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Tallinn Maintenance and Development of Financial Reporting Information System

Tallinna Linnakantselei - Martin Männil | Published February 9, 2017

Tallinn Maintenance and Development of Financial Reporting Information System

MS Dynamics NAV financial and personnel module, maintenance and development of projects

Tallinna Tehnikaülikool - EVELI KOBAR | Published February 13, 2017

MS Dynamics NAV financial and personnel module, maintenance and development of projects

Tuula, Alliku Jõgisoo water management and technological project and financial-economic analysis of the

Aktsiaselts KOVEK - Aare Sõer | Published January 20, 2017

Environmental Investment Centre environmental water action program of 2017, the first call for proposals for the necessary technological projects (3 pieces), and the financial-economic analysis (3pc) Preparation Tuula, Alliku Jõgisoo water management and use.

Annual reports, financial audit and regularity of transactions for auditing services Bookings 2017-2019

Riigimetsa Majandamise Keskus (RMK) - KATRIN AMETMAA | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017

Procurement ordered the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) for the years 2017 to 2019 the annual financial statements audit services and legality verification services.

EAS planning, budgeting and project management information system continuing to work during the period 2017-2019

Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutus - HELEN NOORKÕIV | Published February 9, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017

Procurement is to find IT partner of EE planning, budgeting and project management information system (Financial Reporting Execution and Design Instrument) product platform developed for planning, budgeting and project management information system (hereinafter referred to FREDI software and system) everyday for maintenance and incremental development work to realize a period of 36 months.

Auditor Service Bookings

Aktsiaselts Eesti Post - Krista Pärn | Published January 31, 2017

The aim of the tender is AS Eesti Post 2017 - 2021 accounts of the financial statements and the audit of the framework contract validity period, the contracting authority, where necessary, the provision of consultancy services in accounting and taxation.

Board of Agriculture and the Food and Veterinary Office operations of optimization analysis

Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskus - KAIRE VAIN | Published February 17, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

Contract aims at Agriculture Office (hereinafter referred to as PMA) and the Food and Veterinary Office ( 'the FVO) the possible restructuring of the analysis carried out with the aim of presenting proposals for activities / areas to optimize, restructure and monitoring systems, harmonization of bringing in addition to the proposals made in the various impacts and risks. The analysis focuses sets: • financial savings; • services (including state supervision) the customer's perspective. The proposals aim at improving the quality of service for customers and improve the effectiveness of the provision of services (cost savings, process simplification). Result of the analysis must be submitted to the Ministry for Rural the Government's proposals to restructure the agricultural sector authorities in June 2017.

Vormsi of helicopter landing area, access road, the Civil Aviation Administration of the qualifying heliport and electrical engineering

Vormsi Vallavalitsus - EIDI LEHT | Published January 25, 2017

PART I: Contracting authority I.1) NAME, ADDRESSES AND CONTACT Vormsi Municipality, address: k Hullo, Vormsi vald, Läänemaa, Tel: 5296318; Contact person Tanel Viks email: Further information can be obtained at: Supporting documents (the airport area in a helicopter and a detailed drawing of the main square in plan) please ask at: Tenders or requests please send electronically signed address or by post to the address k Hullo, 91301, Vormsi vald, Läänemaa II: object of the contract II.1) DESCRIPTION II.1.1) Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority Vormsi designation of helicopter landing area, access road, the Civil Aviation Administration of the qualifying heliport and design of the electrical installation. II.1.2) Procurement organized public contract II.1.3) Short description of the contract or the project preparation and detail planned standard EVS 907: 2010, and must take into account the economic and taristuministeeriumi 02.07.2015.a Regulation No 82 "Road building design requirements," and 17:07. 2015 Regulation No 97 "requirements for the construction project," requirements for the heliport limitation surfaces set out in the Economic and taristuministri 06/01/2015 Regulation No. 50 "aerodrome and heliport vicinity of the size and height constraints as minimum and maximum dimensions and the surroundings dimensions and height restrictions on the minimum requirements", added 3, glide category B . the designed object and description of the action: 1. demolition of the Old Square and disposal; 3. Road construction (~ 1000m2) with soil peeling base + top of the gravel; 4. Subscription to electrical and electrical work (wiring + automation); 5. Compliance (load capacity 7 t., The general inclination of not more than 3%), asphalt concrete square (square 17x17m) Pouring square safe with a base and a 33.4 x 33.4 m) market; 6. TLOF and FATO perimeter of the installation of lights; 7. TLOF and FATO perimeter marking of heliport tuvastustähiste subscription; 8. The wind mast bag and lit up the wind sack installation. . Paying parts: Basic Project, 50% of all approvals heakskiidetud- retrieves the designer. SECTION III: LEGAL, ECONOMIC, FINANCIAL AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION III.1) CONDITIONS III.1.1) Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and / or reference to the relevant provisions of the 30 days after the delivery of the building. III.2) Conditions for participation III.2.1) Information concerning the personal status, including professional or trade register of enrollment requirements (procurement procedure trays) III.2.2) Technical and professional competence in this procurement engineering for the proper execution must be included in the relevant area of ​​responsibility of professionals and special parts designers, who must hold MTR respective area of ​​operation õigust- on all the parties to submit the corresponding registrations. 2.Pakkujal must have experience in procurement objects with similar execution in the field of engineering, which is given to functional use of the building in the list of "Economic and taristuministeeriumi 02.06.2015.a Regulation No. 51 and No. 21,310th III.3.1) Execution of the service only by reference to the profession act: Building Code
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