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Chojna: Execution of services in the field of game management in the facility breeding animals of State Forests Forest Inspectorate Chojna

Nadleśnictwo Chojna | Published July 25, 2016  -  Deadline March 31, 2018

The contract services hunting economy to perform in the resort breeding animals of State Forests Forest Inspectorate Chojna hunting season 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. Object of the contract covers the following scope of work: I. Construction of new and maintenance of existing equipment infrastructure of hunting: 1. Implementation of the new hunting equipment - licks - 150 pcs. (Material provide the Employer; construction licks includes the following activities: construction cut salt, Transportation, setting in area in the space provided by Forester for. hunting. 2. maintenance of existing hunting equipment -lizawki - 350 pcs. (maintenance includes the following tasks: digging overturned licks, salt supplement, travel - the location of repairs indicated by the Forester for. hunting) material will provide Purchaser . 3. Other work hourly: a) works Hourly manual - 60.00 h, b) work hourly mechanical - 40.00 h. II. Operation hunting collective 1. Number of days (regardless of the number of hunters) - 60 days / The daily lump sum consists of the following components: a minimum of 6 people in nagance, car transport naganki (min. 1 pc.), A minimum of 8 dogs, car transport game (min. 1 pc) + service (2 persons) + gutting, meal in the forest for hunting service / 2. Transport during the hunt - 200 samochododni / Transport includes transportation of hunters (assuming 1 car = 4 people). The Purchaser requires that the Contractor had min. 4 cars to transport hunters, the 60-day period envisaged for the implementation of the contract / III. Operation hunting of individual animals 1. Transport acquired the net to cold (deer bull) - 50 pcs. 2. Works Hourly manual (preparation fishery) - 60.00 h. Employer provides for the possibility of granting supplementary orders, referred to in art.67 paragraph . 1, item 6 of the PPA, amounting to 50% of the value of the basic contract. Estimated contract value excluding VAT: 418 035,00 PLN.
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