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Tree nurseries and tree trunks 2017 in the urban area Frankfurt (Oder) Lot 1 - green areas, lot 2 - municipal roads, lot 3 - federal roads, lot 4 Landesstraßen

Stadt Frankfurt (Oder), Dezernat II, Abteilung Vergabe und Haushalt, Auftrags- u. Vergabewesen | Published October 6, 2017  -  Deadline October 23, 2017

Tree nurseries and tree trunks 2017 in the urban area of ​​Frankfurt (Oder) Lot 1 - green areas, Lot 2 - municipal roads, lot 3 - national roads, lot 4 - national roads Lot 1: 86 trees Lot 2: 370 trees Lot 3: 23 trees Lot 4: 29 trees

Budapest City IX. elvégzése_Szerződés maintained by the District Municipality Kindergartens Francis maintenance and repair tasks change

Budapest Főváros IX. kerület Ferencváros Önkormányzata | Published June 3, 2015
50000000, 50710000, 50513000, 50711000, 50712000, 50720000, 50870000, 71326000, 45261900, 45432130, 45410000, 45432210, 45440000

Budapest City IX. Maintained by the district Francis Municipality of 9 kindergartens (Lily Nursery, Twittering Kindergarten Round Forest Nursery, Little Sorry Kindergarten, Bee Nursery, Sunshine Nursery, Strawberry Nursery, Miracle Tree Nursery, Ugrifüles Kindergarten) maintenance and repair tasks, the work of performing and troubleshooting duty system to supply. Maintenance tasks: roofing adjustment (sliding down tile, etc.) * X roofing replacement (pl.cserép less than 5% surface) * X hanging gutter cleaning per year, after litterfall * annual cleaning X rainwater downpipe * Fixed X drainage system * Fixed X roof flashings ( less than 5% surface) * without * X X front doors veszélytelenítése passzítása material replacement, partial painting of doors and windows repair of X * max. 0,036 m3 of wood replacement * X breaking glass in case of repair (insurance) * X pumps, repair shut-off valves, Replacement of X heaters (network-draining, filling) * Fixed X heating wire * X pipeline repair and replacement of shut-off valves, then MEO * X valves, fittings, fixtures (sink, toilet, sink) Replacement *) X blockage, elimination bursts * X light fixtures, switches and electrical fittings ad hoc repair and replacement * X and repair tasks: improving the plaster surface up to 10 m2 * Fixed X floors 5 m2 * Fixed below the surface of less than 5 m2 surface coverings X X * Painting of interior spaces less than 15% * X interface playground maintenance (replacement of sand, concrete curbs stone maintenance) * Repair and maintenance (furniture, toys) X Tools X *

City of Budapest IX. Francis maintained by the District Municipality Kindergartens maintenance and repair tasks elvégzése_eredmény information

Budapest Főváros IX. kerület Ferencváros Önkormányzata | Published February 13, 2015
50000000, 50710000, 50513000, 50711000, 50712000, 50720000, 50870000, 71326000, 45261900, 45432130, 45410000, 45432210, 45440000

City of Budapest IX. Maintained by the District Francis Municipality of nine kindergarten (Lily Nursery, Twittering Kindergarten Round Forest Nursery, Small Sorry Kindergarten Bee Nursery, Sunshine Preschool, Strawberry Nursery, Miracle Tree Nursery, Ugrifüles Kindergarten) maintenance and repair tasks, the work of carrying out or troubleshooting duty system to supply. Maintenance tasks: roofing alignment (slipped tile, etc.) * X roofing replacement (pl.cserép less than 5% surface) * X dependent gutter cleaning per year, after litterfall * annual cleaning of X rainwater downpipe * Fixed X drainage system * Fixed X roof flashings ( less than 5% area) without * X * X front veszélytelenítése passzítása material replacement windows, doors and repair of partial painting of X * max. 0,036 m3 of wood replacement * X breaking glass in case of repair (insurance) * X pumps, repair shut-off valves, Replacement X heaters (network-draining, filling) * Fixed X heating wire * X pipeline repair and replacement of shut-off valves, then MEO * X faucets, fittings, fixtures (sink, toilet, sink) Replacement) X blockages, removing bursts * X lights, switches and electrical fittings in case of repair, replacement * X and repair tasks: improving plaster surface of less than 10 m2 * Fixed X floors 5 m2 * Fixed wall surface beneath the surface of less than 5 m2 X * X painting of interior spaces less than 15% surface X * playground maintenance (replacement sand, concrete, stone curbs maintenance) * Repair and maintenance (furniture, toys) means X * X

