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Invitation to tender Toivakka and its subsidiary company's management and Audit Services 2016-2019

Toivakan kunta | Published November 25, 2015  -  Deadline January 13, 2016

The offer is requested administrative and financial audit in accordance with the Local Government Act (the statutory OFR-examination), 2016-2019 In addition, invited to tender from the other audit services, which include: 1) a vehicle belonging to the Group subsidiary real estate company Toivakanhaka auditing activities; 2) belonging to the municipality Group subsidiary, Toivakka Heat Oy auditing activities; 3) municipal group possibly before the end of 2016 set up a subsidiary, Toivakka water supply plant audit Ltd (incorporated in the municipal water supply plant and the area of ​​water co-operatives); 4) The specific tasks and projects, such as the potential of EU projects, inspection. Contracts shall be concluded in accordance with the Local Government Act, Law on Public Procurement and the Association's recommendations. The extent and scope of the audit The audit audited in accordance with the Local Government Act (the statutory OFR-examination), for which a tender is requested and the basis for comparing tenders has nine inspection days a year. A further requirement is one of the written interim reporting the end of October and the auditor's report of April of each year. Meetings and inspection dates, usually arbitrated together so that the meeting is an extension of the inspection day. Subsidiaries belonging to the Group Audit Municipality Real Estate Company Toivakanhakan, Toivakka Heat Oy and as may be established Toivakka water supply plant Oy's audit is one of the examination days per year per company. The audit of projects and specific tasks of the extent of the special control tasks of the bid are asked to have three working days a year. Details of the municipality Toivakka reserves the right not to accept 1.2. and offer space to paragraphs 1.3. checks. Use of OFR-inspector in the service inspector has office or in use workspaces and office services. The auditor's suitability for the requirements of the OFR's qualification in addition to the auditor and the auditor of the following conditions is required: - Audit firm should have a documented quality control system, - audit experience and qualifications for the audit of EU projects. Selection criteria The award is accepted most economically advantageous in terms of: - total contract period to 60%, - auditor training and experience of the selected 20%, - inspection in the work rate of 20%. Information on the decision and award of the contract The contract does not arise from the notification, but shall require a separate written agreement the municipality and the audit firm Toivakka pending. Term and validity of agreement without separate termination is valid until the 2019 adoption of the Convention's accounts (estimated at June 2020) prices, checking and billing audit services prices are set in accordance with the approved bid. The price revision shall enter into force on the decision of the parties, otherwise the contract is discharged. Term of payment is 14 days net, interest on arrears of interest according to law. General General not possible. Requirements relating to the content of the Offer shall be 1 under the tender point inspection services value added taxes tome prices. The tender must indicate: - the total price of the audit period (four years), - check today's price, including travel and other costs - inspection today's price, while the extension of an audit committee meeting (attendance time of up to two hours), starting at 17:00, - projects and specific tasks . supplementary examination day price including travel costs, etc., - an audit in the labor share of billable working hours counter, - the total audit inspection day subsidiaries, including travel and other costs; - information on the authorization of the responsible auditor, as well as any other task related to qualifications and experience. The bid and appendices offer will be valid until 03/30/2016.
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