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Babimost: Construction of multi-purpose water reservoirs in rangeries Chwalim and Wąchabno Forestry Commission Babimost

Nadleśnictwo Babimost | Published July 19, 2016  -  Deadline November 15, 2016
1.Przedmiotem order is: Construction of multi-functional water tank Forestry Chwalim Municipality of Kargowa - precinct Wojnowo; Plot No. 191. Construction of multi-water tank in Forestry Wąchabno, Municipality BABIMOST - precinct New Kramsko; Plot No. 71/1. Work will be performed on land owned by the State Treasury on the board Babimost Forestry Commission subject to the conditions Building permits No. 358/16 and 359 / 16Z dated 28.06.2016 r. Issued by the Prefect of Zielona Gora. They will carry out the functions of the importance of fire and natural, in addition, as part of a landscape and a watering place for animals and birds. Tanks are designed for commuting fire in existing steel tanks owned by the Purchaser must be removed and disposed of - traced to the place indicated by the Employer at a distance of 25km. 4.Budowa tanks in order to obtain constant retention of water in the reservoirs above 50m3 is essential, and such objects are the required water supply for fire securing land adjacent forest. Directly at tank in relation to the directions of fire designed paved squares acting as passing places within the communication of fire, and venue of draw-off point for extinguishing fire engines podjeżdżających to water collection tanks. Designed containers are sealed waterproofing membrane with gentle slope slopes in the ratio 1: 2 and 1: 5 in the organization from the tap and go down to the animals. Water consumption for refilling and maintenance of the lagoon will take place from the area adjacent. Detailed description of the item for two tanks:
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