Open space design (0509-14 B-E-51)

Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr Freistaat Thüringen | Published March 27, 2014  -  Deadline April 15, 2014

Open space design - Los 50S approx - 10 m3 demolition of obstacles in the floor of masonry or the concrete, - 310 m2 demolition pavement, - 315 m To cancel curbs - 150 m2 demolition site road gravel, - clear 180 m2 Plant ground cover, - 260 m3 soil resolve, load, dispose, soil classes 3-5, 6-7, - 1.850 m2 terrain modeling, - 69 m3 trenches, cable trenches, - 800 m2 paved areas of concrete paving and concrete slabs, various dimensions - 40 m2 water-based surfaces, - 2 St entrance matting system to 1.2 x 3.6 m including base plate, - 2 m wall angle, height 55 cm, - 7 St seat wall, length 2.5 m, including concrete foundation, partly as part radii, including seat covers made of wood, - 28 St block steps 60 -120 cm for stair systems, including strip foundations and handrails - 35 m sewer PVC-U DN 150 - 1 St manhole cone and manhole cover - 8 pcs Bicycle parking, - 4 St waste bin with ashtray, - 1 pc letterbox system, 4 mailboxes, - 1,116 m2 vegetation Technical floor work, - 9 St fruit and deciduous trees including roots and tree protection, - 2400 St shrubs and perennials - 7200 St bulbs, - 440 m2 plant protection by mulching, - 730 m2 grassing, - all planting areas including Completion development and maintenance with the offer designation of the delivery tree nursery and proof that the delivery nursery belongs to the federation of German nurseries BdB

Purchase of liquid fuels needs Dobrzejewice Forestry Commission in 2014.

 | Published December 23, 2013  -  Deadline January 2, 2014

The contract is for: Delivery: - Purchase and delivery of liquid fuels needs Dobrzejewice Forestry Commission in 2014, including: unleaded petrol, diesel, heating oil and propane gas. 1 Fuel and gasoline will be refueled by the Purchaser directly to the vehicles at petrol stations Contractor. 2 Oil is to be delivered by the Contractor to the headquarters of the Forestry Commission office in heart attacks. 3 Propane gas for heating to be supplied by the Contractor to the nursery Bielawa, address: ul. Forest Route 5, 87-100 Torun. The gas will be used to heat the plastic tunnel. 4 The contract is divided into four parts. Hi No. 1 Supply of fuel oil to the Forestry Commission office building Dobrzejewice the infarct. Expected amount of fuel oil - 5 000 liters. Lot No 2 Non-cash purchase of fuel / diesel and unleaded petrol E 95 /, with stations located within 10 km from the Forestry Commission. Expected amount: petrol - 28 000 liters, 500 liters petrol 1. Lot No 3 Non-cash purchase of fuel / diesel and unleaded petrol E 95 /, with stations located within 20 km from the forestry Komorowo / address forestry: Komorowo, 87-600 Lipno / and Wakol / address forestry: Wakol, 87-617 Bobrowniki / . Expected amount: petrol - 13,500 liters of petrol - 1 000 liters. Lot No 4 Delivery of propane and butane at a tree nursery Bielawa. Predictable amount of gas: 12 000 liters. 5.Dostarczany object of the contract must have parameters and meet the quality requirements in accordance with: - Regulation of the Minister of Economy on quality requirements for liquid fuels (Journal of Laws of 2013, pos. 1058). - Ordinance of the Minister of Economy of 28 December 2006. the quality requirements for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (Journal of Laws No. 251, item 2006. 1851). 6 Purchase of liquid fuels will be implemented gradually. The amounts in the contract period may vary depending on the needs of the Employer. 7 The demand for fuel should be used as an estimate. 8 Employer allows partial bids syntax ..

