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Mobile-telephone services

Ministère de l'interieur DSIC/SDAGA/BA | Published November 7, 2017  -  Deadline December 22, 2017
64212000, 32250000

The purpose of this framework agreement with purchase orders is to define the administrative, financial and technical conditions under which services will be provided for the provision of mobile voice and data communications services, terminals, accessories and related services. on behalf of the grouping of orders identified in Annex A.

This Framework Agreement is composed of the following services:

Service 1: Voice, SMS and MMS communication and data services

Sp1.1 voice: voice transmission services;

Sp1.2 sms and mms: message transmission services;

Sp1.3 data: data transmission services;

Sp1.4 associated services: associated services;

Sp1.5 vip service: a tailor-made accompaniment service associated with a "sensitive" line number;

Sp1.6 fleet management: fleet management services;

Sp1.7 coverage: extensions of voice and data coverage.

Service 2: supply and maintenance of terminals and some accessories;

Sp2.1: sale of terminals and accessories;

Sp2.2: basic terminals and accessories;

Sp2.3: Other services associated with terminals.

The details of the sub-benefits can be found in Articles Ii.2 of the CCAP and 1.2.1 of the CCTP.

System and support services

Association de Moyens Klesia | Published November 18, 2016
Compagnie IBM France
72250000, 72253200, 72315200, 72245000

Markets, objects of this consultation, are to appoint one or more providers of the missions - and accommodation nearby - provision and maintenance of infrastructure Mainframe z / OS and AS / 400 - Operating - network management - Support and Assistance - maintenance equipment - global governance.

Lot 1 and accommodation nearby.

Dual Site accommodation and proximity operations (scope: Unix, Wintel, network equipment, storage, backup); Optional provision of Unix and Wintel infrastructure (hardware, storage, backup).

Lot 2 z / OS mainframe and AS / 400.

Supply and maintenance of the infrastructure Mainframe z / OS and AS / 400 (scope: accommodation Dual Site and proximity operations, hardware, storage, software outside business applications, backup).

Lot 3 exploitation.

Supervision and monitoring of production, administration and exploitation activities "provision of services" and "support services" as ITIL (scope: all IT assets and business applications to the perimeter).

Lot 4 network administration.

Supervision, administration and operation LAN (perimeter: hosting infrastructure (including security (firewall, IPS / IDS), WAN accelerators (Riverbed), etc.)).

Lot 5 support and assistance.

User support, management of workstations, IMAC and LAN operations (scope: contacts by telephone, email, tool ticketing / desktop and laptop PCs, printers, telephones (fixed, mobile) and tablet / LAN ~ 15 sites concerned ).

Lot 6 maintenance equipment.

Maintenance equipment, on-site, and supply parts management (perimeter: servers (Unix / Wintel), storage and network).

Lot 7 global governance.

Management and monitoring consolidated contract, the comitology management, monitoring of commitments, financial monitoring, compliance with covenants, management of contractual changes, etc. (Scope: all d ...

Primary works for services

Paris Habitat — OPH | Published December 13, 2016
Colas IDFN Agence Sacer Champigny S/m

This consultation aims to achieve sustainability work, and all ancillary works within these structures, as and when required, as part of a work program established by Paris Habitat-OPH.

For each lot, the bid submitted by the applicant should cover all services covered by this lot.

Each candidate will be given over 2 lots subject to proof of sufficient financial capacity.

Gros sustainability work to be carried out as and when the needs of regional directorates Northeast and Northwest.

Gros sustainability work to be carried out as and when the needs of regional directorates Southeast and Southwest.

Gros sustainability work to be carried out as and when the needs of the East regional directorates and Val-de-Marne.

Waterproofing work

Aéroports de Paris | Published August 17, 2016  -  Deadline August 30, 2016

This consultation relates to a multi-attribute order forms to market for maintenance and new small water proofing of roofs. This consultation will lead to a lot with perimeter platform Roissy-CDG. The contract will cover the needs for preventive maintenance, corrective actions and new works on waterproofing roofs. The work can be done in the public area and reserved in harvested area, day and night. This market has a financial threshold set at 60 000 EUR excluding VAT. The 3 best classified at the end of technical and financial standings companies will be retained (see judgment criteria of offers below) The company ranked 1st will be awarded all or lower orders EUR 60 000 HT. For allocating orders for an amount exceeding that threshold. The company will be given in competition with those undertakings 2 and 3. The award of these orders criteria are: response time (40%) / price benefits enjoyed by the addressed quote by the company (60%). The contract will be concluded for a period of 3 years, renewable 2 times for a period of 1 year. Communicated estimates agreed on the overall duration of all renewals included market (5 years). Applicants may propose variants in the areas of intervention methodology and materials proposed candidates may submit applications in enterprise groups.

