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Városliget Ingatlanfejlesztő Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline February 6, 2017

Wood completing transposition and preparatory works for construction sites.

The old part of work on City Park (29732/11. u.) trees in the field of construction, preparation and transplantation of about 232 000 000 HUF allocations.

Under the Budapest Park Project in the area of ​​City Park (29732/11. u.) constructed buildings and museums in the park's development special emphasis on the protection of existing ecological value representing the park's old trees. Within the construction sites due to building healthy, however, prepare and transplant it into another part of the park's trees will be spliced, cut in place as needed.

The City Park Zrt. Főkert Nonprofit Zrt preparation of a City park with tree register (05.17.2016.), Which is about 7105 pieces of wood recorded by individuals. The City Park Zrt. Some of the trees that are within the building site or in the immediate zone can be found in a separate visual and tomographic studies have been conducted in the Main Garden Nonprofit Zrt own expense. These data serve as landscape architects and garden designers branch of the tree survey and tree replacement basis. The construction site in the garden architectural work of designers partly determine those individuals that the construction be transposed into place. In general designer of the park's trees were placed at the planned architectural concept matching the garden and prepare the wood for transposition plan.

Based transplanted trees within construction sites categorized by their size as follows:

Tree Transplant transposed within the construction site.

Category 1 (trunk diameter 0-25cm) 116th

Category 2 (26-50cm trunk diameter) 55th

Category 3 (50-110 cm trunk diameter) 47th

Total: 218th

Preparation Total: 31st

The trees grew up in an urban environment transplantation should be treated with special care, as the crumbling, debris soil should be mentioned without the tree gently to the ground ball fall apart. In the case of older trees over 25 cm diameter trunk for transplantation is a greater emphasis should be placed due to their age.

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