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Banking services

Inarcassa Cassa Nazionale di Previdenza ed Assistenza per gli Ingegneri ed Architetti Liberi Professionisti | Published September 24, 2016  -  Deadline November 8, 2016

service of custody and administration of financial instruments and liquid assets forming part of the Inarcassa heritage.

settlement service, in the name and on behalf of all transactions initiated and transmitted by Inarcassa or sub-managers from this charge of all transactions in securities, UCITS and change uniforms;

Service constraints and investment limits control, in compliance with the regulatory framework and the rule of Inarcassa Statute, as well as specific limits on individual mandate;

heritage promotion service;

of tax reclaim services for tax recovery in the proceeds of foreign dividends;

portfolio analysis service and calculation of returns.

Banking and investment services

IPAB Andrea Danielato | Published September 28, 2016
Banca Adria — Credito Cooperativo del Delta Società Cooperativa

Assignment of a mortgage loan delivery service for the financing of the extension works and reconstruction of the building with street number 48, located in Corso Europa, Cavarzere, part of a residential center for the elderly, "Andrea Danielato".

Personnel-training services

IN.VA. SpA — Centrale Unica di Committenza Regionale per Servizi e Forniture | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

Reliance in the design and implementation services for the years 2017-2019 of the training courses out of the investment program for growth and employment 2014/20 (ESF).

In particular, the service is divided into 3 lots:

Lot 1 - Support Courses implementation of regional policy 2014/2020 - CIG development: 6782387ACD

Lot 2 - Technical Course Practical English language - IGC: 67824059A8

Lot 3 - Course of enhancement of knowledge of the French language - IGC: 67824151EB.

Computer-related equipment

IN.VA. SpA — Società soggetta all'attività di direzione e coordinamento da parte della Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

The procedure in question arises from the IN.VA. SpA to acquire the IT infrastructure that will allow the creation of a new infrastructure of data centers that will integrate existing data center to date in the area. The project aims to server consolidation and virtualisation of resources, resulting in lower operating costs. The project is being financed by funds deriving the investment program for growth and employment 2014/2020 (ERDF).

Banking and investment services

Ispettorato Nazionale del Lavoro | Published November 22, 2016
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro SpA

The award relates to the management of the cash Inspectorate Service under the law 29/10/1984 n. 720 and Presidential Decree 27.2.2003 n. 97 with effect from 01.01.2017.

Expression of interest for the award of a loan agreement

COMUNE DI SERAVEZZA | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016

The City of Seravezza intends to conclude a loan agreement a twenty-year fixed-rate amount of € 350,000.00 for the financing of investments. With this procedure is to verify the interest to tender at improved conditions of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

Award of the concession for the final / final design, realization and managing the expansion of the Municipal Cemetery of Pordenone, loc. Torre, via Nazario Sauro, to be carried out with former art project financing. 183, paragraph 15, of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016 - CIG n. 68108191A4. The total estimated investment value is EUR 1,784,131.90 excluding VAT.

Comune di Pordenone - Settore V LL.PP. Unità operativa compl. Ufficio amm-vo espropri | Published November 4, 2016  -  Deadline December 12, 2016

Legal advisory services

Provincia di Savona | Published November 4, 2016  -  Deadline November 24, 2016

The European Investment Bank ( 'EIB') has approved an investment program called Prosper for the implementation of cost-saving measures and energy efficiency and re-use of renewable energy in public buildings and public lighting systems owned by the Province of Savona, Communities of the Province of Savona and the other partners of the project, all through the involvement of the private sector, namely the "Energy Services Company" (ESCo). The Province of Savona, the municipalities of the Province of Savona adhering to Prosper Project and other partners, will have to enter into contracts and energy savings with guaranteed results - EPC- contracts with execution of supplies, works, works and services, including the management of the plant, to be implemented and implemented on the basis of calls for proposals and tender disciplinary and management specifications agreed with the EIB, which reserves the action of verification and control, in compliance with the Community Directives on Public Contracts.

At the end of the contract term the same efficientate public facilities, will return in the direct management of the PA that will also benefit the entire energy savings generated through the measures and redevelopment.

The Legal Advisor / Technical / Financial that will be established after the completion of the race, will ensure the preparation of all necessary documentation to the implementation of the investment program described nell'Annex 1 (annexed to the tender documentation) and assist technical specialist in the performance of the indicated services.

CUP Code: J38F15000030006 - CIG: 684605467A.

Energy-management services

Comune di Reggio Emilia — Servizio Appalti, Contratti e Semplificazione Amministrativa | Published October 29, 2016
GESTA SpA (C.F. 09336350153 e P. IVA 01795380359)

The contractual basis of services can be summarized as follows:

Energy service, operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems and water and sanitation in the relevant properties of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. For structures whose management is contractually entrusted to third parties (eg. Sports facilities assigned to sports clubs), it will proceed to the award of only maintenance, as well as for summer cooling systems. In addition to the management of the services above the contractor will be required to complete the updating of the regulatory systems and propose investment projects for the improvement and technological innovation, to be approved prior to implementation by the municipal administration; thereby the contractor can determine their own useful proportionally to the ability to implement choices of saving, both energy management. The award is scheduled for 6 years, extendable on Municipal Administration faculty for a further 3 years to allow the contractor the amortization of the investment costs and implemented to benefit from the resulting energy savings and management.

