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Programme estimate (PE) financial audit, direct labour and externalised direct labour system audits, ongoing training for imprest administrators and imprest accounting officers, drafting of a PE management manual, auditing of grant contracts, delegation agreements and contracts expedited by the Delegation of Mauritania

Den Europæiske Union | Published March 22, 2016

financial audit of program estimates, system audits governed direct and indirect, permanent training of managers and accountants, writing a RFP management manual audits of grant contracts, markets and delegation agreements diligent by the Delegation Mauritania

EDF — Programme estimate (PE) financial audit, direct labour and externalised direct labour system audit, continuing training for managers and accountants, drafting of a PE management manual

Den Europæiske Union | Published November 4, 2015

FED — Vérification financière des devis-programmes, audit système des régies directes et indirectes, formation permanente des régisseurs et comptables, rédaction d'un manuel de gestion des DP

MR-Local Government Development Program - P127543

PNIDDLE | Published July 14, 2016  -  Deadline August 1, 2016

Financial Audit Of Commons Eligible At Pniddle For The 2016 Exercises And 2017 Country: Mauritania Project Id: P127543 Local Government Development Program Loan Info: OverviewHotel: Record Type Request for Expression of Interest Borrower Bid Reference No 14 / CCP / 2016 Bid Financial Audit Description Commons PNIDDLE eligible for the years 2016 et2017 Language of Instructions French Deadline for Application SubmissionDate 01? August - 2016 Local Time 15: 00 Selected category for product codes to beprocured Category Code Description Primary Code Information on Advertisement Organization / Department PNIDDLE Name Ismail sy Title Procurement Specialist Address BP 5150 Nouakchott Nouakchott City Province / State Country Postal Code Phone 22245290693 Fax Mauritania 22245290601 E-mail Website SOLICITATION oF iNTEREST EVENTS Opinion No. 14 / CCP / 2016 (Recruitment Auditor eligible Commons PNIDDLE) COUNTRY: Islamic Republic of Mauritania PROJECT: National Integrated support Programme for Decentralization Local Development and Youth Employment (PNIDDLE) SERVICE CONSULTANTS MR Don ID: H 861 - MR of the draft ID NO: P127543 Expressions of interest This request for expressions of interest follows the general opinion ceprojet award of contracts published in Development Business on 20 January 2015. the Government of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania has mobilized and are on ressourcespropres auprèsde the International Development Association (IDA) and the European union (EU) finance the cost of the support Programme for Decentralization, Local Development and Youth Emploides (PNIDDLE). It is expected qu'unepartie these amounts awarded is used to make the payments provided under the contract following "Financial audit descommunes PNIDDLE eligible for the 2016 and 2017 financial years." The objectifde mission is to enable the auditor to present professional uneopinion on joint accounts établispendant the period covered by the audit.

WARCIP APL2- Mauritania-Togo - P123093

WARCIP MAURITANIE | Published September 2, 2015  -  Deadline September 17, 2015

For Assistance In The SDIN L? From His elaboration Flowchart, Sheets From His Post, The Manuel De Administrative Procedures And Financieres And Its Rules MANIFESTATIONSD'INTERET Interior SOLICITATION OF MAURITANIA WARCIP REPUBLIQUEISLAMIQUE) LASDIN ASSISTANCE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF ITS ORGANIZATION, ITS POST CARDS, SONMANUEL DEPROCEDURES AND ADMINISTRATIVE AND FINANCIAL RULES Credit No: 52550 From IDA reference: 5 Under the National laConnectivité project cofinanced parl'IDA and the EIB, Mauritania created the Sociétépour the Développementdes Digital Infrastructures ( SDIN) that is a National Backbone Sociétéde Owner Heritage built Inthe cadredu WARCIP-Mauritania project. It is intended, in this context, to finance the work Consultant (firm) with notammentsur assistance to SDIN for the development of its organizational structure, post sesfiches his manual of administrative and financial procedures and sonrèglement inside. Objectifsde Mission The mission pourobjectif: DirecteurGénéral's assistance for the development of the organizational chart (initial situation, situation 2 years) of the SDIN and related job descriptions. Designing a Manuelde financial and accounting administrative procedures for SDIN.Le Manueldevra consider the computerized system and integrated management accounting financièreet soon to be installed at the SDIN. The design of the règlementintérieur SDIN. LesConsultants concerned must provide information demonstrating qu'ilspossèdent the required qualifications and relevant experience pourl'exécution Services. Lescritères for the establishment of the shortlist are: Experiences avéréesen similar studies: (i) organizational Development, (ii) deposte sheets, (iii) Manual of administrative and financial procedures and (iv) internal derangement . The Consultantspeuvent to partner with other firms to strengthen their compétencesrespectives in the form of a solidarity group or desous contractor agreement. UnConsultant will be selected according to the method based on Consultant Qualification (QC) in such quedécrite Consultants Guidelines. There have also devraen descompétences below: An award of havingan spécialisteen markets experience of at least 5 years in national procedures and cellesutilisées by donors. Lesbureauxpotentiels (claimants with référencessimilaires) wishing to run this mission will submit leursmanifestations interest (uneoriginale and three copies) to a folder not exceeding forty pages and making ressortirles following: The decandidature laManifestation letter of interest; the presentation of the office and its etmanagériale technical organization, references and specific proven experience in thefield; If unbundling, providing the act of specifying the group leader LesConsultants interested may obtain additional disinformation to the address below and heuressuivantes: opening hours of offices; ex. 9 am to16 hours. From the Project Coordination Unit From De Nationale Connective Warcip - Mauritania. Phone: + 22 245 24 Nov. 16 Email: Warcip@Emploi.Gov.Mr Lesmanifestations written interest must be delivered to the address below on or before 09.17.2015: Commission Secretariat Procurement of MarchésPublics of SecteursSociaux (CPMSS): Mounna Building 1st Floor, Avenue MokhtarOuld Dadah Mauritania Nouakchott Tel: (00222) ... 45 24 25 84 / E-Mail: CPMPSS@Yahoo.Fr

