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ML-Rural Elec. Hybrid System - P131084

AMADER | Published October 7, 2016  -  Deadline November 23, 2016
Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Service In Hybrid Photovoltaic-diesel plants in six (06) Localitesen Republic Of Mali MINISTRY OF ENERGY REPUBLIQUEDUMALI UneFoi ----------- --------- 0 --- 0 --------- ---------- PROJECT SYSTEMESHYBRIDES RURAL ELECTRIFICATION (SHER) NOTICE OF INVITATION TO TENDER N ° 001/2016 / AON / MEE / AMADER / SHER-C1 SUPPLY, INSTALLATION aND COMMISSIONING oF HYBRID POWER PHOTOVOLTAIQUES-DIESEL iN SIX (06) LOCATIONS iN tHE REPUBLIC oF MALI Credit No. 53 56-ML and Don SREP TF018873 the deals présentappel go bump is the general view of award of project contracts shown in the newspaper dessuspublié DevelopmentBusiness UNDB WB ​​No. 2359-05 / 15 Essor No. 17931 and 17932 and the Independent No. 3748 and 3749 of 20and 21 May 2015. This market conjointementpar be funded IDA and SREP. The Malian Agency for the Development of Household Energy and Rural Electrification (AMADER) invites candidates allowed to compete to submit tenders souspli sealed for supply and installation of the following facilities: Supply, Installation and Commissioning Service In of Central Hybrid PV / Diesel dansSix (06) Towns in Mali: Keleya, Loulouni, Garalo, Mafelé, Fourou, Yorobougoula. Lapériode supply and installation of facilities will extend over three hundred and sixty five (365) days from the commencement date. The Tender will be by National Competitive Bidding procéduresd'appel defined in the Guidelines: Procurement financed by IBRD loans and IDA lescrédits, it is open to all candidates from member countries World Bank, and completing lesconditions stipulated in the Guidelines. Lescandidatsrépondant participation criteria and who wish can obtain additional information from del'Agence Malian Development of Household Energy and Rural Electrification (AMADER), and examine the tender documents to the address 1 below dessoustousles weekdays from 8am to 15H 30 30. payment will be made (by certified check, deposit unnuméro specified account, etc.) the seraexpédié Folder airmail for shipments abroad and ordinary mail within the country. Bids received after the deadline will be rejected. Bids will be opened in the presence of representatives of bidders quidécident to attend the opening session to be held at Building # 4 # 2 del'ex-CRES, E-mail: Bamako Republic of Malile 23 Novembre2016. The addresses to which it is faitréférence above are: Address 1: Maliennepour Agency on Development of Domestic Energy and del'ElectrificationRurale (AMADER) Hill Badalabougou, Building # 2 of the former CRES, Specialist Bureau Procurement procedures in (SPM), Bamako, Mali Republic Address 2: Malian Agency for the Development of Domestic Energy and ElectrificationRurale (AMADER) Hill Badalabougou, Building # 2 of the former CRES, Administrative and Financial Department (DAF), Bamako, Republic duMali Address # 3: Ms. SISSOKO Sekoba Sissoko, Malian Agency for the Development del'Energie Domestic and Rural Electrification (AMADER) Hill Badalabougou, Building No. 2 of ex-CRES, President's Secretariat General Manager, Bamako, Republic of Mali to the secretariat of CEO Address 4: Malian Agency for thedevelopment of Domestic Energy and Rural Electrification (AMADER) Hill Badalabougou, Building 2 del'ex-CRES, AMADER meeting room. Bamako, October 7, 2016 The CEO del'AMADER CheickAhmed SANOGO
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