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Office cleaning services

Commune de Toussus-le-Noble | Published January 28, 2016  -  Deadline February 19, 2016
90919200, 90911300, 90919300

procedure adapted to market on the maintenance and cleaning of the premises and glazing communal buildings Toussus-Le-Noble.

The Company must submit a fully compliant bid in tender documents. Variants are not allowed.

The contracting authority reserves the right to change the scope of services by amendment it deems necessary to add or remove without the Contractor may raise a claim.

The company will, before giving its offer, visit all premises covered by the contract and check all the bills of quantities, types of soil and consumables needed if any.

Upon the execution of its services, the company shall not, under any circumstances, claim a breach of the premises or working conditions that are imposed due to the nature or occupancy, an error in the initial estimate of quantities or descriptive of facilities and equipment to elude market bonds or to raise a claim of any kind whatsoever including financial or for any gain or benefit additional.

Land Clos du Père Jules.

Ville de Grand-Quevilly | Published February 27, 2016  -  Deadline April 8, 2016

This consultation relates to the development of the Clos du Père Jules.

It is split into 2 lots:

- Lot 1: mastery of work,

- Lot 2: Architect / Coordinator.

This contract is concluded as from its notification until expiry of the warranty period for perfect completion or after extension of this period, if the reserves reported at the reception of the work, not all lifted at the end this period.

For lot 1, the price will be determined from a rate of pay the amount of the financial framework for the work.

For Lot 2, the price will be determined based on a decomposition of the overall price (TMP).

Prices will therefore global and lump.

The total amount of the funds available for the work is € 4,472,900 excluding VAT.

Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of automated equipment performing the on-conditioning unit doses of drugs and their nominative dispensation and consumable supplies.

Centre hospitalier spécialisé interdépartemental | Published February 17, 2016
Société ECO-DEX

CHS Launches competitive dialogue procedure to define the technical and financial resources that can meet the following needs:

- Equip system (s) Automated (s) an area of ​​the PUI for on-condition unitarily, store and nominally deliver drugs,

- Ensure delivery of individual treatments to nursing services,

- Ensure the distribution of treatments to the patients respecting the project of each service.

The project of the PUI for the provision of:

- Automated on-conditioning system and registered drug delivery,

- Consumables associated with the operation of the automated system,

- Transport system of registered treatments PUI infirmaries services

- Distribution system of registered treatment within the services to the patient's foot,

- Associated maintenance to the automated system.

Management services company and asset management to the General Council in Versailles

conseil general des yvelines | Published June 10, 2015  -  Deadline June 30, 2015
70332000, 70330000, 70332100, 70332300

This consultation procedure is initiated by the Yvelines In the name and on behalf of the heritage week satory Mobility, whose creation will occur in the 2nd half 2015, which will proceed to the selection of applications and tenders and conclude the contract with the owner. there is a market for services related to the achievement of company management services and asset management following: I - an assistance mission to the management company, to ensure together with its President and CEO in the context of decisions taken by its Board of Directors: O strategic and operational management of the company o financial management, accounting, legal and social society, ii- management of the realization of the building project as part of an ICC, as a representative of the SEM client iii - a term of asset management, to ensure the name and for the account of the heritage society, a mission of rental and technical management with or without conditional phase.

Architectural services for buildings

Commune de Montigny-le-Bretonneux | Published November 3, 2017

Mastery of work for the rehabilitation of the André Malraux neighborhood house and the layout of the square in Montigny le Bretonneux. The part of the financial envelope (building and exterior fittings) assigned by the Client to the aforementioned works is (value 04/2016) is 2 000 000 EUR HT. It is imperative that the project team has the following competencies (grouped into one or more people): vRD (including infiltration specialists for rainwater) - landscape - fluids bET - bET Structures.

The content of the basic mission and assistance elements entrusted to the holder of the contract is as follows: - ESQUISSE: esq - pre-project studies: aps / apd and avp -project studies: pro-assistance for the awarding of contracts contracts of work - act -visa of Execution and synthesis studies: visas -direction of the execution of works contracts: det -assistance to the operations of reception: aor - folder of works executed: DOE. No additional missions are planned.