Research and development consultancy services

Agence française de développement | Published September 22, 2017
Artelia Eau & Environnement (mandataire) / Urbaplansa / allNext Consultants SAS / Transitec Ingénieur – conseil SARL

The purpose of this framework agreement is to entrust several holders with the provision of studies and technical assistance for the preparation and implementation of urban co-benefit projects under the Ciclia program.

In general, the tasks entrusted to the holders of the framework agreement will include:

- support the preparation of projects selected to the standards of the international financial institutions from an economic, financial, environmental, technical and procurement perspective and depending on the nature of the financing (loan or grant),

- to strengthen the capacities of project owners and project promoters on the components,

- institutional, legislative and regulatory,

- urban planning: formulation of policies and strategies, urban planning documents,

- project management and monitoring, organizational optimization, human resource development.

Information systems and servers

Ministère de l'économie | Published January 26, 2017

Supply X86 server technology, benefits of accessories, warranty and technical evolution extension for maintaining the X86 infrastructure in operational condition for the economic and financial departments.

Supply X86 server technology in the following formats:

-format two-socket tower (C1),

-format rack dual-socket (C2)

-format rack four-socket (C3)

-format octo-socket rack (C4).

And associated benefits.

Provision of technical evolution expansion for maintaining the X86 infrastructure in operational condition.

Contract administration services

ESPCI | Published November 2, 2016  -  Deadline November 30, 2016

The delegate ensures the implementation of the administrative and financial management of contracts and draft contracts on behalf of the ESPCI Paris for the duration of their validity.

The service provider must manage the funds, cash receipts and manage expenses generated by the contracts which it implements management under this contract.

Miscellaneous software development services and computer systems

Autorité des marchés financiers | Published April 5, 2016  -  Deadline May 3, 2016
72212900, 30211300

Replacing the platform of supervision of financial markets to amf.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Agence française de développement | Published June 18, 2016
Capgemini pour le groupement solidaire Capgemini/Cassiopae dont Capgemini est le mandataire
72000000, 72230000

Geofi the project (management of financial operations) was the redesign of back office (downstream processing management of financing operations) of AFD and its subsidiary Proparco company, and includes:

- License and maintenance of a software package for managing finance operations (including syndication loans, guarantees, guarantees received, subsidies) and,

- (I) design, (II) development and (III) the integration of the solution (ie: framing the implementation, design and solution integration, certification, rocking and start the software, follow post ), including maintenance (excluding software) will be provided by AFD.

Event services

GIE Atout France, agence francaise de developpement touristique | Published October 6, 2017
Thera Conseil

Selection of a holder responsible for organizing the 2018 edition of the "rendez-vous en France" trade fair on behalf of the contracting authority (organization, management of marketing, implementation and follow-up of the event, a business convention computer tool enabling the registration of all participants and making business appointments before the trade show).

Hard Edge:

- management and monitoring of the marketing of the event;

- management and follow-up of the registration of exhibitors (French), visitors (90% tour operators) and French tour operators and travel agencies (10%) = paying guests)

- Participant receptive services,

- Implementation of a computer tool for registration of participants and management of "business meetings"

- management of relations and negotiations with suppliers and suppliers,

- technical and financial follow-up of the event (with financial advance from suppliers),

- management of visitors and exhibitors during the event,

- assessment and evaluation of the event,

- any specific services.

Optional band:

- provision of furniture (tables and chairs) required for catering (lunches on Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Financial leasing services

Assemblée Permanente Chambres Agric. | Published November 29, 2017
CHG Meridian

This framework agreement concerns the financial leasing of computer assets of the type:

- computer sets, laptops and screens;

- infrastructures (servers, storage, network);

- Multifunctional printing (A4 printers, A4 and A3 multifunctional, reprographic equipment).

Facilities that use the Framework Agreement may also apply to the Holder for financial leasing services on other types of equipment than those listed above.

This framework agreement concerns the financial leasing of computer assets of the type:

- computer sets, laptops and screens;

- infrastructures (servers, storage, network);

- Multifunctional printing (A4 printers, A4 and A3 multifunctional, reprographic equipment).

Facilities that use the Framework Agreement may also apply to the Holder for financial leasing services on other types of equipment than those listed above.

Software maintenance and repair services

Ministère de l'interieur DSIC/SDAGA/BA | Published April 2, 2016  -  Deadline May 17, 2016

This framework agreement is to define the administrative, financial and technical, in which will be acquired in the context of subsequent contracts, benefits on the support of free software and the realization of related additional services. The benefits referred to in Article 179 of the Public Procurement Code, under Part III of the Code, are excluded from this framework agreement field.

