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Skills enhancement stages for employees in projects under way program for substance abuse treatment

Social- og Integrationsministeriet | Published January 14, 2014  -  Deadline March 3, 2014

Social Agency offers a task concerning. upgrading process for substance abuse therapists in the project Methodology Program for substance abuse treatment. The task must be carried out within the framework of this tender. Methodology The program's initiative 3 and 6 of Social, Child and Integration Ministry's proposal: "Improving the quality of Drug unit", the so-called drug package. The Offeror will be responsible for development and implementation of an upgrading process that makes the project municipalities able to perform manual based and tier repeats substance abuse treatment based on methods: Individual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Motivational Interview (MI) and Voucher-based reinforcement (VBR - Voucher-Based Reinforcement). There shall also be added to the processing elements that are related to the way the program's follow-up treatment (CC - Continuing Care). The task is further described in the tender documents.

Engineering services

Odense Kommune | Published December 22, 2016
Teknologisk Institut

Odense Municipality conducts a public offering in order to conclude a framework agreement with a single supplier to Tender for Facilitating 'Odense robotics Startup hub'.

Odense Municipality wants in collaboration with Development Fyn to continue the project "Odense Robotics start-up hub 'of the supply of services as described. This through the conclusion of a framework agreement, the vendors will have in two years, with an option to extend for a further 2 times up to 12 months.

»Odense Robotics Start-Up Hub 'aims to support start-up companies in the robotics and automation sector.

The agreement consists in its entirety by, in Odense Municipality's territory, making min. 5 development sites available, delivering robotic technology consulting services based on a voucher system and to market, promote and administer the program.

Health and social work services

Solrød Kommune | Published March 2, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017
85000000, 55321000, 55322000, 85100000, 85110000, 85141200, 85141210, 85144100, 85300000, 85311000, 85311100, 85311200, 85312000, 90910000, 98513310

Operation of 52 care homes in Plejecentret Christians Have and delivery of home care in Solrød Municipality.

The purpose of the offer is partly a desire to create maximum freedom of choice in the services offered to the elderly, partly a desire to find a partner who in cooperation with the municipality can develop elderly care for the benefit of citizens, and finally a desire to ensure that the case is handled on competitive terms without compromising on quality.

Solrød municipality providing care center operation and delivery of home care as one project.

Plejecenter The operation includes the provision of nursing, everyday rehabilitation, personal care and practical help in an overall solution (care package) to the residents at the nursing home. In addition, various administrative tasks related to delivery of care tasks performed.

Delivery of home care includes the provision of personal care and practical help to the searched citizens in their own home, see. Social Services § 83. Benefits granted under the Social Services provisions of §91 of free choice of supplier. The tender also includes the provision of everyday rehabilitation of Social Services § 83a, searched benefits under the voucher scheme and delegates nursing services.

Implementation of Prohix in Nature Business Authority

NaturErhvervstyrelsen | Published January 24, 2014  -  Deadline January 31, 2014

Natural Business Authority will be implementing Prophix budget system. AgriFish Agency offers consultancy in the form of technology-specific IT skills on an hourly basis, for technical installation and business setup Prophix 'module for financial budgeting. This task involves, inter alia, preliminary analysis of the need for financial budgeting, including the formulation of business requirements and review of data quality. The job also involves technical installation and setup of Prophix in AgriFish Agency's operating environment on the basis of the applicable licenses. This includes system integration with results of the initial analysis, data conversion from Civitas Budget System Prophix, organizing workflow, design of data views and various templates. The Offeror will be responsible for training of users and perform tests, including secure transfer and documentation of Prophix installation to Natural Business Authority approval. This must be done as subsequent support is not part of the assignment Finally, the tenderer shall provide the necessary adaptation of cubes for analysis and reports in relation Prophix budget solution as well as edit existing TARGIT reports and analysis of evolving cubes. Besides the implementation of financial budgeting, desired option for an additional voucher of 50 consultant hours for adjustments and the like., And optionally the subsequent implementation of such. paymodule Module for investment / construction and modular cost allocation. Natural Business Authority hopes that the contract concluded by mid-February and that the task completed by the end of April 2014.
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