New construction of a social residence of 87 autonomous housing in ARGENTEUIL (cadastral parcel CI no80). This project is planned in addition to a social residence already present and

Adoma | Published May 4, 2018  -  Deadline May 29, 2018

New construction of a social residence of 87 autonomous housing in ARGENTEUIL (cadastral parcel CI no80). This project is envisaged in addition to a social residence already present and active on this plot comprising 141 dwellings divided into 2 buildings at R + 4. The work must be done while ensuring the safety of residents and Adoma staff on site. This project will be carried out according to a prefabricated modular structure method and will have to obtain the NF Habitat HQE label. The typology of the residences of this residence is as follows: 69 TI with a minimum area of ​​18 square meters; 5 IT 'with a minimum area of ​​24 square meters; 13 TI bis, with a minimum area of ​​30 square meters, as well as associated collective premises representing a SDP of 2430 square meters. Cost of the works: The total estimated financial envelope allocated to the works, including foundations and HHT is 3.905.000,00 euro (s) excluding tax.

General contractors for the reconstruction of the Groupe Scolaire Jean Moulin and Local Youth (Spot) in environmental approach (Hqe) without certification for the city of Pecq

ville du pecq | Published July 6, 2015  -  Deadline August 7, 2015

Restricted contest of architecture and engineering on "SKETCH" for the allocation of a project management contract for the construction of a new school (kindergarten classes 9, 6 elementary schools, 1 Clem, 1 CLSH, Rased 1) and a local youth. The new School Group will be located in place of the current Quai du 8 Mai 1945 in Pecq. The current School Group today has a kindergarten, an elementary, 4 apartments and a power substation. These buildings will be deconstructed for a project estimated floor space of 3060m² and the development of outdoor spaces and access. This project, on a plot of 8855 square meters, will locate in an area that includes equipment that will remain in operation during construction: College Gymnasium, athletics track, sports field, Square. The focus is on respecting the schedule (delivery in September 2019) and the equipment present near the site. The existing transformer feeds the Groupe Scolaire and housing, and also the Gymnasium. It will be left in place until the creation of the new connection built into the Basic group. This connection will supply the group and the School Gymnasium. The Client is committed to an environmental quality approach. Current Local youth will be deconstructed to build a new local 194 square meters on a plot of 650 square meters. The Project management market following the contest will consist of a Farm Tranche (studies and work of the Groupe Scolaire + Local studies for the Young) and a Conditional Tranche (the work of Local Youth). The maximum financial envelope allocated to the work of the Farm and the Conditional Tranche Tranche (buildings, roads, outdoor, furniture fittings included market) amounted to 8,960,000 euros (VAT) As part of the environmental approach (without certification), the 14 HQE targets were targeted at different performance levels.

Recreational, cultural and sporting services

Ville du Mans | Published May 6, 2017  -  Deadline June 16, 2017

Dsp awarded pursuant to Ordinance 2016-65 of 29.1.2016 on concession contracts, its decree 2016-86 of 1.2.2016, and articles L1411-1 et seq. Of the General Code of Local and Regional Authorities. The contract will concern the exploitation of the Antares sports and cultural space, which was inaugurated on 18.11.1995. With a surface area of ​​15,529 square meters, it offers a capacity of 8,077 seats in show layouts. Antarès is the official venue of the basketball team of Pro A, the MSB (Le Mans Sarthe Basket) with the possibility to welcome in this configuration 6 030 spectators.

In 2015, the venue welcomed more than 216,000 spectators from 33 sporting events, 24 shows and concerts and 9 other events (primarily private). Of the 66 events organized in 2015, the average attendance per event was 3,283.

The main objectives of the future delegate are: - programming of a minimum of 25 events (excluding the French Cup championship and European Basketball Cups) subject to a rental fee per season; - Organization of all events; -The promotion of equipment; - administrative and financial management of equipment; -The responsibility for the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment according to a distribution specified in the specifications. The delegatee will collect on his behalf all the proceeds from Antarès users as well as the ancillary revenue. The delegatee will pay to the community, every year and throughout the duration of the delegation, a fee. The City of Le Mans could be To pay a flat-rate contribution to the delegatee in accordance with Article L.2224-2 of the General Code of Local and Regional Authorities, especially in view of operating constraints.