Forestry services

Skarb Państwa Państwowe Gospodarstwo Leśne Lasy Państwowe Nadleśnictwo Korpele | Published November 11, 2017  -  Deadline December 19, 2017
77200000, 77211000, 77210000, 77211100, 77000000, 77211200, 77211300, 77211500, 77211400, 77211600, 77230000, 77231000, 77231200, 77231600, 75251120

Providing forest management services in the Korpele Forest District in 2018

The subject of the order was divided into 13 parts (hereinafter "the package") "

Package I - Forestry Targowo

Package II - Dźwierzuty Forestry

Package III - Forestry Ball

Package IV - Marksewo Forestry

Package V - Forestry

Package VI - Forestry Młyńsko

Package VII - Olszyny Forestry

Package VIII - Forestry Grzegrzółki

Package IX - Flaming Rods

Package X - Forestry Dębówko

Package XI - Forestry Korpele

Package XII - Forestry Grom

Package XIII - Forest Tree Nursery

The Contractor may submit an offer for one or more Packages but no more than 3 (three) packages. The offer for a given Package must cover the entire scope of work provided for in the SIWZ for this Package.

The place of realization of the object of the contract will be the administrative area of ​​Korpele Forest District. The implementation of individual Packages will take place in the area of ​​forestry - specific for the given Package.

Locations (forest addresses) on which the pre-planned implementation of particular works (activities) are included in the subject of the order are described in Annex 3 to SIWZ. Locations (forest addresses) on which the specific work (s) is planned to be performed are included in the subject matter of the contract and may change during the course of the contract, provided that it is always carried out within the area of ​​the package.

Lolo Forestwide Exterior Painting

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service | Published March 23, 2010

�RECOVERY: Lolo Forestwide Exterior Painting THIS CONTRACTING ACTION IS BEING OFFERED UNDER THE AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT. The project consists of providing all labor and materials for performing exterior maintenance painting work on approximately 72 buildings at six Lolo National Forest administrative sites. Many of the buildings identified are either eligible or listed on the national Register of Historic Places. The work to be done on most buildings will also include lead paint mitigation measures as required for painting surface preparation to be done in compliance with all related safety and environmental regulations. Sites included are located from approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours driving time from Missoula, MT. Project sites are located at several sites on the Lolo National Forest in western Montana. Sites include Ninemile Ranger Station approximately 20 miles west of Missoula, MT; Seeley Lake Ranger Station near Seeley Lake, MT; Plains Ranger Station, Plains, MT; St. Regis Work Center near St. Regis , MT; and Savenac Tree Nursery near Haugan, MT. A pre-bid/show-me trip is scheduled for April 22, 2010. Interest bidders are to meet at the Visitor/Training Center at the Ninemile Ranger Station at 0930AM. This will be the only site formally visited. It is representative of the type of work to be done at all sites. Bidders are free to visit other sites on their own. The Ninemile Ranger Station is located off highway 90 approximately 17 miles west of Missoula, MT. Take exit 82 and follow county road 412 north approximately 4 miles to the ranger Station. Route is marked with signs. The project cost estimate is between $250,000 and $500,000. Performance and Payment bonds will be required. In addition, a bid guarantee will also be required. Davis Bacon wage rates will apply. The total performance period is approximately 365 calendar days from June 1, 2010 or from the issuance of the Notice to Proceed (NTP). All responsible businesses may submit a proposal which will be considered by the Government. In accordance with FAR 4.1102(a), prospective contractors must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database prior to award of a contract. Lack of registration in the CCR on part of the offeror will render a proposal ineligible for award. Offerors may obtain information on registration and annual confirmation requirements by calling 888-227-2423 or via the Internet at The solicitation package is anticipated to be available electronically on or about April 6, 2010 with an anticipated closing date of May 7, 2010. NOTE: THIS PRE-SOLICITATION HAS A DUE DATE THAT IS FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY. THE OFFICIAL DUE DATE WILL BE INDICATED IN THE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. ARRA Requirement: The Awardee will be subject to Section 1512(c) of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which requires each contractor to report on its use of Recovery Funds under the awarded contract. These reports will be made available to the public. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE GOVERNMENT PRIOR TO SEEING AND REVIEWING THE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL.� Other pertinent information: NAICS: 238320 �Painting (except roof) contractors� Size Standard: $14M FSC: F018 �Other range-forest improv/non-const� Prog Code: S10 Solicitation number: AG-82B1-S-10-0293

