, cabinets, etc.

Leveren in installeren van voor de los meubilair werkplekzones, vergaderzalen, Informele areas zoals cozy corners, enz.

Office furniture

Chirec | Published December 30, 2016  -  Deadline February 21, 2017

Office furniture - Chirec.

Office and computing machinery, equipment and supplies except furniture and software packages

Elia Asset SA or Elia System Operator SA | Published January 11, 2017
Contact: Mrs. Nathalie Vierset, +32 25467653, 

Contact: Mrs. Nathalie Vierset, +32 25467653,

Contact: Mrs. Géraldine Wahis, +32 23822151,

Indirectly purchase for corporate departments or administrative buildings, repair and maintenance services for the network, IT (core and non-core business), Outsourcing and contracting services.

This covers services such as: Insurances, installations - maintenance and repair for Existing building (administrative and substations), logistic, consumable's (warehouse oil, work clothing), catering, communication, consultancy, printing and office supplies, pruning works, environment ( studies, sewage, decontamination, waste removal), training, IT Data communication, IT Hardwares and softwares and services, transportation, fleet related services, rigging, safety and control; travel related services, recruitment and selection related services, outsourcing and contracting services, (...).

Point contact: Mme NathalieVierset, +32 25467653,

Point contact: Mme Nathalie Vierset, +32 25467653,

Point contact: Mme Géraldine Wahis, +32 23822151,

Indirects Achats pour les départements corporate ou les bâtiments administratifs, services de maintenance et réparation du réseau, IT (core business et non core), et services d'outsourcing contracting.

Cela couvre des services tels que: Assurances, installations - maintenance et réparation des bâtiments existants (et postes administratifs), logistique, consommables (stock- huile, vêtements de travail), catering, communication, consultance, fournitures d'impression / et de REPROGRAPHIE desk, travaux d'ELAGAGE, environnement (études, assainissement, Decontamination, enlèvement the déchets), formations, IT Data communication, IT Hardwares - softwares et services IT, transport, services liés au parc de véhicules, amenities, sécurité et contrôle; Services liés aux voyages, services de sélection et recrutement, et services d'outsourcing contracting ....

Nathalie Vierset, +32 25467653,

Nathalie Vierset, +32 25467653,

Géraldine Wahis, +32 23822151,

Indirect purchases of corporate departments or administrative buildings, repair and maintenance services for the network, IT (core and non-core), services of outsourcing and contracting.

These services cover include: insurance, equipment - repairs and maintenance for existing buildings (administrative and substations), logistics, consumables (stock- oil, working clothes), catering, communications, consulting, printing and bueraubenodigheden, pruning work, the environment (studies, remediation , decontamination, waste collection), training, IT Data communication, IT Hardwares and softwares and IT services, transport, services related to fleet, tools, safety and control; travel-related services, recruitment and selection, outsourcing and contracting ....

Exhibition equipment

Institut royal des sciences naturelles de Belgique | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline February 13, 2017

Manufacturing furniture for the permanent exhibition "Living Planet" of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

From fabricatie van het voor meubilair permanently tentoonstelling "Levende Planeet" van het Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen.

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