Feasibility study on access to areas of activities of Thonon-les-Bains and Post

commune de thonon-les-bains | Published September 9, 2015  -  Deadline October 9, 2015

Feasibility study on access to areas of Thonon-les-Bains activities and Publish. 8 phases: 1) Ownership issues and the ground truth, 2) Establishment of a synthesis of various studies in the area and made available to the design office, updating the exposed problems, critical analysis of the recommendations made by these studies, 3) Formulation, development and precise determination of the constraints to be taken into account when conducting this study 4) Etablissements scenarios (3 minimum) of road improvements meet the set objectives and compatible with the constraints identified. Traffic load analysis on structuring the study area intersections as part of the implementation of each of scénarios.5 3) Summary of Estimated scenarios retained based on ratios and quantitative partiels.6) Establishment of a table Advanced synthetic comparison of the different scenarios studied. Presentation to community representatives (Thonon, Publish, but Marin County Council and 74). Amendment to establish the scenario that meets the expectations of those respective collectivités.7) refined Estimated chosen scenario, book by book with proposed financial breakdown between the relevant authorities and the SNCF network. Introducing the relevant drawings AVP level and sketch of landscape integration. Determination of the corresponding placeholders to implement within the PLU revisions in current or future (determination of the corresponding land easement) .8) Determination of functional planning implementation oeuvre.Le turnaround time the study is 23 weeks.

Control, safety, signalling and light equipment

Ville d'Issy-les-Moulineaux | Published August 29, 2015

The market for maintenance purpose, troubleshooting, supply and installation works and extension of security and safety equipment for municipal buildings such as protection equipment against lightning. The contract is in procedure of open tender, under sections 26-i-1, 33, 40, 56, 77 and 57-59 of the Public Procurement Code (Decree No. 2006-975 of 1.8. 2006). The contract is a framework agreement within the meaning of EU law. This contract is a service contract. The market is not alloti within the meaning of Article 10 of the Public Procurement Code. The market is not a market tranches.le market takes effect from its date of notification for a period of one year, renewable three times express renewal (ie a maximum of four years). The market is treated with mixed prices. The market is at fixed prices (annual fee of 2 730 EUR HT) for the following services performed on existing equipment and new equipment that will be integrated to the market by administrative order or endorsement to the financial impact (order of service if the amendment does not increase the annual fee of + 10% Endorsement beyond 10%.): - preventive maintenance and testing of the operating facilities (periodic inspection) - corrective maintenance (servicing and travel) - Replacement of small equipment and consumables - Regulatory visits The market is also no minimum orders or maximum annual amount based on unit prices for other services.

Control, safety, signalling and light equipment

Ville d'Issy-les-Moulineaux | Published April 24, 2015
Procédure de passation du lot no8 déclarée sans suite pour motif de redéfinition du besoin de la Ville. Ce lot sera relancé via une procédure d'appel d'offres ouvert

The market for maintenance purpose, troubleshooting, supply and installation works and extension of security and safety equipment for municipal buildings. The contract is in process of open tender, under sections 26-i-1, 33, 40, 56, 57-59 and 77 of the Public Procurement Code (no2006-975 Decree of 1.8.2006 ). The market is a framework agreement within the meaning of EU law. The market is a service market. The market takes effect from 04.12.2015 or from the date of notification if it is later for a period of one year, renewable three times a specific extension (ie a maximum of four years) .- markets are treated mixed price. They are fixed prices (annual fee) for the following services performed on existing equipment and new equipment that will be integrated to the markets in order of service or endorsement to the financial impact: - preventive maintenance and testing of the operating facilities (periodic inspection) - Curative maintenance (servicing and travel) - replacement of small equipment and consumables - Regulatory visits - reactivation facility at security commissions they are orders with no minimum or maximum annual amount based on unit prices for other services.