LS-Second Pvt. Sector Competitiveness - P144933

Private Sector Competitiveness & Economic Diversification Project | Published December 17, 2014  -  Deadline January 12, 2015

Technical Advisor For Establishment Of Nurseries Government of Lesotho PrivateSector Competitiveness and economicdiversification Project- phase ii INDIVIDUALCONSULTANCY SERVICES REQUEST FOR CURRICULUM VITAES TECHNICALADVISOR FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF FRUIT TREE NURSERIES IN LESOTHO 1.0          Background TheGovernment of Lesotho (GOL) is committed to fight poverty, accelerateeconomicgrowth and improve the welfare of the Basotho. In 2002 Government formulated its broadNational Development Goals toguide national planning and overall development agenda of the country.  The National Vision 2020 was launched in2004, which provides the overall framework that defines the aspirations of thepeople. The 2005-2008 Poverty ReductionStrategy (PRSP) attempted to translate the broad goals into actions which wouldenable the economy to develop rapidly, and poor people to be the mainbeneficiaries of growth. One of the four building blocks or pillars of the PRSPis private sector development (PSD), which when implemented would lead toequitable economic growth and rapid employment creation. The NationalStrategicDevelopment Plan (NSDP) 2012/13 ? 2016/17 builds upon the PRSP. Similarly, theNSDP embraces increased private sector participation in the economy, withspecific emphasis on improved business environment; support for productivesector to diversify the economy; and greater participation of MSMEs in theformal economy. Toimplement PRSP 2005-2008, in 2007, the Government implemented Phase Iof thePrivate Sector Competitiveness Project (PSCP) with support from the World Bank.The key objective of the project was to increase private sector participationin the economy by increasing its productivity and competitiveness. This goalwas achieved by improving the business environment and reducing the costs ofdoing business; strengthening the linkages with the regional economy,especially with South Africa; strengthening institutional support foremployable skills and business management; and improving productivityat thefirm level. PhaseI of the Private Sector Competitiveness and Economic Diversification Project(PSCEDP) closed on 30th June, 2013. However, the Government ofLesotho is continuing to support the private sector by building upon thesuccesses of the first project by implementing phase II of the project. To strengthenprivate sector growth and development by increasing its productivity andcompetitiveness, the Government requested the World Bank to prepare the second PSCEDPwhich includes a component relating to the development and diversification ofthe Horticultural Sector.  TheHorticulture sub-component of the PSC Project focuses on adding valueandestablishing regional and international market linkages for tree crops such asapples, cherries, plums, blue berries, peaches and apricots. The Government ofLesotho is already implementing several horticulture pilot projects, which willnow be used as research and development stations for in-depth studiesto testnew varieties and new technologies regarding fruit tree husbandry. The project isalready rolling out the initiative on 11ha site cultivated with fruittrees atMahobong and a further three sites have been identified for expansionduringPhase II of the project. To furtherstrengthen the horticultural sector growth and expansion in Lesotho, the PSCEDPhas identified a need for establishment of fruit tree nurseries that will serveas source of pure tree seedling plant material for future expansions inLesotho. The PSCEDP therefore requires services of a fruit tree nursery expertto facilitate and guide the process of establishing production fruit treenurseries in Lesotho. 2.0          OBJECTIVE OF THE ASSIGNMENT Theobjective of the assignment is to engage an expert to facilitate the establishmentof fruit tree nurseries  in Lesotho,specifically on development of resistant rootstocks for both pome (apples &pears) and stone fruit (peaches, plums, apricots), as well as, maintenance ofmother blocks for proper selection and screening of desirable scions forpropagation. It iscurrently envisaged that a network of nurseries will be established through atleast two methods: (i)  the formation ofvillage associations intarget areas where suitable fruit tree development has been identified; and (ii)Throughexisting individual nursery operators (both formal and informal). It isanticipated that technical support would be delivered through associations withthe objective of transforming the associations into a corporate entity where bythe end of the project such nurseries will operate as a private business.  For individual nursery operators, a differentset of support activities will need to be defined so that they will align withthe mandates and limitations of the project.