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Financial and insurance services

Ville de Marignane | Published February 4, 2017
Chèque Déjeuner
66000000, 66133000, 79810000

This contract relates to the issue, the supply and delivery of paper-based restaurant shares and / or dematerialized form for the staff of the city of Marignane.

Information systems

Société Aéroport Marseille Provence | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline February 23, 2017
48810000, 48000000, 72212517, 72267100

Renewal of aeronautical information system of Marseille Provence airport. This contract has a firm contract for the purchase and implementation of the SIA and an optional slice on the support and application management of SIA.

Marseille Provence Airport (GPA) wishes to renew its Aeronautical Information System (AIS).

Firm phase (3 years): MPA standard search tool AIS market, capable of providing:

- Operational management of flights, in forecasting, real-time and delayed;

- The valuation of flights in order to achieve aeronautical billing customers;

- Achieving financial simulations and analyzes;

- An A-CDM level 3.

The tool will also ensure:

- The overhaul of the existing link with the SIGMA messages DGAC;

- The integration of all aeronautical information;

- Links with existing systems and related future developments such as SAP accounting, remote display, the carpet luggage management system, the website of the GPA, the voice server, etc ...

optional tranche (2 years): System maintenance, support and functional changes (A-CDM Level 1 ... etc.).

Financial and insurance services

Ville de Marignane | Published October 11, 2016  -  Deadline November 7, 2016
66000000, 66133000, 79810000

Market form: for orders with maximum. Assigning a single market. Framework agreement concluded for an initial period of 12 months from 02.01.2017 total benefits quantity for the initial period of the framework agreement (same amount for each renewal period): Maximum 150 000.

Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis

Mairie de Marignane | Published October 14, 2015
IN Anticipo/C5P
71241000, 71242000

Assistance Mission has mastery of legal and financial work for preparing the procurement and execution of a partnership agreement for the transfer of the stage of Saint-Exupéry neighborhood Marignane. The city of Marignane currently considering Revitalizing part of Saint-Exupéry area, allowing the realization of a real estate transaction on certain parcels they own. For this purpose, it now intends to move the stage on those parcels to install the outskirts of the city on land belonging to him. The freed land could be valued and subject, where appropriate after decommissioning the public domain, a valuation by any legal and economic means whatsoever, including the assignment. The proposed transaction would therefore consist of: - demolition of the existing stadium - a realization of a new stadium. The valuation of the newly available land (about 25,000 m2).

Assisting Mission to Financial and Program Contractor for the development concession Place de l'Olivier

Ville de marignane | Published June 23, 2017  -  Deadline July 19, 2017

Consultation number: 2017-033-ETU Assisting Mission to Project and Financial Controller for the development concession Place de l'Olivier
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