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Consultation Services: Economic Activities and Benefits Associated with Selected Species in Canada

Environment Canada | Published December 8, 2015  -  Deadline December 29, 2015

The work consists of three main components:  Identifying, describing and quantifying the economic activities that exist in areas of selected species occurrences and that may affect species populations o Gathering data (including geo-referenced) on economic activities being undertaken or that are likely to be undertaken in the near future in areas of selected species occurrence, for example, forestry, agriculture, urban development, resource extraction; o Assessing which economic activities may be a threat to species populations; o Establishing baseline economic values/indicators related to the main identified activities on federal and First Nation lands only;  Identifying, describing and quantifying potential measures to mitigate negative impacts on the species populations o Identifying concrete measures/best practices to minimize negative impacts on species and their habitats. Mitigation measures should be species-specific and applicable to the economic activities identified in Component 1; o Estimating costs of adoption or implementation of mitigation measures;  Identifying, describing and quantifying, using the Total Economic Value framework, the market and non-market benefits related to the selected species, for example, commerce, pollination, scientific research o Gathering data relevant to the estimation of the economic values related to the uses and other benefits of the species, including local, national and international use and non-use values where appropriate, and providing estimates of those values. In the absence of quantifiable data for economic values, providing a qualitative discussion and/or indicators of economic value.
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