[1]Thenurseries will be structured and capacity built so that they will adhere tointernational standards and be in compliance with the Global Gap standards, ISOsand Plant Phytosanitary protocols within the SADC region. The nurseries willalso be required to be compliant with International Germplasm collectionprotocols as set out by Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) andInternational Board for Plant Genetic Resources (IBPGR). 3.0         MAIN TASKS Reporting directlyto the Project Manager, the expert will be responsible for the following: Demand-SideAssessment Given thesuitability map for fruit tree crops, estimate the maximum land area availablefor fruit tree production Based on findingsfrom 'a' above, estimate the maximum possible demand for fruit tree seedling(define tree density per ha used for calculating demand) Given the maximumdemand identified in 'b' above, discount the demand by 50% and estimate thescale of nursery(s) required to meet this demand. Work withstakeholders to develop a criteria and packages for supporting interestedfarmers.  Two discrete packages will needto be defined, first for farmer associations (grouping of farmers); and thesecond for individuals with existing nursery operations. Supply-SideAssessment Undertake a baselineassessment of existing nurseries in Lesotho including their performance.  Assessgrowth rate, plant health, access toroad and water, availability of subsidiary structures.  Identify key challengesregarding nurserymanagement and quality of seedlings. Identifyseedsourcing options and possible cost implications for royalty payments Define seed handlingand management practice of germination beds Develop criteria forselection of sites for nursery developments Recommendation onnursery design and construction Draftguidelines on basic principles on developing production fruit tree nurseries inLesotho Define planning andrecord keeping requirements Draft soil andsubstrate management plan for developing trees Developbasic guidelines on handling and nurturing mother stock to increase efficacy Developclear and sound guidelines on fertilizer and irrigation scheduling for treeseedlings Define and formulateadherent guidelines on chemical program for young trees Defineproper waste and pollution management under nursery environment Instructions on howto identify pathogens under production nurseries Develop workerhygiene, safety and welfare standards Developclearprotocols for detecting pathogens in a nursery establishment and align theprotocols and manuals on nursery establishment to the National Biosafety policyfor Lesotho (2000); Biosafety Bill (2007), Lesotho Phytosanitary guidelines(ARD);  Draft Lesotho Seed policy2010;2012) Developand implement training manuals and training plans for participating farmers andthe nursery staff in the Ministry of Forestry and Land Reclamation FacilitateGlobal Gap certification for at least three (3) nurseries. 4.0        DELIVERABLES The consultant will be required to deliver a comprehensive reportcovering each issue raised in Section 3 above, accompanied by a hands-onvisually oriented training manual and plans for nursery operators andMinistrystaff. In addition, by the end of thecontract period, the consultant will be required to have three certifiednurseries in operation. 5.0        Qualifications The expert should possess a minimum of Bachelor's Degree in Forestrywith a strong inclination toward nursery management; or horticulture withspecialization in nursery tree production or any other related field. Interestedindividuals should have a minimum of 10 years practical experience working withfruit tree nurseries Experienceworking in SADC region or in Lesotho on development of new productionnurserieswould be an added advantage. 6.0        TimeSchedule Theabove-mentioned assignment  isexpected to be done over a period of 12 months 7.0        SUBMISSION TheGovernment of Lesotho nowinviteseligible Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in providing theservices by submitting an application letter and detailed curriculum vitae. Candidateswill be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the currentedition of the World Bank's Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultantsby World Bank Borrowers. Interestedcandidates must deliver their application letter and Curriculum Vitaeto theaddress below by 12th January,2015. Electronicsubmissions of application letters and detailed curriculum vitae (using asingle pdf or other protected file) are also encouraged and applicants shouldinclude as the subject message "TECHNICAL ADVISOR FOR ESTABLISHMENT OFNURSERIES" and should be sent to with a copy Only shortlistedIndividual Consultants will be contacted. The ProjectManager Private SectorCompetitiveness Project 4th FloorLNDC Centre P.O. Box 747, Maseru 100 ?Lesotho Tel: (+26622 315100) [1]It is not anticipated that the project will seek new individualnursery operators.  Individual nurseryoperators to be included in the project will be those with already existingnursery operation.

