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Information on the contract amendment - to provide related "Karcag-Kenderes water quality improvement projects' implementation of construction works FIDIC engineer and technical tasks under the control EEOP 1.3.0 / 2F / 09-2010-0034 project

Karcag-Kenderes (Bánhalma) Víziközmű Beruházási Társulás | Published November 6, 2015
71310000, 71520000, 71318000, 71631300, 71248000, 79111000

The object of the procurement ". Perform construction work related to the implementation of FIDIC engineer and technical tasks under the control EEOP 1.3.0 / 2F / 09-2010-0034 project", "Contract of the" Karcag-Kenderes water quality improvement projects subject Service, quantity : 1 PC. The amount of Karcag-Kenderes (Bánhalma) Water Utility Association of Investment in the framework of FIDIC provision of engineering and technical audit agency contract activity which involves the supply of the following main tasks: a detailed description of the documentation. - Facilities under contracts with implementation of the project, procurement, full, certified as correct implementation of quality standards enforcement, - necessary for the implementation of the tasks of experts and other staff to ensure continuous monitoring of the contractor charges and their accounts - successful implementation of the project, a full financial and scheduling edge supervision and provision of the necessary implementation services, - Participation in the following technical handover procedure processes - Checking your existing and acquired licenses, monitoring their validity or time to follow their standards for the reporting and tracking of performance - involving legal issues the documents preparing the participation, cooperation in carrying out legal representation of the Principal lawyer (or law firm) - Engineer in relation to the supervised contracts, reporting and implementation necessary for the project's final report text breakdown should be produced as requested by the Client in form and substance. - The Employer's request, the engineering tasks in relation to activities closely related may, if necessary, translation and interpretation guarantee.
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