Public road transport services

CA Les Sables-d'Olonne Agglomération | Published November 23, 2017  -  Deadline January 5, 2018

The contract will deal with the network of mobilities within the territorial area of ​​the Sables d'Olonne Urban Community, namely: the current network (regular lines, school lines, shuttles, etc.), including the integration of schools of Vairé, the island of Olonne and Olonne-sur-Mer; coordination of active mobilities with the network: a "Bike" service that can be of the long-term rental type and a relevant bicycle parking policy (drawdown), walking with efficient pedestrian paths allowing the complementarity of modes, coordination carpooling, car sharing, on the basis of existing initiatives locally or to set up and strengthen; taking the Passenger into account in the agglomeration's overall mobility offer; as an option, school transport on the other back-shore municipalities, Saint-Mathurin and Sainte-Foy, LSOA recovering the current markets from the Region (deadline 2022).

The contract concerns urban mobility services. The operation is carried out at the risk and peril of the delegatee. The receipts will be collected from the users by the delegatee, either for his own account, or on behalf of the delegating authority, according to rates that will be set in the agreement. A lump sum financial contribution will also be paid by the delegating authority in exchange for the tariff and public service fees imposed on the delegatee. The delegatee realizes and finances the investments (vehicles and deposit), but the candidates will be asked to study in option the acquisition and financing of the rolling stock.

Transport services (excl. Waste transport)

France Médias Monde | Published February 15, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017

The contract is for the provision of travel agency services provided "Off and on line" for France's media including:

- Reservations and issue train tickets, plane or boat,

- The purchase of season tickets (train or plane) and subscription management,

- The organization of individual trips or groups,

- Car rental with or without chauffeur,

- Hotel bookings.

The cancellation, exchange for any changes such as destination, date, time or name, etc ... transport tickets or services defined above.

This contract aims to select a company capable of providing travel agency services including:

- Reservations and issue train tickets, plane or boat,

- The purchase of season tickets (train or plane) and subscription management,

- The organization of individual trips or groups,

- Car rental with or without chauffeur,

- Hotel bookings.

This Contract is a framework agreement for purchase orders in accordance with Article 4 of Ordinance No. 2015-899 of 23.7.2015 and 78 and following of Decree No 2016-360 of 25.3.2016 in force on the date of dispatch of the notice of public call for tenders in the Official journal of the European union.

Notwithstanding the provisions of section 32 of Ordinance No. 2015-899 of 23/07/2015, this market is not alloti because of a separate technical difficulties devolution of market benefits and consequences of allotment of their financial cost.

Telecommunications services

Commune des Pennes-Mirabeau | Published December 31, 2016
Orange Agence Entreprise Rhône Méditerranée
64200000, 64210000, 72400000, 64212000

The market for the acquisition of telecommunications products and services to meet the needs of the City of Pennes-Mirabeau in communication between these sites and the public network. Given its obligations and to optimize costs, the City search providers that will achieve, among others, the following three objectives: a high quality of service and control of telecommunications expenses and a guarantee of economic sustainability and financial strength.

d¿accès supply to the public network: o analog access o access for 2 to 4 simultaneous calls (type "basic access, T0") o access for 6-12 simultaneous calls (type "basic access, T0") ¿ routing of telephone traffic: o incoming o outgoing from all sources to the local, national, mobile and l¿international o out to special numbers and emergency numbers ¿Additional Services (colorés¿ numbers).

d¿accès supply to the public network: o public network access beyond 12 simultaneous calls (type "primary access, T2") ¿routing of telephone traffic: o Incoming o outgoing from all sources to the local, national, mobile and l¿international out o to special numbers and numbers d¿urgences ¿access to internet services at guaranteed rates.

Mobile telephony services: o routing of incoming and outgoing calls o o exchange of data terminals, accessories o fleet management services.

Internet unsecured rates.