Felling of trees and to plant replacement in the city of Katowice in 2014

 | Published March 31, 2014  -  Deadline April 10, 2014
77211400, 77211500, 77310000

Felling of trees and to plant replacement in the city of Katowice in 2014 including: I.Wycinka trees throughout the city including lanes (tree trunk circumference measured at a height of 130 cm) according to the list: 1) Felling of trees with a trunk circumference to 200cm milling and export, 2) Felling of trees with a trunk circumference to 200cm without milling to export, 3) Felling of trees with a trunk circumference above 200cm milling and export 4) Felling of trees with a trunk circumference above 200cm without milling of exportation, 5) Felling Climbing trees with a trunk circumference of 200cm for milling and export 6) Felling climbing trees with a trunk circumference 200cm without cutting into export-7) Felling climbing trees with a trunk circumference above 200cm milling and export, 8) Felling climbing trees with a trunk circumference above 200cm without milling to export, 9) Reduction of tree crowns in accordance with the rules of the art of gardening with exports (to the extent provided in Rule 82 paragraph 1a of the Act on the Protection of Nature), 10) Cutting of the bushes in m2, 11) Removal of carp from export and costs of land, 12) Milling trunks exports. II.Wykonanie planting of replacement: 1) Planting of trees and natural forms cluded a trunk circumference of more than 14cm measured at a height of 100cm from the base of the trunk, 2) Planting of vines, bushes in the form of natural species strongly increasing height of 60-80 cm, the slow-growing 20-30 cm. III. The detailed scope of work specified in Annex No. 9 to the Terms of Reference - Description of the contract. IV.Wymagania quality of plant material. The plant material should meet the following requirements: 1) are admissible trees with root balls, in containers or packings for alternative crops, 2) the size of the root ball must be proportional to the size of the plant or trunk circumference, well overgrown roots moist and undamaged, 3) trees with root balls with a trunk circumference of 14 cm circumference will be at least three times nursery, 4) tree nursery three times with a circumference of over 14 cm must have a trunk at a height of 200cm (with the exception of the varieties grafted in the crown, in this case the height of the trunk should be 220cm) 5) the shape and nature of the branches of the crown must be appropriate for the declared variety, age and size of the tree crown can not be forked branches (except varieties, where it is natural - for example, oak, hornbeam), threatening the breaking of the crown at a later age of the tree 6) the crown can not have more than one main shoot, shoot primary can not be damaged. The momentum of the main should be clear to the top of the crown. The exception is the variety growing naturally in a spherical, wide or drooping, 7) crown of the tree with a trunk circumference of over 14 cm must contain at least 5 branches, in addition to the trees that at a young age rarely branch. For a branch can not be considered a one-year momentum; branches must have at least two years, 8) conifers minimum 200cm height aboveground part 9) plants without the root (of bare root) must have a well-developed root system with proper balance between the root system a part of the aboveground, 10) plants in containers should be strongly overgrown root system and be grown in containers with a capacity proportional to the size of the plant. The roots must be evenly distributed in the container and visible on the outside of the root ball. The roots can not be too compacted (felted). The plant should grow in the same container at least one but not more than two years. 11) the species and varieties of trees and shrubs for planting replacement are dependent on administrative decisions on the felling of trees and will be agreed with the Employer ..