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Financial transaction processing and clearing-house services

Agentia Nationala de Administrare Fiscala | Published January 12, 2017
Service financial transaction processing and clearing-house services

Financial leasing services

Orasul Campeni | Published January 10, 2017  -  Deadline February 9, 2017

The contract is the purchase of a truck 6x6 equipped with Sararita snowplough according to specifications and other specifications of the tender documentation, acquired through financial leasing for a period of 60 months (5 years) with a 15% share the residual 1%, providing the service during the warranty period, and temporary movement permit red numbers.

Financial leasing services

Orasul Campeni | Published January 21, 2017  -  Deadline February 9, 2017
Servicii de leasing financiar

Road sweepers

Salubritate-Turnu | Published January 10, 2017  -  Deadline February 17, 2017

Purchase sweeper truck for financial leasing.

Desktop computer

Directia Nationala de Probatiune | Published January 3, 2017  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

Purchasing IT equipment (lot 1 - desktop computers with preinstalled software, lot 2 - other IT equipment - laptop, ultrabook, monitor, switch, router, wireless tablets) for the endowment of 42 probation services Territorial and National Directorate of Probation, according to requirements Specifications defined.

National Probation Directorate (DNP), as project promoters benefits under the financing contract no. 1/38404 / 04.29.2014, as amended and supplemented, the reimbursable financial assistance for the implementation of pre-defined project "Strengthening the Romanian Probation system capacity to provide efficient alternative prison". Financial assistance is provided through the grant program RO 23 "correctional services, including non-custodial sanctions" under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

Pharmaceutical products

Spitalul Judetean de Urgenta Ploiesti | Published December 9, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

The contracting authority will award procurement contracts subsequent cascade framework agreement, only in compliance with the technical and financial conditions laid down in the framework agreement.

Every time you intend to award a contract subsequent to a public procurement framework agreement, the contracting authority will consult with the economic operator in the first position in the ranking, requesting it, as needed, completing the offer.

If the trader was in first position in the ranking can not provide the entire quantity of products needed and / or can not meet deadlines, the contracting authority is entitled to send request to award the contract which follows the second operator economic learned ranking compiled based on bid prices for the consignment. It will proceed accordingly and if the second operator can not provide the entire quantity of products needed and / or can not meet deadlines sending the request in order to award the contract which follows the third operator with whom the contracting authority has signed agreement - framework.


Penitenciarul Bucuresti Rahova | Published December 21, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

Framework agreement, without re-tendering financial proposals concluded with a single operator, to conclude, for 2017, for subsequent contracts for the supply of the following lots of meat, meat products and meat:

Lot 1 - pork and meat products:

1.1. Pork carcass, fat, chilled-40 minimum quantity 300 kg / 200 kg maximum amount-47;

1.2. Crude bacon: minimal amount-16 636 kg / 739 kg maximum amount-19;

1.3. Pig by-products - CAPATANA pork chilled: volume-minimum setting 9490 kg / 950 kg maximum amount-10;

lot 2 -Prepared meat:

2.1. Salam summer: Minimum quantity-4454 kg / maximum quantity-5 550 RON;

2.2. Sausage peasant: Minimum quantity-9490 kg / 950 kg maximum amount-10;

Lot 3-beef: minimum quantity 817 kg-16/809 kg maximum amount-24;

Lot 4 chicken thighs with bone and skin: minimum quantity 710 kg-10 / maximum amount-12 600 kg.

- Will end a total of four (4) subsequent contracts. Estimated timing concluding subsequent contracts:

Estimated completion date subsequent contract agreement / Period:

No subsequent contract. 1 quarter 2017 / January 2017 / January 31/03/2017;

No subsequent contract. 2 quarter 2017 / 31.3.2017 / 1.4.-30.6.2017;

No subsequent contract. March quarter III 2017 / 30.6.2017 / 1.7.-30.9.2017;

No subsequent contract. 4 quarter 2017 / 29.9 2017 / 1.10 - 31.12. 2017.

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