Commune de Saint-Nazaire | Published July 11, 2015  -  Deadline September 7, 2015

14s0108 - purchase, rental and maintenance of printing systems control Groupement City of Saint-Nazaire and Saint-Nazaire CCAS (orders to the market) HT minimum duration of the contract for the City of Saint-Nazaire: Lot 01: 20 000 EUR Lot 02: 50 000 EUR. Lot 03: 0 EUR. HT maximum duration of the contract for the City of Saint-Nazaire: Lot 01: Lot 30 000 EUR 02 500 000. Lot 03: 300 000 EUR. Minimum HT on the duration of the contract for the CCAS of Saint-Nazaire: Lot 01: 5 000 EUR. Lot 02: 15 000 EUR. HT maximum duration of the contract for the CCAS of Saint-Nazaire: Lot 01: 100 000 EUR. Lot 02: 200 000 EUR. Duration of the contract - execution time for lots 1 and 2: The Market validity period is the period within which purchase orders can be issued. She is three years from 1 January 2016 until 31 December 2018. For lot 3: Market validity period is four years, starting from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2019 for lots 1 and 2, this contract includes an optional PES consisting of the establishment of an extranet to track maintenance operations (and possibly installations), breakdowns, malfunctions, needs and consumable supplies ... The candidate should detail the technical aspects (IT prerequisites) and financial (overall quarterly fee, subscription machine connection fees) of this tool.

Urban development construction work

Ville de Divonne-les-Bains | Published September 19, 2015  -  Deadline November 5, 2015

The Purpose of this consultation is to entrust a land dealer achieving the development operation of the station area in application of Articles L. 300-4 and R. 300-4 to R. 300- 11 of the Town Planning Code. The Municipality has at its center a vast area, partly fallow (dilapidated parking, old station building), called Quartier de la Gare. She wants to develop a joint operation including community facilities, housing and economic activities. The urban renewal area, which will cover an area of ​​approximately 8 hectares, should allow the implementation of a program of approximately 43,500 square meters of floor surfaces (SDP) distributed as follows: a base of approximately 9100 square meters of dedicated trade SDP Length of buildings, including a 2 movie theaters; surfaces dedicated equipment: about 800 square meters of SDP for a small private child equipment; an area of ​​430 square meters for the establishment of a municipal police station; the rest of the SDP (about 33,100 square meters) will be spent on housing (30% of the total SDP dedicated to assisted rental housing). The project also includes private and public underground parking (500 spaces public parking). There are no plans for financial participation of the Commune to the cost of the development project, the object of the concession. Under Article R.300-4 of the Town Planning Code, the dealer will assume a significant share of the operation of the economic risk. The town is committed to give the dealer the land within the perimeter of the transaction in which it will own at the date of signing of the concession treated at a set price under negotiation between the Commune and the successful candidate. The expected duration of the concession contract is 5 years. However, this period may be the subject of discussion in the context of the negotiations after consulting the commission.

Computer network services

France Médias Monde | Published March 7, 2015  -  Deadline April 15, 2015

The services consist of redesigning the LAN architecture and renewal of part of the equipment of LAN France Media World. This contract is alloti as follows: - Lot 1: Setting up the network "Television HD" Cradle of HD television content production solution expected by the contracting authority, it includes the supply of network equipment hardware and software, migration of existing equipment on this new base, associated project management including operational management, technical specifications and technical support to the start of production of HD television content production tool. - Lot 2: Supply hardware / software for the access network "Television HD" and for the renewal of France Global Media LAN network. Supply of network equipment hardware and software enabling the contracting authority to gradually renew equipment throughout its LAN, and acquire a network equipment (Purchase Orders). Lots 1 and 2 are independent and the bidder may possibly choose to respond to one of the two lots. Lot 1 is an inclusive project including supply of hardware / software, service deployment, support in the migration, income and transfer of jurisdiction to the Global Media teams of France as well as in charge of the service Technical Assistance of France World Media teams. Lot 2 is a complementary scope of supply of hardware / software whose elements will: 1. Be a posteriori ordered by the contracting authority time to further evaluate the corresponding needs in light of the financial data and establish the Project teams driving the changes; 2. Do not be ordered by the contracting authority if the needs are insufficient to justify a renewal of equipment.