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Financial and insurance services

HETA Asset Resolution Hrvatska d.o.o. | Published September 24, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
Subject of invitation for collecting bids for the purchase is the property registered in the Land Registry of the Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb, Zagreb Land Department, land registry excerpt number 8277, cadastral municipality 335649, Trnje, cadastral particle number 796, office building no. 2 and courtyard, Koranska with the surface of 3 332 m², and to all condominiums of described property (levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21), together with its joint ownership part of the land, common parts and devices of the subject property (hereinafter: the Property), owned by HETA Asset Resolution doo Croatia Zagreb (hereinafter: the Seller). An object that is the subject of the sale was built in 2004 and consists of two underground floors with 129 parking garage spaces, a ground floor with reception and 7 floors with office spaces. The offer must contain: Offered net price (in numbers and letters) for the Property with the specified payment method and payment period; the name of the Interested Party, address, description of the company, first and last names of authorized persons, official contacts and copies of ID cards; excerpt from the court register of the Interested Party and its members if they are companies, and all companies to the ultimate owner; copy of valid statements of the establishment or the social contract — the last valid document according to the insight of the court register (if the Interested Party is a company); a list of affiliated companies or organizational chart — if there are more companies (if the Interested Party is a company); a signed declaration regarding origin of the funds and proof of availability of funds for the purchase; a statement of the actual owner of the company — obligatory with stamp and signature of authorized person making the statement and offer on behalf of third parties will be discussed only if you will submit a valid written power of attorney. Note that the Seller reserves the right to change this or other deadlines in the sales process or to suspend the whole process of selling or adjust the structure of the transaction at any time, provided that it is all in the principles of an open, transparent and non-discriminatory sales process. The criteria for choosing the best offer will be economically advantageous offer (taking into account the obligations of the Interested Party and Seller). Property is being sold in ‘“as-is”’ condition and subsequent appeals and complaints will not be accepted. The Seller reserves the right to request additional information from an Interested Party and reserves the right at it's sole discretion, without giving any explanations not to invite certain Interested Party to participate in the further process, in which case the Seller bears no responsibility. The Seller reserves the right not to select any of the submitted bids nor explain the reasons for its decision. Any additional information and documentation, subject to the prior conclusion of the confidentiality agreement, is available by telephone 00385 1 4953 149, or by e-mail

Office, school and office equipment cleaning services

Financijska agencija | Published September 21, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016

Supply of cleaning the premises of the Financial Agency.

Motor vehicles for the transport of goods

Grad Zagreb | Published September 29, 2016  -  Deadline November 9, 2016

The subject of procurement is: vans and commercial vehicles through financial leasing.

Adriatic Sea Env. Pollution Control (I) - P143921

Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund | Published October 6, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016
Analysis Of The Environmental Measures And Emp For The
Remediation Oflandfill Sitnica With Assessment Of Nutrient Contribution
Grant No.:          TF017706
Assignment Title: Analysisof the environmental measures and EMP for the remediation of  LandfillSitnica with assessment ofnutrient contribution
ReferenceNo. (as per Procurement Plan): TA/ 3-1
This request for expression of interest follows theGeneral Procurement Notice for this project appeared in Development Business, postedon 9 July 2013
The Republic of Croatia has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Adriatic Sea Environmental PollutionControl I, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consultingservices.
The consulting services ("the Services")include preparationof the report on assessment of nutrient contribution prior and afterremediation activities, investigation works, report on environmental measuresand preparation of Environmental Monitoring Plan and technical basis forobtaining the Environmental Permit with participation in the administrativeprocedure for obtaining Environmental Permit for Sitnica landfill on theKor?ula island. Estimated duration/implementation period of this assignment is twenty-five(25) months.
TheEnvironmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund now invites eligible consulting firms ("Consultants") toindicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants shouldprovide information demonstrating that they have the required qualificationsand relevant experience to perform the Services. Expressions of interest shouldcover the information required as shortlisting criteria, but not be limited to:
Company profile, organization andstuffing, financial indices inoperation of the firm during the last five years, list of certificates relevantfor execution of the Services (i.e. approvals to legal / natural persons forperforming professional environmental protection activities) etc.,
Detailed proven experience relevant to the Services ofsimilar nature, similarassignments undertaken in the previous five years, including a reference listproviding information on name of the assignment, costs, duration, location,client, and contact details for enquiring references as relevant
Confirmation of ability of skills and qualifications amongthe key staffappropriate for execution of the Services (including description andconfirmation of the personnel, who are proposed for the assignment,  to confirm theyhave relevant qualificationand experience, CV not required at this stage).
The attention of interested Consultants isdrawn toparagraph 1.9 of the World Bank's Guidelines:Selection and Employment of Consultants [under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits &Grants] by World Bank Borrowers [January2011, revised July 2014] ("Consultant Guidelines"), setting forththe WorldBank's policy on conflict of interest.
Consultants may associate with other firms inthe form ofa joint venture or a subconsultancy to enhance their qualifications. In case ofa Joint Venture (JV), all members of the JV will be evaluated jointlyfor thepurpose of short listing and shall be jointly and severally liable for theassignment and shall sign the contract in case of award is made to that JVgroup. Interested consultants should clearly indicate the structure of their"association" and the duties of the partners and sub consultants in theirapplication. Unclear expression of interests in terms of "in association with"and/or "in affiliation with" and etc. may not be considered for shortlisting.Keeping one expression of interest per firm as principle, a consultant firm maydecide whether it wishes to participate as a sub consultant or as an individualconsultant or as a partner in a joint venture. Please note that a firm shallsubmit only one expression of interests in the same selection processeitherindividually as a consultant or as a partner in a joint venture. No firm can bea sub consultant while submitting an expression of interests individually or asa partner of a joint venture in the same selection process. A firm, if actingin the capacity of sub consultant in any consultant or JV, may participate inmore than one consultant, but only in the capacity of a sub consultant.
A Consultant will be selected in accordancewith the Consultant?sQualifications Selection Method (CQS) set out in the Consultant Guidelines.
The Consultants are strongly advised to limit theirExpression of Interest to maximum of 20 pages. The Expression of interest mustbe accompanied by completed Contact Sheet.
Further information can be obtained at the address belowduring office hours 0900 to 1500 hours.
Expressions of interest must be delivered in a writtenform to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by e-mail) by October 27th2016.
Consultants should express their interest in English language.
Envelope identification tag: ASPECP I ? EOI for TA/3-1
Sector for EU funding
Attn: Snje?anaKipa
HR-10000 Zagreb, Radni?kacesta 80, Croatia
Tel: +385 (0)15391983
Fax: +385(0)1 5391950


Hrvatske šume d. o. o. | Published October 4, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016

Supply of goods through financial leasing - agricultural tractors and trailers.

A detailed description is contained in the specification.

The selected bidder will enter into the lease agreement.

Maintenance of the new machines will be defined by a triple agreement between the client, leasing companies and suppliers.

Vehicles for refuse

Grad Zagreb | Published September 27, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016

The subject of procurement is: Refuse collection vehicles through financial leasing.

Group 1st Special vehicle for waste disposal - the garbage of 7 m 3 ,

Group 2. Special vehicle for waste collection - Trash truck up to 6 m 3 ,

Group 3rd Special vehicle for waste collection - Trash truck to 8 m 3 ,

Group 4. Special vehicle for waste collection - Trash truck to 10 m 3 ,

Group 5 Special vehicle for waste collection - Trash truck to 16 m 3 ,

Group 6th Special vehicle for waste collection - Trash truck to 22 m 3 Crane drain bell tank,

Group 7th Mini dump.

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