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CONTRACT MODIFICATION No 1 on a contract - Tolcsva World Heritage cellars for tourist purposes in connection with the development and rehabilitation of street Tolcsva Village area of ​​civil engineering works

Községi Önkormányzat | Published November 30, 2015
POL-ANT Konzorcium

The area in this sense the life of the village next to the everyday use of the festive days, the peaceful pastime, a place worthy cultural spaces, promoting greater cohesion and small groups would map. To do this, the existing technical state of public places, roads, public lighting system, surface water drainage, the existing terrain conditions, transport possibilities between the spaces and levels must be improved. So the natural stone, wood, or the elaborate wrought metal define the look. 06.23 u: Outdoor stage and street, water connection of tangible property with two buildings would be built: Structural design of the supplied documentation detailing plans are. An amphitheater, according to plan, place, style and design, the space surface settlement with partial covering of these materials lined betongerendával raised will be put into concrete cube made of stone. The proposed parcel number 43/2 water Disabled toilet block, no, no approach can be made accessible for people. Technically formulated and measurable, quantitative, precise budget proposals contain exact details of individual plants and artifacts produced. The planned stage floor area: 92.99 m2. 43/2 and 23/6 HRSZ street, sanitary Building Services: A plot numbers 43/2 and 23/6 for the parcel planned number of plumbing sanitary sewer installation: The facility is connected to the municipal drinking water systems be built. The building demand for water from the toilet and hand washing use: approx. 0.1 m3 per day. 1.5 l / sec. The domestic hot water (DHW) supply will not be. The need for sanitary hot water is provided by electric water heater with a locally positioned. The waste water quantity: approx .: 0.1 m3 / day. The interiors PE pipe network is planned. Within the 0.5% csatornahálózatoz building, outside the building ... 1.3 1% slope to the front. General requirements - The pipes must be installed to tágulásból the heat caused by harmful voltages are not created. - To be protected against the incursion of water pipes. Altitude layout of the proposed pipeline is approximately parallel to the ground level. The fire water network, water requirement of the safety-fire plan includes chapters. Heating will not be in the works. There is no cooling demand. Gas is not required. Interior, rooms and toilets in the plan, solve unique ventilation with extractor fans. The power supply is a single-room air change number and provide local exhaust fan can help. The sanitary planned floor area: 21.97 m2 and 32.49 m2. Construction of parking and access routes into the parking space would be built of stone paneling. The lead-in path length of 45 m. 4. Network Power Service to replace: the work involved in both the private and public space serves as an economic and tourism, tourism-related interests. You must be performed by four wooden poles and six concrete columns and installation of replacement units and 32 retail distribution 724 m underground cable hálózatkiváltás Within the framework of the entrepreneur. Public Lighting: we want energy-efficient backlight design view of the above, taking into account the financial possibilities of the sight and investment requirements laid down. A total of 29 pieces of the installation must be carried out within the candelabra lighting design itself. The planned landscaping, a clear description of the environmental arrangement works: Contracting draw attention to, things to equivalent megajánlása equivalence for the tenderers must demonstrate its offer.
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