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Street-cleaning and sweeping services

Gmina Miasto Szczecin – Zarząd Dróg i Transportu Miejskiego | Published November 24, 2016  -  Deadline December 8, 2016

The contract scope includes:

a) maintaining the cleanliness by draining 1 261 baskets of street art, 5 times a week,

b) maintaining the cleanliness by draining 1 167 art street baskets, 2 times a week,

c) maintenance of street baskets 2 in an amount of 428 units.

The scope of maintenance when emptying bins includes:

- Systematic emptying street baskets of all impurities according to schedule,

- Cleaning and weeding of the area within a radius of 2 meters around the basket.

The website includes all the baskets baskets repair the damage caused during the operation, performed on a regular basis, as needed, .:

- Cleaning and disinfection of the entire surface of the baskets,

- Remount example. Torn basket (with or without ground)

- Straighten tilted (bent), basket or base

- Welding basket,

- Repair hinges (eg. From unfinished lid)

- Completion of fixing pins,

- Repair ashtrays,

- Removal of graffiti and stickers,

- Painting the basket (in green RAL No. 6029) and the painting of the base,

- Completion of covers (roofs)

- Straightening the covers (roofs)

50-55l. h. digits 9 cm (+/- 0.5 cm)

- Completion of baskets and inserts,

- Fixing the financial mechanism,

- Completion basis for baskets,

- Adjustment or removal of trash,

- Exchange basket new in the case of total devastation, or in the case of a corroded trash.

During the term of the contract completion and maintenance of a fixed number of baskets (in line with the state of adoption)

after each Reset items or installing a new basket of street Contractor is obliged to send a revised list of street baskets to the contracting authority in electronic form within 48 hours of the shift or installation, intervention works related to cleaning within the lane by orders of disposable issued by the Employer up to 5% of the remuneration resulting from the offer of the Contractor.

Monitoring and control services

Dyrektor Urzędu Morskiego w Szczecinie | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 28, 2016

The contract is the provision of services involving the supervision and control of the entity, which will be chosen by the Purchaser in a separate tender procedure (this entity is also called "Supplier") in the implementation of the Supplier of the project titled: "Construction of 2 multipurpose vessels."

In particular, the duties of the Contractor shall be:

1. supervision of the preparation, verification, evaluation and management of documents drawn up by the supplier, including project technical classification, documents relating to equipment and materials and their samples;

2. coordination and supervision of design work, supplies, services provided by the Supplier;

3. overseeing compliance with safety rules and laws by the Supplier;

4. administration and management agreement signed by the Purchaser from the Supplier;

5. supervision of compliance submitted by the Employer budget tasks;

6. supervising the removal of defects in the object carried by the Supplier;

7. settlement agreement entered into by the Purchaser from the Supplier on the basis of financial documents and rules for funding from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020 and prepare the necessary documents and the implementation of the supply agreement in connection with the financing from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014 - 2020. Priority III Development of Road Network TEN-T and multimodal transport. Measure 3.2 Development of maritime transport, inland waterways and multimodal connections;

8. any other activities related to the supervision, administration, management and / or control the implementation of the agreement by the Supplier.

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