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65--Olympus Ureterscopes

Department of Veterans Affairs, Providence VAMC | Published April 1, 2015

The VA Providence Healthcare System (VAPHS) awarded a firm fixed priced contract to a sole source. Basis pursuant to FAR 6.302-1: Only One Responsible Source and No Other Supplies or Services Will Satisfy Agency Requirements and FAR 6.302-2 Unusual and compelling urgency (ii) Delay in award of a contract would result in serious injury, financial or other, to the Government with OLYMPUS AMERICA INC, MEDICAL ITEMS DIV, 3500 CORPORATE PARKWAY, CENTER VALLEY, PA 18034-8229. SALIENT CHARCTERISTICS: 1. URF-P6 SUPER-SLIM FLEXIBLE FIBEROPTIC UR 2. 13839 APTIMAX STERRAD STERILIZATION TRAY 3. 99239 APTIMAX STERRAD STERILIZATION TRAY

Extractives Technical Assistance Activity (ETAA)

Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions | Published November 10, 2015

Title: Extractives Technical Assistance Activity (ETAA) Solicitation Number: SOL-306-16-000009 Notice Type: Pre-solicitation Notice NAICS Code: 213112 The United States Government, represented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), anticipates issuing a solicitation for a new USAID/Afghanistan activity to provide technical and financial assistance to the Ministry of Mines & Petroleum (MoMP), Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA). This is a USAID effort to support the MoMP priorities to build a foundation for sustainable and efficient development and exploitation of petroleum and mineral resources to fuel economic development and growth for the benefit of the Afghan population, while reducing and eliminating illicit practices. The following types of assistance could be included as support to the MoMP's priority of building an institutional, regulatory and human resource foundation for the sector with its priority on developing/exploiting petroleum resources: • Provide technical assistance in order to strengthen the institutional capacity of MoMP, with emphasis on technical trainings and training in international mining and petroleum industry business practices, including commercially focused planning. - Illustrative Activity: Assist MoMP in utilizing gas reserve information in order to obtaining private investment to develop or re-develop known gas prospects. - Illustrative Activity: Assist the MoMP in identifying, revising, and adopting extractive industry laws and regulations that promote business activities and revenue generation in the extractives industries sector. - Illustrative Activity: Assist the MoMP in institutional and administrative restructuring of MoMP towards market oriented institution. - Illustrative Activity: Assist the MoMP in coordinating and managing internal and external/donor activities supporting the extractive industry. • Provide transactional assistance to the MoMP to develop, promote, and manage tenders and agreements. - Illustrative Activity: Assist MoMP in developing specific requirements and soliciting to investors for gas gathering/gas processing Private-Public-Partnerships. - Illustrative Activity: Assist MoMP to implement plans for a Sheberghan National Energy Center, including marketing and solicitation of users. - Illustrative Activity: Assist MoMP with ongoing construction and installation projects by providing international engineering and technical expertise. It is anticipated that USAID will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) in the near future. USAID encourages all interested contractors to consider this business opportunity. The RFP will be posted on the Federal Business Opportunities web page ( Offerors are advised to periodically monitor the above website for updates concerning this procurement. Telephonic requests or inquiries will not be taken. Award of the contract will be made subject to the availability of the funds. This notice does not obligate USAID to release a solicitation or award a contract nor does it commit the Government to pay for cost incurred in the preparation and submission of the proposal. Contracting Office Address: Office of Acquisition and Assistance, US Agency for International Development, Kabul, Afghanistan Contracting Officer: Alexis McGinness at Primary Point of Contact: Wali Achakzai at

NGB Cooperative Agreements Training Program Services

Department of the Army, National Guard Bureau | Published July 18, 2016

1.0 General: The National Guard Bureau (NGB) Office of the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting, NGB Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program (NGB-OPARC-A) in conjunction with the Office of Property and Fiscal Affairs (NG-J8-PF) require contractor support services for professional instructors to teach the principles and management of CAs awarded by the NGB1.1 Scope: The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and quality control necessary to provide CA Training Services.  The CA instruction will include training blocks on Purpose and Legal Authority of CAs, Roles and Responsibilities of key functionaries, Financial Management of CAs, Fiscal Stewardship, Claims and Appeals, Acquisition Procedures, Management Controls and Audits, Program Income/In-Kind Assistance and Centralized Personnel Plan.  All training will be based on National Guard Regulation (NGR) 5-1, National Guard Grants and Cooperative Agreements, and to some extent NGR 5-2, National Guard Support Agreements. 1.2 Background: The NGB's CA Program is an assistance program through which funds are provided by the Federal Government to the states with the primary purpose to equip and train the state's National Guard for rapid and seamless integration with the Federal armed forces when necessary.  The manner of execution and management of the program is unique to the NGB; the policy and procedures are based on NGR 5-1.  The NGB CA training program is tailored to the National Guard's unique program, and satisfies the training requirement for all personnel involved in the execution and management of CAs.  For the past several years, performance and cost data has proven delivery of this training through sponsorship by the United States Property and Fiscal Officers (USPFO) on-site, at government facilities in their respective states, is most effective.       1.2.1 The target audience for this training include those personnel, state and federal, who are charged with the responsibility of funding, and the execution and management of CAs at the National and State level.  Personnel include Grants Officers/USPFOs, Assistant USPFOs, Grants Officer's Representatives (GORs); Federal Program Managers; State and Federal Accountants, Auditors, and Legal Officers; and key staff members of NGB and the Adjutant General.  1.3 Period of Performance (PoP): The Period of Performance shall be one base year of 12 months and four 12-month option periods.
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