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Lublin 6: Delivery of products and food products for the needs of the school canteen of the School of the Mętowie

Zespół Szkół w Mętowie | Published July 19, 2016  -  Deadline August 31, 2017

The contract is for the supply of products and foodstuffs to the cafeteria at the School of Mętowie. A detailed description of the contract for each part was placed 10) to the ToR. The amounts of each product are estimates and therefore reserves the right to change the quantities ordered in relation to the estimates referred to in the order specification, adapting them to the real needs of the Contracting Authority, which does not cause the Employer financial consequences and damages to the Supplier. Goods will be delivered to the School Complex in Mętowie according to order quantity - inventory, daily (Monday to Friday) from 7.00 to 8.00. the prearranged with the authorizing officer canteen quantities and dates supplied goods should be: 9.00 products should correspond as to the quality requirements of products approved for marketing and use in collective nutrition. - --- The delivered products should have a sufficiently long validity period (not less than 20% of total period-to-eat). - Bread delivery must be made with baking the day of delivery, - the price should be fixed for the duration of the contract,

Thermal insulation work

Komenda Wojewódzka Policji w Lublinie | Published April 15, 2017  -  Deadline May 25, 2017
45321000, 71320000, 45331100, 45443000, 45311200, 45332200, 45421100, 45430000, 45442100, 45331221, 45453000

The contract scope includes the design and construction of thermo facility Police Station in Lubycza Royal.

For recognition of all work liable exclusively by the Contractor.

Terms of the Contract, it includes, among others, the following information:

The planned scope of the tasks described in the PFU includes the development of project documentation and execution of construction works in the field of thermo-modernization of buildings using renewable energy sources and bring objects to the current legislation, including:

thermomodernization-administrative office building as described in the energy audit.

adjust the object to the disabled,

reconstruction of the entrance of an office and residential premises in the administrative office building,

modernization of the facilities and internal fault, ie. heating, ventilation, hot and cold water, sewer, electrical, guaranteed voltage, telecommunication and security installations.

As part of the development of technical documentation Contractor project documentation in industries: architectural, construction, sanitary, electrical, telecommunication to the extent necessary for the proper and full implementation of works including:

inventory objects to the extent necessary to further develop the documentation,

architectural concept as described in the PFU.

762, as amended. d.)

executive projects,

takeoffs and estimates Investor works in various industries

technical specifications for execution and acceptance of works in various industries

material and financial schedules,

summary list of job costs

and provide supervision in accordance with the model contract.

As part of the contract the Contractor undertakes to organize and carry out all the activities and works required for the implementation of the agreement, as well as obtain specific PFU documents, in particular: maps for design purposes, permits, exemptions, research, agreements, excerpts, reviews, studies, inventory, expertise, technical documentation, as-built documentation including records of the tests and testing of equipment and installation of internal and earth, chimney, water control testing, inventory, instructions for use and fire protection.

The contractor should be familiar with the description contained in the PFU and included in the offer with all the requirements thereof.

I and V SETC).

The Employer, at the stage of tender allow contractors to make local vision for the proper preparation of the offer.

The Contractor shall perform at his own expense all the measurements, analysis, and expertise necessary to carry out studies and approve model contract.

Scope of the project executive should allow its unambiguous reading of the execution of the work.

The contract will be executed in the active site.

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