EDF — Programme estimate (PE) financial audit, direct labour and externalised direct labour system audit, continuing training for imprest administrators and imprest accounting officers, drafting of a PE management manual, drafting of terms of reference for audits requested by the Commission, auditing of grant contracts awarded to NGOs

Den Europæiske Union | Published December 4, 2015  -  Deadline January 5, 2016

FED — Vérification financière des devis-programmes, audit système des régies directes et indirectes, formation permanente des régisseurs et comptables, rédaction d'un manuel de gestion des DP, rédaction des termes de référence des audits commandités par la Commission, audit des contrats de subvention attribués à des ONG

MR-Banda Gas to Power Guarantee - P107940

Société Mauritanienne d?Electricité (SOMELEC) | Published July 22, 2015  -  Deadline August 4, 2015

Strategic Advisor For The Development Of Transaction From Banda Gtp Project MINISTRY OF PETROLEUM, ENERGY AND MINING COMPANY MAURITANIAN ------------------- ELECTRICITY (SOMELEC) PROJECT PRODUCTION OF ELECTRICITY FROM GAS TO BANDA? "Banda Gasto Power (GTP)" Notice to international ------------------- manifestationd'intérêt for the recruitment of a Transaction ConseillerStratégique Development Project Banda GTP - ------------------ 1. In the Project Banda Gas to Power (GTP), the Mauritanian Government has applied for funding from the World Bank (IDA) to cover the cost of the transaction assistancestratégique for project development to its implementation phase and intends to use a partiedu amount of funding to make the payments under the contract for a strategic adviser. In the downstream part of the project, lacentrale dual (HFO and gas) of 180 MW under ownership of the company nationaled'électricité SOMELEC expected to enter service in late 2015, while the financing of the 120 MW power plant in CCGT remains lever.Sur a production capacity of about 300 MW, it is envisaged that about 60% are exported to Senegal and Mali, tandisqu'environ 40% will be reserved for the national market. For this, a continuation of the work that has been engaged for several months by the Mauritanian government and its partners, the conseillerstratégique will aim to bring the customer a support to, among other goals: - (i) structure a transaction for thedevelopment of Banda Gas-to-Power project at a time bankable investor / operator (strategic investor) of projetamont will be selected and consistent with long-term interests of the state; - (Ii) selecting a strategic investor for the Projetamont; - (Iii) ensuring financial closure and négociationcontractuelle the Project; - Iv) structuring the downstream part of the project including lanégociation project agreements and the financial closure of the power plant 120 MW. It consists of two components (Upstream and Downstream) àexécuter in parallel to support the Customer in the structuring of the Project, the selection of the strategic investor and commercial lesnégociations. Component 1: Upstream: Upstream phase will structure the transaction through i) ladéfinition schema and selecting the strategic investor process, ii) support for the selection of the investisseurstratégique via a competitive process, iii) the negotiation of contratde gas sales (GSA) and the sharing contract productionavec the Mauritanian State (PSC) and iv) financial closure of the upstream project. Component 2: Downstream: in parallel with the Upstream phase, the Aval stage will aim to i) structureret négocierles downstream project agreements (PPA, O & M, EPC, etc.) and ii) to structure the financing and ensure central dela financial closure Power of 120 MW. The critèrespour the establishment of the shortlist are are: 3.1 General References: 3.1.1 have successfully completed over the cinqdernières years, at least three contracts for financial and commercial assistance similar transaction in one of domainesciblés with a par value of two hundred thousand dollars US (US $ 200,000). 3.2 Specific References: This contract must be a unit cost of US $ 1,000,000 atleast; Cecontrat MUST be a unit cost of at least US $ 1,000,000. 4. It is brought to the attention of Consultantsque paragraph 1.9 of the "Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by the Borrowers of the World Bank under the IBRD Loans and IDA Credits etDons" ( "Consultants Guidelines"), relating to the rules of the World Bank's conflict of interest apply. 5. Consultants may associate with other firms to strengthen their skills respectivesen the form of a solidarity group or a subcontractor agreement. 6. Interested candidates must send àl'adresse indicated in point 8 below, candidature files must include the following: Groupings, nationality parade of the leader of the group will be considered as that of the group; These references, to substantiate such desattestations beneficiaries, must include details of the general experience, specific and relevant experience autreréférence showing that the applicant has the technical capability to perform the services required avecindication naturedu of the project, the beneficiary, its realization period, the volume of services entrusted to the candidate; 6.3. The situation of staff and staff qualifications to appreciate that lecandidat has the resources sniffed

