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Gdynia: Construction work covering the execution of the investment project .: Reconstruction of rooms in the building C on the needs of complex outpatient clinics in the Hospital Vincent de Paul in Gdynia, Stage I, op. No. 1260 and 1264 precinct 0026, Downtown.

Szpitale Wojewódzkie w Gdyni Sp. z o.o. | Published July 15, 2016  -  Deadline December 19, 2016
No. 1260 and 1264 precinct 0026, Downtown. Mayor Radtkego 1 plot 1260 and 1264 precinct 0026th 3. Customer: Provincial Hospital in Gdynia Sp. z oo 4. The scope of work was defined in the Description of the contract (Annex 8 to the Terms of Reference) together with the following attachments forming an integral part of: Plumbing, Construction, Technology) - Appendix 8.1 hereto, 2) Bills of Construction (Construction, Ventilation , Electronics, Medical Gases, installations CO installations water and sewage) - appendix 8.2 hereto, 3) technical specification of the Workmanship and the Receipt of Work - Annex 8.3 to the Terms of Reference 4) Technical Specifications - electrical installation - appendix 8.4 hereto, 5) the scope of works Phase I - complex clinic - appendix 8.5 hereto. In the case of urgent need for work permits to change the designated hours at the written request of the Contractor approved by an authorized representative of the Employer. 6. Object of the contract must be in accordance with the Description of the contract with attachments. 7. Object of the contract includes: These studies should be performed in an electronic editable AutoCAD version 2000 dwg and pdf to develop as required as-built format ath; 2) Development of as-built documentation including as-built inventory should be performed outside of a form provided for the regulations in force, in electronic editable AutoCAD version 2000 dwg and pdf; 3) The basis for the start of the receiving process is the submission by the Contractor complete as-built documentation, 14 days before the date of its commencement; 4) Approved by the Employer / in the documentation and submission of all other necessary documents provided Building Law will start w / the procedure for receiving the investment. Materials for the contract to be taken in the category and quality is not lower (equivalent) than those indicated in the tender documents and annexes. Names of materials, devices or manufacturers that may arise in the design documentation should not be considered as an imposed or suggested by the Employer. 10. The contractor will guarantee quality made the subject of a minimum period of 36 months. 11. The contractor will be obliged to submit to the Employer within 5 days from the date of the contract schedule of Material and Financial hereinafter referred to HRF, which will be subject to approval of the Employer. 5 000 000.0 zł (five million) at an event during the insurance period and the duration of the contract.
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