Interventions Energy Redevelopment oriented primarily to the replacement of deteriorated windows with other high performance.

Financial consultancy services

Ente Nazionale di Previdenza ed Assistenza dei Medici e degli Odontoiatri (Fondazione ENPAM) Pers. Giurid. di Diritto Privato ai sensi del D.Lgs. 509/94 | Published November 16, 2016  -  Deadline December 12, 2016

The Risk Advisor selected will have to provide the following services:

the. Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation: analysis and sharing of the overall structure and the individual asset classes (AAS and AAT); risk analysis (RAS and RAT); analysis of effectiveness in meeting the liabilities (ALM);

ii. Analysis, evaluation and contribution of financial performance;

iii. Analysis, measurement and contribution of risk;

iv. Support to the Board of Directors, and all'UVIP Unit Rating Asset Investment, in analyzes and assessments of the risks of the investment portfolio;

v. Foundation staff training on procedures, methods of calculation and evaluation and systems, including information systems, used by the advisor in the performance of contracted services.

Sports facilities operation services

Comune di Pregnana Milanese | Published October 28, 2016

The grant in question provides:

1) Chairperson, technical and organizational support; supervision and custody of the plant in question and investment works described in the tender Special concession;

2) Planning and management of sport, recreational and cultural activities, including the promotion and organization of every activity useful to encourage the use of the system, including the use by private and relative enforcement of charges, agreed with the City;

3) Management of the bar / restaurant services.

regional real estate auction "See for the production of milk powder" site in Treviso S. Artemio via Lancenigo TV.

Direzione Formazione e Instruzione | Published November 11, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

Public auction for the sale of the property owned by the Region called "Office for the production of milk powder" site in the town of Treviso, town S.Artemio Via Lancenigo, running of the valorisation plan and / or disposal of investment properties regional art. 16 of LR 7/2011.

Taking a mortgage at the expense of the region, for investments pursuant to art. 5 of Regional Law 8/2016. CIG 6884767176.

Regione del Veneto - Direzione Finanza e Tributi | Published December 2, 2016  -  Deadline December 15, 2016

Financial consultancy services

AMAG SpA | Published December 23, 2016

financial advisor service in connection with the operation of search and selection of one or more financial partners.

The basis on which the applicant must present their financial offer must be determined as a percentage of the overall operation of the fine, taxes excluded, plus a lump-sum refund fee of EUR 5 000. The percentage based on race, on which competitors can therefore offer in formulating downward, is equal to 2% calculated on the amount of the total investment made by the investor selected. Considering, in a totally assumed and not binding, as not yet being measured, the estimated value of the transaction amounted to 50 million euros, the amount of compensation available under the tender is estimated at € 1,000,000.

There are no security charges from interference pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 81/2008.

tender procedure for the award of the financial advisor services - IGC: 6818159ACA.

Banking and investment services

Institut für den sozialen Wohnbau des Landes Südtirol | Published August 27, 2016  -  Deadline September 30, 2016

Vedi disciplinare di gare.

service department of systems engineering and evolutionary Regional Information System Umbro for procedural management, physical and financial active and passive labor market policies, co-financed by the European Social Fund POR FSE 2014-2020 Ob. "Investment for growth and employment" of the Umbria Region - Axis V "Technical assistance"

CIG: 6540454960 Regione Umbria - Giunta Regionale - Servizio provveditorato, gare e contratti | Published August 23, 2016

Banking and investment services

Comune di Schio | Published November 2, 2016
Ascopiave SpA.

Second experiment public auction for the sale of the stock held by municipal shareholders of the Pasubio Group SpA Company.

Credit granting services

Azienda Ospedaliera «SS. Antonio e Biagio e C. Arrigo» | Published November 2, 2016

Open procedure for the award of financial service for the provision of the loan agreement for the needs of the Company's investment Hospital in Alexandria.

ROP ERDF 2014-2020. Axis 3 Action 3.1.1 "Aid for investment in machinery, equipment and intangible assets, and accompaniment of reorganization and restructuring".

Direzione Formazione e Instruzione | Published October 14, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016

ROP ERDF 2014-2020. Axis 3 Action 3.1.1 "Aid for investment in machinery, equipment and intangible assets, and accompaniment of reorganization and restructuring". Sub-action "creative cultural enterprises and show business". "Bando approval for the disbursement of contributions to the creative cultural enterprises and show business". With reference to NACE encodings allowed by the notice, they may submit the application for support businesses and associations registered in the Economic Administrative Directory (REA) set up at the Chamber of Commerce. Applications may be submitted by 10:00 on Friday, November 3 at 18:00 of Saturday, December 3.

Harbour construction works

Amministrazione Provinciale di Vibo Valentia | Published August 11, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016

The granting of which the feasibility study place based on race, involves the construction of:


ancillary services: fuel distribution, dock rafts, storage, bar / commercial premises, workshop;

complementary services, where provided for in the offers of competitors and related preliminary plans and economic and financial plans, as well as to ensure the right return on investment paid out of pocket, in particular related to service activities, shopping and dining in keeping with the vocation Nicotera to the Mediterranean diet and the promotion of local products, for the creation of a fund for catering, trade and services approximately dimensioned on a net area of ​​1500 m². Therefore, as part of its offer, is up to the competitor submit proposals on complementary activities (services, trade, catering).