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Exhibition Furniture - Pompeii Rescue

Australian National Maritime Museum | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 13, 2016
The purpose of this invitation is to seek quotations for the fabrication and installation of furniture for the upcoming exhibition, Pompeii Rescue - Navy Empire Catastrophe, developed by the Australian National Maritime Museum, Contemporanea Progetti, and Expona.

Cleaning Services for Brisbane Courts Precinct

Department of Justice and Attorney-General | Published November 10, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

The Department of Justice and Attorney-General is seeking offers for the provision of cleaning services in the Brisbane Courts Precinct.

The Brisbane Courts Precinct includes:
• Supreme and District Courts Brisbane (QEII Courts of Law), 415 George St, Brisbane;
• Brisbane Magistrates Court, 363 George St, Brisbane;
• Brisbane Arrest Court, 240 Roma St., Brisbane.

The Successful Offeror is to ensure that a quality, reliable and timely cleaning service is provided through proactive management of their staff by regular site visits and meeting with Court House management as required.  The Courthouse is constructed of various specialist materials, furniture, finishes and fittings that require the services of a professional cleaning company with the skills and experience to supply a high standard cleaning service.
The services required will entail day to day cleaning, bi-annual building, carpet shampooing and other speciality cleaning services.

NOTE TO SUPPLIERS: Site visits will be available for this Invitation to Offer.  Dates, times and location for Site Visits will be published in the near future by way of an Addendum.


GOLDOC2017015RFP - Housekeeping, Public Area Cleaning, Residential Seviced Laundries, Consumables & Amenities

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 23, 2016

~~This Scope of Work (SoW) has been initiated in relation to providing key services for the Commonwealth Games Village (CGV).  Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) has a large and varied requirement for Housekeeping & Cleaning Service associated with the delivery of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games™ (GC2018) and specifically the Commonwealth Games Village (CGV). GOLDOC desire an efficiently managed and cost effective Housekeeping & Cleaning service for the fulfilment of this SoW.
Information within this SoW has been tailored to allow for supplier to provide a service based on GOLDOC advised information on residential building totals and room types, expected occupancy levels and service levels for each room type.

This SoW is specifically for the provision of housekeeping and public area cleaning services in preparation for, during and immediately following the period in which the athletes and officials reside in the CGV.

As a separable portion, this SoW requests details from the supplier to provide consumables and amenities for the residential buildings and the associated public area toilet facilities and also to provide workforce and operational systems for the nine (9) x serviced laundries.
The key objectives of this Scope of Works (SoW) is to provide a level of Housekeeping, Public Area Cleaning and separable portions to include the Laundry Services and Consumables that fulfils the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) service guidelines in a value for money and effective manner.  The service level requirements would compare to those typically associated with a 3.5-star rated commercial accommodation property within Australia.

The scope of work will be broken into four sections:
Mandatory Services:
• Housekeeping service - to all residential accommodation apartments & townhouses, inclusive of the associated workforce, room tracking management system, equipment, tools and workforce consumables required to complete the service.

• Public Area Cleaning - from all residential accommodation buildings and associated village facilities and services for the athletes and officials of the GC2018, inclusive of the associated workforce, equipment, tools and workforce consumables required to complete the service. There will also be one (1) x external training venue close to the CGV included in the scope for Public Area.

Separable portions:
• Management of seven (7) x serviced laundry facilities - inclusive of associated workforce, operational systems, operational tools and workforce equipment, inclusive of chemicals and PPE necessary to carry out the associated tasks in a safe manner. GOLDOC will provide the building, washers, dryers, power source and water source and associated furniture, fittings and equipment.

• Provision of consumables and amenities - for all accommodation apartments and townhouses and associated facilities throughout the village.

The supplier must provide the full scope of the housekeeping and public area cleaning component of the (SoW). GOLDOC also may remove the serviced laundries and the consumables from this scope of works, should GOLDOC choose to source these categories from alternate channels. (Refer to Appendix 1)

The anticipated period of requirement for these services and commodities for GC2018 is from February 2018 through to April 2018 with the services and commodities being utilised at the CGV pre, during and post games.
GOLDOC will act reasonably and consult with the Supplier to approve plans and programs in a timely manner and the Supplier will make any amendments to the plans and programs reasonably required by GOLDOC to approve them.
Once a plan or program is approved by GOLDOC, the relevant plan or program will become and thereafter be referred to as an Approved Plan or Approved Program (as applicable) and that Approved Plan or Approved Program will supersede all previous versions of that plan or program

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