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Szerz.mód. Supply related "Biharnagybajom Sárrétudvari and wastewater handling" of EEOP 1.2.0 / 09-11-2013-0003 ID No. FIDIC project engineering and technical supervision tasks "

Biharnagybajom-Sárrétudvari Víziközmű Beruházási Társulás | Published November 6, 2015
Perfektum Projekt Kft. - ISTER Mérnökiroda Kft. Közös Ajánlattevők

Agency contract relating to the "Biharnagybajom Sárrétudvari and wastewater handling" of EEOP 1.2.0 / 09-11-2013-0003 ID No. FIDIC project for the supply of engineering and technical supervision tasks The following tasks full-service supply: - The "Biharnagybajom and Sárrétudvari successful implementation of wastewater treatment of "on-KEOP 1.2.0 / ID No. 09-11-2013-0003 construction process the entire range of financial, scheduling and supervision of final complicating the engineering tasks under FIDIC contract conditions (terms and conditions of construction work planned by the Principal height and civil engineering works, the 2005 Hungarian edition - designed by Red FIDIC and "plants, plants and contractual conditions, electrical and mechanical installations and contractor design-build projects, construction and engineering facilities, second revised Hungarian-language edition, September 2011 - Yellow FIDIC), as well as the technical supervisor in the performance of duties; - Construction of facilities under contract to implement the project the full and proper implementation of the certified quality standards enforcement; - Providing engineering tasks required to implement the expert monitoring to entrepreneurs and their capital; - Contributing to the handover procedure after the technical processes during the warranty period; - Verification of existing and acquired licenses, monitoring their validity, the time-up to their standards for the reporting and tracking of performance; -The Horizontal commitments contractor in fulfillment of the contract, on-site, continuous monitoring of fulfillment. A detailed job description includes technical specification issued as part of the tender documentation. Kivitelezésh ...
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