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Landesgartenschau Lahr 2018 GmbH | Published October 17, 2015
Toriello GmbH Landschaftspflege

For the Landesgartenschau 2018 Lahr earthworks, services for cable laying, tree and Farnpflanzungen and sown areas will be advertised in the Seepark. The tender includes the following main work: - laying of approx. 80 m cable, PVC pipe DN 400 KG, to 3.00 m depth grave - modeling of a free drainage ditch depth to 1.0 m, length = 32.0 m - modeling of terrain surfaces, on average +/- 10 cm 20 000 m² Area - 2097 St. tree planting 2 000 m² Farnpflanzung, sown areas 18,000 m².

Landesgartenschau Lahr - Seepark "Hiking park"

Landesgartenschau Lahr 2018 | Published July 1, 2017  -  Deadline July 20, 2017

The city of Lahr will host the Landesgartenschau in 2018. For this purpose, a hiking park with 51 parking spaces made of gravel roads and driving areas made of natural stone gravel with a bearing / surface layer of forestry mixture is produced in the western Seepark. Drainage is used for drainage. The enclosure of the parking lot consists of edges, a hedge from hornbeam is planted around the circumference. Lawns and lawns are sown and trees are planted.The tender comprises the following main works: 1300 m² of fine planum production; 320 m edge stones 10/30/100; 600 m² load bearing layer of natural stone gravel (forestry mixture); 700 m² Vegetation support layer Gravel lawns; 700 m² Schotterrasen sowäen incl. Care, 870 pcs. Hedge plants Carpinus betulus 125/150, incl. Care.
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