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Wrocławskie Przedsiębiorstwo Hala Ludowa Sp. z o.o. | Published August 6, 2014  -  Deadline September 15, 2014
03450000, 03451300, 03452000, 45112710, 45112711, 77211500, 77211600

1. Przedmiotem zamówienia jest dostawa materiału roślinnego do nasadzeń oraz wykonanie prac konserwacyjnych zieleni zabytkowej polegających w szczególności na wykonaniu nasadzeń kompensacyjnych drzew i krzewów w Parku Szczytnickim we Wrocławiu wraz z pielęgnacją zieleni w okresie gwarancyjnym. 2. Przedmiot zamówienia należy wykonać zgodnie z wymaganiami określonymi w niniejszej Specyfikacji Istotnych Warunków Zamówienia, zwanej dalej SIWZ oraz załącznikach do SIWZ a w szczególności zgodnie z projektem rewaloryzacji szaty roślinnej fragmentu zabytkowego Parku Szczytnickiego w Sektorze VII (pomiędzy ulicami Kopernika, Paderewskiego i Różyckiego) we Wrocławiu, stanowiącego Załącznik Nr 2a do SIWZ.

Design and build a transformer station at a tree nursery in Miłogostowicach.

 | Published September 25, 2013  -  Deadline October 18, 2013
71322000, 31170000, 45311100

The contract is for: Design and build a transformer station on plantation forestry in Miłogostowicach - along with obtaining a building permit. The scope of work covering the object of the contract: - mapping for design purposes, - the establishment of a construction project to obtain a building permit, - preparation of detailed designs and technical specifications of the performance and acceptance of works, - preparation of the bill of quantities in the system kosztorysowym, - the execution of construction works on the basis of developed documentation, - the preparation of other documents required by law to issue the necessary building permit. The report is based connection conditions issued by TAURON Distribution SA Branch in Legnica, ul. Partisan 21, 59-220 Legnica. Tauron distribution network provides a connection to the OSD and power supply with a total connected load: Connection 1:300,0 kW (up from 35.0 kW) for power base ..

Modernization nursery in frost ..

 | Published June 3, 2014  -  Deadline June 23, 2014
45000000, 45100000, 45110000, 45111300, 45112100, 45112210, 45210000, 45213221, 45213300, 45216129, 45220000, 45231400, 45232100, 45232120, 45232121, 45232152, 45232200, 45233140, 45111291

1 The minimum scope of work funded in 2014: 1.1. Implementation of the cable line zalicznikowej nn 430/230 V power tree nursery. 1.2. Repair pumping ujęciowej. 1.3. Construction of pumping water. 2 The scope of work funded in 2015: 2.1. Construction of a storage reservoir for irrigation nursery. 2.2. Irrigation Repair semisolid. 2.3. Implementation of polytunnels ..

Supply of peat, cattle manure and pine bark on the Arboretum in Rzeczyca in 2014.

 | Published March 12, 2014  -  Deadline March 27, 2014
09112200, 24430000, 03416000, 60000000

The contract is for delivery at a tree nursery in Rzeczyca: - peat pH in KCl from 4.0 to 6.5 and the degree of decomposition of 20-50%, ash content up to 30% in the amount of 570 mp - bovine manure with straw content up to 50% , in an amount of 130 mp. - Pine bark przelegującej a minimum of 3 months from the debarking, crushed (ie approximately 90% by weight passes through a mesh with a diameter of 20 mm) at 300 mp Peat must be free of organisms: endobioticum, Globodera pallida and Globodera rostochiensis. Delivery includes the sale of the above. products along with their transport, distribution of layers of peat, bovine manure and pine bark and pryzmowaniem distributed products ..

Purchase of liquid fuels needs Dobrzejewice Forestry Commission in 2014.

 | Published December 23, 2013  -  Deadline January 2, 2014

The contract is for: Delivery: - Purchase and delivery of liquid fuels needs Dobrzejewice Forestry Commission in 2014, including: unleaded petrol, diesel, heating oil and propane gas. 1 Fuel and gasoline will be refueled by the Purchaser directly to the vehicles at petrol stations Contractor. 2 Oil is to be delivered by the Contractor to the headquarters of the Forestry Commission office in heart attacks. 3 Propane gas for heating to be supplied by the Contractor to the nursery Bielawa, address: ul. Forest Route 5, 87-100 Torun. The gas will be used to heat the plastic tunnel. 4 The contract is divided into four parts. Hi No. 1 Supply of fuel oil to the Forestry Commission office building Dobrzejewice the infarct. Expected amount of fuel oil - 5 000 liters. Lot No 2 Non-cash purchase of fuel / diesel and unleaded petrol E 95 /, with stations located within 10 km from the Forestry Commission. Expected amount: petrol - 28 000 liters, 500 liters petrol 1. Lot No 3 Non-cash purchase of fuel / diesel and unleaded petrol E 95 /, with stations located within 20 km from the forestry Komorowo / address forestry: Komorowo, 87-600 Lipno / and Wakol / address forestry: Wakol, 87-617 Bobrowniki / . Expected amount: petrol - 13,500 liters of petrol - 1 000 liters. Lot No 4 Delivery of propane and butane at a tree nursery Bielawa. Predictable amount of gas: 12 000 liters. 5.Dostarczany object of the contract must have parameters and meet the quality requirements in accordance with: - Regulation of the Minister of Economy on quality requirements for liquid fuels (Journal of Laws of 2013, pos. 1058). - Ordinance of the Minister of Economy of 28 December 2006. the quality requirements for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (Journal of Laws No. 251, item 2006. 1851). 6 Purchase of liquid fuels will be implemented gradually. The amounts in the contract period may vary depending on the needs of the Employer. 7 The demand for fuel should be used as an estimate. 8 Employer allows partial bids syntax ..

