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Selection of investment fund managers to support the social economy

PROCESS MANAGEMENT, s.r.o. | Published May 1, 2018  -  Deadline January 6, 2018

The selected administrators will be responsible for carrying out the activities related to the implementation of the Financial Instrument Investment Fund to support the social economy.

II. stage construction of a new information system IS. THEATRE.SK

Divadelný ústav | Published July 24, 2013
Bach systems, spol. s r.o.
72212100, 72212000, 72212610, 72316000, 72318000, 72262000, 72263000, 72268000

The subject of this contract is the delivery of extension (modernization) of the information system in its IS.THEATRE.SK II. developmental stage to link the Theatre Institute existing specific sub-databases into a single information system of the Theatre Institute, triggering the clarification and simplification of the professional theater studies work at registration, retention, disclosure and processing of data on Slovak professional theater in the following categories: A.Dodanie database ( the structure of the data independent of applications and the technology) for the registration and management of funds and collections of theatrical documents, photos, negatives and slides, funds and collections of multimedia (audio and video), museum and gallery collections and set design, staging collections of texts in an IS . THEATRE.SK and the corresponding extension of the current user interface. Extension linking new and existing records in IS.THEATRE.SK. B.Implementácia interface OAI-PMH (OAI Harvester) to IS.THEATRE.SK and its connection to the interface OAI Provider of Clavius ​​(range: bibliographic records related to personalities, productions, and for library records related to personality). C.Dodanie system integration applications Bach Vademecum (including its data warehouse BachRepo) and IS.THEATRE.SK in terms of application usage Bach Vademecum as a display of digitized objects and collections Fond du, a mere record keeping and fund management and collections must be carried out in an IS . THEATRE.SK. Implementation of preparatory steps for future closer integration with systems IS.THEATRE.SK Homework (Clavius, Bach inventory, CEMUZ) and with systems external environment in Slovakia and Europe, for example. Slovakiana or Europeana. D.Technické evaluation of existing reports and search reports have also created a newly created data structure in IS.THEATRE.SK, as well as the addition of new sets and extension of import and export data from / to the required file format in an IS.THEATRE.SK, extend search capabilities and display options (and sort) searched results. E.Technické recovery of missing functionality in IS.THEATRE.SK. F.Inštalácia completion of the works - II. stage construction of a new information system IS.THEATRE.SK. G.Udelenie permission to use the made works - II. stage construction of a new information system IS.THEATRE.SK in accordance with § 40 of Act no. 618/2003 on copyright and rights related to copyright (the Copyright Act) licensure. H.Školenie users.

Financial systems software development services

Ministerstvo financií Slovenskej republiky | Published November 23, 2017
PosAm, spol. s.r.o.

The subject of the contract is to ensure the further functional development of the application software of the Budget Information System (RIS), which is a key information management system for public finances.

Functional development will be implemented in the area of ​​budgeting at the level of state administration, budgeting and reporting at the level of territorial self-government as well as in the field of accounting for financial statements in order to ensure streamlining and improving the support of the budgetary process and the processes of presentation and disclosure of accounting documents as well as meeting the needs arising from changes corresponding national and European legislation.

The subject of the contract is to ensure the further functional development of the application software of the Budget Information System (RIS), which is a key information management system for public finances.

RIS is closely integrated with all other public finance management systems operated by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, such as the IS ŠP Information System of the Treasury, the ITMS IT Monitoring System for Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund, the ISUF Fund Management Information System, the CKS Central Consolidation System, EIS economic information system of the Ministry of Finance of the SR providing services to other departments as well as to the economic information systems of other departments as well as organizations.

Within the scope of the contract, it is necessary to ensure the functional extension of the RIS in the following areas:

- Budgetary process in the field of state administration at the level of the Ministry of Finance, budget chapters and organization within the scope of budget chapters as well as for other public administration entities in accordance with the Public Administration Financial Regulation (523/2004 Coll.) And the related methodological instructions and manuals for drafting the draft budget of the public administration.

- Budgeting and reporting in the area of ​​territorial self-government.

- Registry of Accounts.

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