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Contractor - rehabilitation of tree nurseries

Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF | Published June 14, 2016  -  Deadline July 4, 2016
45214100, 45000000

The mission includes a modernization of 3 nurseries, respectively Broke Svein, Raven Hill, and Khalid. The modernization will mainly include:

- New siding

- insulation

- window

- New and complete plumbing facilities for today's requirements

- Upgrading of electrical systems

- Creation of various HC-measures

- Other surface treatment

The modernization of the kindergarten included in PAPIRUS project. PAPIRUS is a European collaborative project on innovative procurement with a focus on sustainability. For these three kindergartens commissioned in process of acquisition of insulation and windows that will contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings. This is a pure commodity procurement, but assembly and other procedures must be performed by contractor. Because of the risk of failure of care procurement is windows and doors also included as an option in this competition. The options will be triggered if the contracting authority does not receive offers, or no offer is suitable, in commodity procurement.

The three kindergartens will be rehabilitated in parallel and with partial operation, and provided a good dialogue with the kindergarten staff.

Procurement of insulation to implementation in tree nurseries

Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF | Published May 2, 2016  -  Deadline June 20, 2016
44111510, 45262640, 44111520, 31650000, 44111500

Omsorgsbygg want in collaboration with the industry to implement an innovative development process, with a view to providing new and better solutions for use in passive houses.

The procurements will be conducted in cooperation between the parties and will initially be conducted simultaneously in Norway, Germany, Italy and Spain, with the same competition documents and requirements specifications.

For more information, see

Dialogue conference in Oslo is thus one of four dialogue conferences being held in four European cities where everyone should do their own procurement on several technologies to reduce energy demand. Vendors can provide input on one or more technologies.

Completion of the acquisition

The pilot project will be twofold with dialogue conference and innovation competition.

1 Dialogue Conference

Elements of dialogue conference will be used as input to the innovation competition.

The presentations of dialogue conference will be accompanied by the announcement of the innovation competition.

1, Oslo, on 19 August 2014 and is open to anyone interested.

Registration and enrollment:

Registration deadline is August 14.

Any questions regarding registration should be directed to Lene Johansen Charge

Innovation Acquisition

All suppliers who submit solution proposals will be invited to a dialogue meeting on up to 1 hour, where they get presented its solution above Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF.

It is planned that innovation procurement will be announced in January 2015.

Acquiring BREEAM NOR auditor for tree nurseries

Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF | Published May 20, 2016  -  Deadline May 27, 2016
79132000, 90712000, 90713000

Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF (OBY) will design and build three new kindergartens:

• Hauge trail kindergarten in District Alna, 4 departments. The project is a turnkey.

• Bråtenallèen kindergarten in District Nordre Aker, 8 departments. The project is a turnkey.

• Fossum kindergarten in district Stovner, 10 departments. The project is a turnkey with early interaction.

The purpose of this competition is to acquire BREEAM NOR auditor for projects. All kindergartens must BREEAM NOR certified to the minimum level "Very good."

Acquiring windows to implementation in tree nurseries in Oslo

Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF | Published May 3, 2016  -  Deadline June 20, 2016
44221100, 45262640, 44111000

Omsorgsbygg shall procure windows to be installed in Raven Hill, Blakkens way and Sletta kindergarten in Oslo. The acquisition is part of PAPIRUS project, see section. 1.3.

Omsorgsbygg want to acquire windows that provide reduced heat loss and high light transmittance. The windows should have low greenhouse gas emissions and low lifecycle expenses. It will be evaluated on both LCC and CO2 footprint.

The supplier of the windows will be a supplier to the contractor, but the principal would still stand as window supplier's principal contract. The contractor shall be procured Spring / Summer 2016

For more information, see tender documents and annex 1.

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