Forestry services

Skarb Państwa Państwowe Gospodarstwo Leśne Lasy Państwowe Nadleśnictwo Korpele | Published November 11, 2017  -  Deadline December 19, 2017
77200000, 77211000, 77210000, 77211100, 77000000, 77211200, 77211300, 77211500, 77211400, 77211600, 77230000, 77231000, 77231200, 77231600, 75251120

Providing forest management services in the Korpele Forest District in 2018

The subject of the order was divided into 13 parts (hereinafter "the package") "

Package I - Forestry Targowo

Package II - Dźwierzuty Forestry

Package III - Forestry Ball

Package IV - Marksewo Forestry

Package V - Forestry

Package VI - Forestry Młyńsko

Package VII - Olszyny Forestry

Package VIII - Forestry Grzegrzółki

Package IX - Flaming Rods

Package X - Forestry Dębówko

Package XI - Forestry Korpele

Package XII - Forestry Grom

Package XIII - Forest Tree Nursery

The Contractor may submit an offer for one or more Packages but no more than 3 (three) packages. The offer for a given Package must cover the entire scope of work provided for in the SIWZ for this Package.

The place of realization of the object of the contract will be the administrative area of ​​Korpele Forest District. The implementation of individual Packages will take place in the area of ​​forestry - specific for the given Package.

Locations (forest addresses) on which the pre-planned implementation of particular works (activities) are included in the subject of the order are described in Annex 3 to SIWZ. Locations (forest addresses) on which the specific work (s) is planned to be performed are included in the subject matter of the contract and may change during the course of the contract, provided that it is always carried out within the area of ​​the package.

Felling of trees and to plant replacement in the city of Katowice in 2014

 | Published March 31, 2014  -  Deadline April 10, 2014
77211400, 77211500, 77310000

Felling of trees and to plant replacement in the city of Katowice in 2014 including: I.Wycinka trees throughout the city including lanes (tree trunk circumference measured at a height of 130 cm) according to the list: 1) Felling of trees with a trunk circumference to 200cm milling and export, 2) Felling of trees with a trunk circumference to 200cm without milling to export, 3) Felling of trees with a trunk circumference above 200cm milling and export 4) Felling of trees with a trunk circumference above 200cm without milling of exportation, 5) Felling Climbing trees with a trunk circumference of 200cm for milling and export 6) Felling climbing trees with a trunk circumference 200cm without cutting into export-7) Felling climbing trees with a trunk circumference above 200cm milling and export, 8) Felling climbing trees with a trunk circumference above 200cm without milling to export, 9) Reduction of tree crowns in accordance with the rules of the art of gardening with exports (to the extent provided in Rule 82 paragraph 1a of the Act on the Protection of Nature), 10) Cutting of the bushes in m2, 11) Removal of carp from export and costs of land, 12) Milling trunks exports. II.Wykonanie planting of replacement: 1) Planting of trees and natural forms cluded a trunk circumference of more than 14cm measured at a height of 100cm from the base of the trunk, 2) Planting of vines, bushes in the form of natural species strongly increasing height of 60-80 cm, the slow-growing 20-30 cm. III. The detailed scope of work specified in Annex No. 9 to the Terms of Reference - Description of the contract. IV.Wymagania quality of plant material. The plant material should meet the following requirements: 1) are admissible trees with root balls, in containers or packings for alternative crops, 2) the size of the root ball must be proportional to the size of the plant or trunk circumference, well overgrown roots moist and undamaged, 3) trees with root balls with a trunk circumference of 14 cm circumference will be at least three times nursery, 4) tree nursery three times with a circumference of over 14 cm must have a trunk at a height of 200cm (with the exception of the varieties grafted in the crown, in this case the height of the trunk should be 220cm) 5) the shape and nature of the branches of the crown must be appropriate for the declared variety, age and size of the tree crown can not be forked branches (except varieties, where it is natural - for example, oak, hornbeam), threatening the breaking of the crown at a later age of the tree 6) the crown can not have more than one main shoot, shoot primary can not be damaged. The momentum of the main should be clear to the top of the crown. The exception is the variety growing naturally in a spherical, wide or drooping, 7) crown of the tree with a trunk circumference of over 14 cm must contain at least 5 branches, in addition to the trees that at a young age rarely branch. For a branch can not be considered a one-year momentum; branches must have at least two years, 8) conifers minimum 200cm height aboveground part 9) plants without the root (of bare root) must have a well-developed root system with proper balance between the root system a part of the aboveground, 10) plants in containers should be strongly overgrown root system and be grown in containers with a capacity proportional to the size of the plant. The roots must be evenly distributed in the container and visible on the outside of the root ball. The roots can not be too compacted (felted). The plant should grow in the same container at least one but not more than two years. 11) the species and varieties of trees and shrubs for planting replacement are dependent on administrative decisions on the felling of trees and will be agreed with the Employer ..
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