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Anbod 2017 Framework agreement on legal and financial services

Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune | Published December 1, 2017

For both missions, respectively. legal and financial services, will be established parallel framework agreements with three utvalde providers.
Legal services innan several jurisdiction:
• EU / EEA law: public anskaffingar, public support,
o Contract law,
o Litigation / Dispute solving,
o Employment,
• Company Lovgjeving / business law,
• Freedom of management,
• torts, tax law
Legal services related to vegentreprise is not covered by the framework agreement.
financial services
It is Jamna need for financial services, here valuation of the shareholding and strategic counseling in connection with purchase and saddle of shares and other securities, private placements, mergers and demergers, diligence, mm. It could also arise for assistance in anskaffingsprosessar, for example in the assessment of whether the supplier has fulfilled financial eligibility requirements.
The agreement does not apply to the daglege fiscal and debt the administration cf. County's Financial Regulation.

Financial and legal third-party assessment of projects that rescanned through new technology applications

Enova SF | Published March 29, 2017

Enova wants to collaborate with an external company that can make financial and legal third-party assessment of projects that rescanned through support programs that include new technology:
- Piloting of new energy and climate technology in the industry
- Demonstration of new energy and climate technology
- Full scale innovative energy and climate technology
Financial and legal third-party assessment of projects in construction and energy and transport may also be appropriate, but industry-related projects will be the majority of the missions. The mission will be carried out through an ongoing agreement where Enova contacts selected consultant when needed for the evaluation of such projects.

17/541 ERP System module for financial planning and leasing model to Norwegian Train AS

NORSKE TOG AS | Published March 28, 2017

Acquiring ERP System module for financial planning and leasing model.
Norwegian Train intends to enter into a contract that includes:
• Purchase / lease of software
• Implementation, integrations and training
• Application management

Management agreement - concessionary

Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune | Published April 4, 2017

Acquisition of a management agreement for the principal's concession portfolio of approximately 373 GWh with associated advisory. The assignment includes both current sales force and financial hedging concession portfolio.

Project evaluation. NFF Middle East project

NORGES FOTBALLFORBUND | Published September 1, 2017

NFF received in September 2015 granted financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the project "Football Coach Courses for women in the Middle East." The project is implemented in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Iran in the period September 2015 to December, 2017.
NFF wants an external evaluation of the project focusing on preliminary results and measure strategies.

DL 201700074 Backup Disaster Recovery

Statens arbeidsmiljøinstitutt | Published August 4, 2017

Purpose and extent
The competition comes to an agreement for the establishment of a remote backup location as an extension and disaster recovery of existing backup environment.
The financial framework for procurement is up to NOK 700 000, - excl. VAT. The volume is estimated based on the statistics and accounting for the acquisition of similar products for the same buyer group for previous years and future budget. The volume should be regarded as estimates and are not bindende.For further information please refer to Part 2, requirement specification.

Framework agreement legal services for Enova SF

Enova SF | Published June 4, 2017

The contract's purpose is to enter into an agreement with two suppliers to cover Enova's need for legal services / legal services. The contract will cover external legal assistance when needed expertise and the lack of internal capacity. The need for legal assistance is expected to have an emphasis in the following areas of law:
- EU / EEA law, with particular emphasis on state aid
- Administrative law
- Public Procurement
- Contract Law
- Labor
- Civil procedure
- Energy Law
- Finance Law
- Economy rules for State
It is emphasized that the list is not exhaustive and that it would also be appropriate with assistance in other areas. It is expected the greatest need for assistance within the jurisdictions of state aid, financial, administrative and public procurement, which will also be reflected in the tender evaluation.

Advisory engineering, road water and wastewater

VIVA IKS | Published April 4, 2017

Purpose and extent
The competition is for the conclusion of parallel framework agreements for assistance in planning, assistance with preparation of tender documents for various road - water - and wastewater projects. In addition, general consulting tasks and other tasks are included in this type of service contract.
The contract's value is estimated at: NOK 9,000,000, - excluding VAT per year.
Estimated annual volume VVA-construction activities: NOK 125 million, - excluding VAT per year.
Volumes will depend on the client's budget situation, activities and other general factors. The client is therefore under no obligation with regard to the volume of the contract. The specified volume is based on historical financial statements and should only be taken as a guide.
For further information please refer to Part 2, requirement specification.
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