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Mission permanent assistance in financial and tax matters on behalf of the urban cté Saclay, Orsay

cte d'agglo. du plateau de saclay | Published April 20, 2015  -  Deadline May 6, 2015

Mission permanent assistance in financial and tax areas

Insurance services

Université Paris Sud | Published November 26, 2015  -  Deadline December 18, 2015

This consultation is to subscribe for a construction insurance program - all risks and anticipated financial losses (EPS 1) Project master Liability - on the work of rehabilitation of solid physics laboratory buildings ( 510 and 510a) (Lps) for the University of Paris-Sud. This contract is the assurance of a site whose total amount is estimated at € 21,038,621 VAT, for a provisional period of 30 months work. Housing insurance devolved into 2 separate lots. This consultation covers the 2 lots.

Engineering services

Établissement public d'aménagement Paris-Saclay | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline May 5, 2017

This contract is to ensure continuity of the work management assistance on design - realization of heat and cooling network of BIA Moulon and neighborhood Polytechnic and facilitate the establishment its operational phase - maintenance.

Tracking crem and operational management of the project: AMO is responsible for the financial monitoring of the market and its trends.

Support during the design phases / network implementation.

Accompaniment during the operating phase / network maintenance.

Strategy and Network Development.

A concept note says this, it can be downloaded by the candidates on the platform.

Insurance services

Université Paris Sud | Published October 27, 2017  -  Deadline December 4, 2017
66510000, 66513200, 66516000, 66515000

The services are reserved for companies and / or insurance intermediaries governed by the insurance code or the French code of mutuality or who can exercise freely in the provision of services. This contract covers the insurance of a construction site, the total amount of which is estimated at EUR 20 698 913 inclusive, for a projected duration of works 24 months. Award of a contract for each lot.

All construction risks and anticipated financial losses.

Civil liability project owner.

Construction damage insurance and collective ten-year liability contract.

Engineering services

Établissement public d'aménagement Paris-Saclay | Published November 29, 2017

This contract is intended to ensure continuity of project management assistance on the design and construction of the ZAC du Moulon and École polytechnique district heating and cooling networks, and to facilitate the implementation of of its operation phase - maintenance.

CREM monitoring and operational project management: AMO is responsible for financial monitoring of the market and its evolution.

Accompaniment during the design / construction phases of the network.

Accompaniment during the operation / maintenance phases of the network.

Strategy and network development.

A scoping note clarifies this point, it can be downloaded by the candidates on the platform

Furniture design services

Établissement public d'aménagement Paris-Saclay | Published November 10, 2016
BY 105

The public establishment of development Paris-Saclay and agglomeration communities "Community Paris-Saclay" Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and Versailles Grand Parc exhibiting at a joint stand at the next SIMI, to be held the convention center at Porte Maillot in Paris from November 30 to 12/02/2016. This contract is for the design of the set design, the realization of the stand, its maintenance throughout the living and the realization of communication tools.

This is a mixed contract with a party to global fixed prices and purchase orders amount or part without minimum or maximum volume.

The public development establishment Paris-Saclay and agglomeration communities "Paris-Saclay Community" Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and Versailles Grand control group gathered Park, launching the consultation.

EPA Paris-Saclay is coordinator of this group.

financial estimate of the overall price part: 69 000 EUR HT.

Sewage treatment consultancy services

Université Paris Sud | Published April 18, 2015  -  Deadline May 29, 2015
90492000, 71351810

The sewerage master plan study aims to provide: -the most appropriate technical solutions for the collection, wastewater treatment and discharge of treated water, -a definition of actions to continue for the collection and stormwater treatment. This study also examines the wastewater discharge treated domestic and non-domestic, related to the presence of research laboratories of local courses (practical work), restaurants and an equestrian center on campus. The market consists of a firm phase and a conditional phase. The firm phase: It consists of the implementation of the master plan will include: -a situation and a diagnosis of sanitation (sewage and rainwater) -a proposal of the best solutions for sanitation and stormwater management, -a hierarchical costed program of work. The phases of the study will be structured as follows: -Phase 1: Analysis of the current situation, -Phase 2; Proposals for technical and financial solutions. The conditional phase: The Paris-Sud University would like to take the study of the sewerage master plan to acquire IT plan georeferenced in x, y and z its networks. The conditional phase involves about 24 km of wastewater and stormwater networks.
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