MR Public Sector Governance Project - P146804

Ministère de l?Economie et des Finances | Published April 26, 2016  -  Deadline May 26, 2016

Protest notice D? Interest to L? D study? Integration, D? Integrity And Security System From D? Information Of Management Of Public Finances In Mauritania (SIGFP) del'Economie Ministry of Finance and Project Public Sector Governance ( PGSP) for expressions of interest pourl'étude integration, integrity and security of the Information System of the Public Finance Management enMauritanie (SIGFP) the Islamic Republic deMauritanie got a Don of the International Association of development (IDA) towards the cost of the Project Governance duSecteur Public (PGSP) and intends to use part of the amount of the Don to make payments under lamission "integration study, integrity and security of the Information System of the Public Finance Management enMauritanie (SIGFP). " Theoffice studies will be responsible for diagnosing the existing system, to make proposals in several scenarios for integration solutions and normalisationdes public financial management systems and develop thereafter the technical and functional specifications of thewords references and notebooks chargeafférents choices and options selected and validated with the Department. This is notammentde: o Driving a diagnosticdes andwith various existing systems-systems; o Develop a stratégied'intégration based on a framework for integration and interoperability by specifying the information that may be consomméespar other systems, quality, integrity and consistency, to integrate applications in a standard way etintuitive; o Develop unestratégie consolidation, pooling and accommodation of different systems by defining deconsolidation strategies, optimization and pooling ResourcesManagement; o Propose unearchitecture Consolidated accommodation systems taking into account the hardware architectures etlogicielles ainsique up opportunities for pooling and consolidation of resource centers in a single Data Center; o Propose integration solutionsapplicatives, who can use Enterprise Patternd'Intégration (EIP), the ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) or Suite Integration and define a methodology leurimplémentation, taking into account the risks, and desexigences constraints ; The provider will offer optimal organization for the future desconfigurations administration including transfer of necessary skills; o Develop the cadreorganisationnel, the timing and budget estimates carried out and operationalizing duscénario which will be retained by leDépartement. Interested consultants must provide information demonstrating qu'ilsont lesqualifications and relevant experience to provide the services requested. Proven expertise in the field of strategic consulting systèmesd'informations is paramount. This will be reflected in the critèresd'évaluation. In addition, staff serapasévalué at this stage of the proceedings. 1. The consultant will be selected in accordance with lesprocédures defined in the Guidelines for Selection and Employment desConsultants by the Borrowers of the World Bank (éditionde January 2011, revised in July 2014). 2. A consultant will be selected according to the method "technical quality and cost (QCBS)" described in the above mentioned directives. 3. Expressions of interest should be sent by mail orby email at the address in point 4 below, no later than Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 16 hours 00 local time. 4. The address to which will be sent lesdossiers of application is as follows: Commission of Markets Sectors of Economy and desFinances Mauritania Phone: (222) 45 29 41 88 - Fax (222) 45 29 7304 E-mail: Contact @ duPGSP coordinator Samory Soueidatt
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