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Centre hospitalier leon binet | Published October 9, 2017  -  Deadline October 27, 2017


Engineering support services

Smitepp | Published November 28, 2015  -  Deadline January 4, 2016

The subject of the contract is the choice of a design office for the realization of an assistance mission to work mastery in the improvement project of the water quality of Commons members SMITEPP . The mission is for operations to assist the driver SMITEPP in all stages of the transaction on the technical aspects, legal and financial, until the expiry of the perfect completion period. As a minimum, candidates must have skills: - administrative and legal, specializing in contractual arrangements - specialization in equipment, - project management experience in the field of construction, - by arranging project financing requiring developing scénaris, - in techniques relating to food and drinking water supply projects. The decomposition of the mission is as follows: - updating of feasibility studies, - definition of the operational program, - consultation with various providers - assisted consulting a maitre d'oeuvre. The market is divided into several tranches: - a firm phase: global study across the technical scope / preparation, monitoring and settlement of other study contracts and intellectual services / preparation, implementation and monitoring of market mastery Lumber / compulsory general assistance throughout the duration of the operation and until the end of the guarantee of perfect completion / assist in monitoring the implementation phase of the work / reception and assistance to commissioning the work. Conditional phase 1: Assistance to become existing local catchments on the perimeter of the project. Conditional phase 2: Comparative study for the management of the interconnection structure. Conditional Tranche 3: Assistance for the award of a public service delegation. Conditional phase 4: Assistance for the award of a contract for services.

Providing computer materials and associated services to Provins

centre hospitalier leon binet. | Published February 28, 2015  -  Deadline March 23, 2015

providing computer materials and associated services. Lot 1: workstations (Pc). Workstations (Pc). Lot 2: screens. Screens. Lot 3: Cell. Laptops. Main features: it is a market with purchase orders, in accordance with Article 77 of the Public Contracts Code, with a minimum and maximum detailed in the Special Conditions of Contract (Ccp) .- The tender documents Enterprises (Dce) can be accessed, downloaded and fully archived (OR partially if other documents may be downloaded, and how to obtain additional documents) free of charge via the website whose address is: https : // download of tender documents on this paperless platform is open access. - In accordance with Article 50 of the Public Contracts Code, the applicant may submit proposals in the form of one or more variants subject PAC specifications - The candidate will match its response to any information likely to enhance its proposal .- he can provide advice and recommendations to the Centre Hospitalier Leon Binet.- Variants can lead to more effective technical proposals or on better financial proposals from the minimum requirements of the specifications charges.- the proposed alternative (s ) will be presented in a distinct act of commitment that the act of the base solution commitment which will indicate that this is a proposed alternative (s) .- candidates propose a folder General variants with a particular sub-folder for each varian ...
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