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Provision of Global Mail, Pouch and Courier Services for ECLAC Headquarters in Santiago, Chile

United Nations Secretariat | Published November 9, 2016

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations (ECLAC) is seeking for companies with local representation in Chile, with at least five (5) years of experience, with technical and financial capacity to participate in the bidding process for the provision of Global Mail, Pouch and Courier Services for ECLAC Headquarters in Santiago, Chile, South America. Description of the services required: 1. Global Mail The service includes what is known locally as "Global Mail" consisting of the withdrawal from ECLAC for distribution to ordinary post of the various countries of destination. 2. Diplomatic Pouch We have 9 fixed destinations for sending diplomatic bags, which are released weekly (via Courier, dully marked as diplomatic pouch). However, occasionally, bags are shipped to other destinations. The contractor shall provide ECLAC with labels and seals for identifying bags as diplomatic pouch (envelopes and bags). 3. Courier For this feature personalized delivery is required. Only to physical addresses and voucher dully signed by the reciver is required. This service stands out for its speed in delivery time, and has a defined transit time and online tracking. 4. In-house staff for courier services For the best performance of this service and due to the volume of daily office, it is required that the category provide an official in-house to prepare and dispatch correspondence, as well as be responsible for tracking deliveries. The overall coordination of services will be provided by Mail Operations, Archives and Records Management Unit of ECLAC.
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