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Information on the amendment of the contract

Monor Város Önkormányzata | Published October 16, 2015
FŐBER-MÉRNÖKI Zrt. - Credas Kft. - H.Q.C. Kft. Konzorcium (képviselő tag: FŐBER-MÉRNÖKI Zrt., tag: Credas Kft., H.Q.C. Kft.)
71310000, 71520000, 71318000, 71631300, 71248000, 79111000

Subject: FIDIC required number of EEOP 1.3.0 / 09-11-2013-0088, "Monor Drinking Water Quality Improvement Programme" in the context of implementation of the project engineering and supply of technical inspection agency contract activity. Quantity: FIDIC engineering and technical supervision sky supply activities in the following main tasks include: - provision of engineering and technical supervision tasks of the project under FIDIC in the relevant legislation ((191/2009 (IX.15) Government Decree 266/2013... (VII.11.) Decree)) as defined and FIDIC's recommendations. - Facilities under contracts with implementation of the project, procurement, full, certified as correct implementation of quality standards enforcement, - necessary for the implementation of the tasks of experts and other staff to ensure continuous monitoring of the contractor charges and their accounts - successful implementation of the project, a full financial and scheduling edge supervision and provision of the necessary implementation services, - Participation in the following technical handover procedure processes - Checking your existing and acquired licenses, monitoring their validity or time to follow their standards for the reporting and tracking of performance - involving legal issues the documents preparing the participation, cooperation in carrying out legal representation of the Principal lawyer (or law firm) - Engineer in relation to the supervised contracts, reporting and implementation necessary for the project's final report text breakdown should be produced as requested by the Client in form and substance
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