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Coöperatie SURF UA | Published September 24, 2016  -  Deadline November 8, 2016

SURF intends to conclude a contract with a single contractor for a period of three years. The proposed effective date of the exit agreement is 08.01.2017 and it ends by law on 31.07.2020, but the law of the contracting authority to extend the contract up to 2 times for 1 year, so until 31.7. 2022.

SURF strives for close cooperation with an accounting firm that can empathize with an initial investigation multidisciplinary approach within a very short time in the process and procedures of SURF. In addition to the annual activities the contractor will proactively SURF advise on external developments and management SURF has surpassed Communities.

The contract consists of:

- Certification function

• Consolidated financial statements SURF;

• Statutory accounts (SURF office SURFmarket, SURFnet and Surf Sara);

• Interim control (SURF office SURFmarket, SURFnet and Surf Sara);

• Other specific statements (regarding individual grant projects OCW, EZ and EU) o Proactive advisory (regarding financial statements, establishment of administrative organization, etc.);

- Bid Auditors report (including eg management letter);

- Requested and unsolicited advice about the Cooperative SURF important subjects (natural advisory), but not exclusively.

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