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Supervision of building work

Regionalny Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej w Gliwicach | Published March 7, 2017  -  Deadline April 24, 2017
71247000, 71324000, 71356100, 71520000, 45240000, 71540000, 71310000

Investor's supervision over the implementation of the Project Engineer Projects:

1) Modernisation of the sluice Nowa Wies

2) Modernization lock Sławięcice

implemented under the project "Modernization of mucus Odra to Gliwice Canal, the stretch in the Regional Water Management Board Gliwice - adaptation to class III water route - Phase II" co-financed from EU funds under the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment" (OPIE) for 2014 -2020.

The contract services consisting of the performance of Investor Supervision Project Engineer for the project "Modernization of mucus Odra to Gliwice Canal, the stretch in the Regional Water Management Board Gliwice - adaptation to class III water route - Phase II", co-financed by aids from the European Union under the Operational Programme infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020, covering two locks Gliwice Canal: New Village and Sławięcice during the execution of works and the entire warranty period and warranty of the works.

Both locks are historic buildings entered on the register of historic monuments.

Project supervision should be carried out by a team of Project Engineer at the construction site under the provisions of the Construction Law, together with the application of industry inspectors for the Supervision of construction and material and financial settlement made and received works, supplies and services. Taking into account the specification principles of Investor Supervision, Technical specification - General requirements and a detailed Technical Specification Workmanship and the acceptance of construction works within the framework of the project.

Tasks to realize the supervision Investor Project Engineer: Employer support during the ordering process in the selection of construction companies, verification of design documentation and as-built control and supervision during the execution of works, cost control and investment settlement construction and project management.

Gliwice: Dehydration South KSSE - the area ul. Bojkowska

Miasto Gliwice | Published July 15, 2016  -  Deadline September 30, 2019
45231300, 45000000, 45100000, 45200000, 45220000, 45243600, 45310000, 45316000, 45233140

, The project will involve the construction of storm sewer system, along with weapons and the execution of a sealed storage reservoir for rainwater pumping station and accompanying buildings and culvert under the street Bojkowska. Other sections of storm water drainage system shall be done by open trench. Bojkowska designed bushing frame with dimensions of 1200 mm x 3500 mm. The area at the pumping station will be limited from the ogroblowania retaining wall built in the form of reinforced concrete on the top plate of steel sheet-pile wall. In connection with the need to protect the tank in case of overflow, the scope of work also provides for making transfers from the emergency bleed conical trough and discharge of water from the overflow into the trough open ditch. The route leads provided for the implementation control drain in the concrete pit, chosen to expense 110 l / s. Conduit will have an outlet to the reservoir. Around the area of ​​the tank will be performed perimeter security against interference by third parties. For the correct operation of the system to perform power system provides power and automation systems necessary to operate the equipment. In connection with the existing technical infrastructure, there is a need to translate the existing fiber-optic cable, and the works will be necessary to temporarily disable the high voltage line running along the northern border of the reservoir. A detailed description and scope of the contract specifies the design documentation and technical specifications for execution and acceptance of construction works constituting APPENDIX 5 to the ToR. NOTE: In this field of work described in the project, the primary will not be executed and apply provisions of the draft replacement. When preparing the Schedule in time-material and financial to be assumed that the Contractor in 2016 made 10% of the contract value in subsequent years, 30% of the contract. The work lying on the side of Tauron are not covered by the construction project and not part of the contract. The Contractor shall, within 30 days notify the contracting authority plans to start work on a plot 201 precinct New Gliwice. This means that the contractor may propose other than those specified in the documentation solutions with appropriate equivalent technical specifications, standards, approvals, technical specifications and reference systems to achieve the expected functionality of the entire system which is the subject of the contract ensuring obtain all possibly required arrangements.
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