Financial and insurance services

Aéroports de Paris | Published July 15, 2016  -  Deadline July 28, 2016
66000000, 66171000

The mission is to provide the future of the company awarded works concession contract and manager of the CDG Express and infrastructure, to create it, the consortium of its future shareholders: SNCF Network, Airports of Paris and the Caisse des depots et consignations, and in close cooperation with its teams and other councils involved in the mission (lawyers, tax specialists, auditors, traffic expert, technical expert etc.), general financial assistance required for the smooth the operation during the contract period.

Contract administration services

Aéroports de Paris | Published June 18, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2016

Market to purchase multi attribute control (3 max) to surrender in permanent competition. The objective of the mission AMO ™ is, in general, to contribute to protect the interests of the company Aéroports de Paris advising management teams in building projects to minimize the contractual risks throughout the project until the closure of the case, thanks to the experience and specific skills used in the field of negotiation, contract drafting, analysis of administrative documents construction market of building of public works and knowledge of the field. The realization of these tasks in particular requires that providers include the need to work in collaboration with the various players in the operation, including the jurist, but also the project manager, technical control office, the OPC, the CSPS, and generally the various Assistants to the Master of delegated project. The tasks to perform are as follows: - Analysis of Consultation documents and consistency check of the markets - Monitoring réclamatoires subjects - Control of monthly reports holders - Tracking mails holders - Changes reserve holders - Compliance with contractual provisions - monthly contractual risk - claims analysis - Management of additional work and modifications - Summary end of mission the first two MC missions (contract management) will realize for the following business and will form part of the rating of technical and financial offers: object of the first mission Affairs: · Station Metro Grand Paris Express (GPE) · Reconstruction of Parking P0 Extension · Creating an Esplanade in front of the building Junction Case object of the second mission: · RPDI: Process redesign of the International Departure Orly South.

Business and management consultancy and related services

Caisse des dépôts | Published April 11, 2017
Explo Lab

(S) supplier (s) will bring its expertise and methodological resources in conducting innovative projects and collective innovation processes designed and conducted by the cash deposits. It is expected the service support to the entrepreneurial approach of CDC Lab, which falls within the resources optimization logic (human and financial) and time constrained. The project management and coordination of projects and calls for project is supported by the CDC Lab team.

This is to support the Innovation service before, prospective in framing calls for projects

the emergence and qualification of project ideas, the conduct of incubated projects and deployment.

Under the guidance of innovation in the group cash deposits, this is to support the Innovation service before, prospective or other management of the public institution on the management needs of innovation in group by providing and disseminating methodologies and innovative tools.

Financial consultancy services

Caisse des Dépôts | Published November 25, 2017  -  Deadline December 22, 2017

The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (hereinafter the "Caisse des Dépôts" or the "Power of Adjudicator"), including the savings fund, has been subject since the Law of Modernization of the Economy (LME) to the respect of norms. specific prudential requirements.

Caisse des Dépôts has also begun work to strengthen and adapt its prudential model to regulatory and environmental changes, which has led it to call on services (advice, monitoring, etc.) in the purpose of carrying out specific modeling on its portfolios of financial assets and loans allowing it to calibrate its capital requirements and its asset allocation in the respect and balance of the missions entrusted to it. These services must include asset management, banking, insurance, actuarial and econometric approaches.

The purpose of this consultation is to enter into a framework agreement for consulting services on the Caisse de dépôt's methodologies for financial modeling.

Maintenance of information technology software

CCI Paris Île-de-France | Published March 23, 2017
Sopra Steria Group
72267100, 72000000

- Quick Start Services;

- Provision of MCO (operational maintenance) of the Financial Information System and SAP Supply of the CCIR, including pilotage services, from recurring maintenance (response to questions Level 2 standard presentation), corrective maintenance;

- Minor changes benefits;

- Major changes benefits;

- Design services;

- Provision of skills transfer.

Computer back-up services

Ministère de l'économie | Published January 2, 2015

Project management of IT emergency headquarters of economic and financial departments within the project Rempart (Equipment, Back, Medium, Procedures, Applications and Networks Technology) and Application Management Talend Directories.

Portfolio management services

Caisse des dépôts | Published May 5, 2017
RSM Paris

For its needs as an investor in the context of the valuation of its shareholdings, Caisse Des Dépôts wishes to benefit from a valuation of the financial assets (securities and other instruments) of companies it holds in all segments of its portfolio With the exception of the town segment, tourism and mixed economy, which are or will be the subject of differentiated framework agreements.

The evaluation exercise will have to meet two needs:

- a strategic and operational need

- a regulatory need.

Financial systems software package

UESL | Published December 8, 2016
Sopra Banking
48442000, 50324100, 72263000, 72610000

The software will be integrated in the software application called "Perspectives" used by Action Housing.

The solution should cover the perimeter of the release of funds to the extinguishment of debt and manage the administrative and financial events of a loan.

The solution should have a capacity to absorb the volume target of at least 1.5 million active files.