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Construction work

Spółka Restrukturyzacji Kopalń S.A. | Published November 11, 2015
ABG Grzegorz Oleksa
45000000, 77211500, 77211600

The contract is for the implementation of technical reclamation and biological settlers CI, C-II, C-III, C-IV after former KWK "Jan Kanty" in Jaworzno, on the property marked with geodetic number 332 with a total area of ​​119.0673 hectares and the area designed for reclamation - 37 11 ha. Septic tanks are located on land owned by the Treasury, which are in the possession of the National Forest Holding "State Forests" Forestry Chrzanów Chrzanów. Slopes are reinforced with canvas internal backfilling, while external zatrawione. As part of the rehabilitation work should be complementary plantings. This action will allow you to meet SRK SA obligation obligation, imposed n / a decisions: This obligation stems from a decision constituting Annex 5 to the Terms of Reference: - Mayor of the City of Jaworzno of character: RLS.7014 / 12/80 of 25.03.1980 - Vice President of Jaworzno of character: G.III.7451 / 6/89 of 09.06.1989 - President of the City of Jaworzno of character: ER.VII.6012 / 13/98/99 of 01.25.1999 - President of the City of Jaworzno of character: OŚ.6064 / 2/3/2003 from 16.4.2003, - the President of Jaworzno of character: OŚ.RL.6124.1.2012 of 28.6.2012.
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