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Financial leasing services

Trafikselskabet Movia | Published September 17, 2016  -  Deadline October 18, 2016
66114000, 66000000, 66100000

Movia is Denmark's largest transport company with about 212 million passengers a year, 477 bus lines and ten local rail lines. Movia is responsible for planning bus, flex and city rail traffic in eastern Denmark. Movia is the transport company a special, statutory public company related to a municipal community. Movia serving and funded by the Capital Region, Region Zealand and the 45 municipalities in the two regions by statutory rules. Regions and municipalities decide how many bus lines they want, and how often the buses should run. The ordering the desired bus from Movia, who then plan and coordinate the overall bus services across municipal and regional boundaries, so that it hangs together the best possible - also by train and metro. Movia has not even the buses, but offer run out to tender and award contracts to private bus companies, which then performs the run. Movia also compiles timetables, make traffic monitoring and markets buses. Movia is also responsible for the statutory individual disability service for all municipalities, patient transport Zealand, the special service to special schools for municipalities in the Capital Region and various flexible transport schemes for municipalities that wish.

rådgivning, programmeludvikling, internet og support 2015/S 246-447848

Danmarks Nationalbank | Published December 19, 2015  -  Deadline January 20, 2016
72000000, 72265000

Danmarks Nationalbank is using the Calypso system front-to-back across assets as the portfolio management system. The continuous improvement of the system is handled internally in Nationalbanken. As part of the continuous improvement of the Calypso system, configuration in the Calypso system is performed for front-to-back functionality. Nationalbanken is looking for three suppliers of Calypso Business Analysts (Calypso BA) with senior configuration skills within the Calypso system and excellent business knowledge on the front-to-back area. Award of contracts based on the framework agreement will be based on a re-opening of the competition. The tasks to be performed by the Calypso BA's could be but are not limited to: — Daily participation in the Continous Improvement Calypso Team in Nationalbanken; — Participation in development projects extending the business use of the Calypso system in Nationalbanken; — Configuration of business solutions on front-, middle or back office area (including accounting area); — Advice on configuration and business solutions in the Calypso system of Nationalbanken. The Calypso BA should have at least 2 years of experience in an IT implementation project within front, middle or back office in a financial organization. Documented extended experience in configuration of the Calypso system is required. The Calypso BA should be able to analyze and provide efficient and professional solutions for complex business related problems. This requires the ability to work independently as well as finding solutions in close collaboration with internal business experts of Nationalbanken. The Calypso BA should be able to configure the business requirements in Calypso. If a solution cannot be configured, the Calypso BA should be highly experienced in producing detailed requirements for a custom solution to a Calypso Technical Analyst (Calypso TA). All solutions should be tested thoroughly by the Calypso BA, i.e. writing and executing test cases using a standard test tool. Furthermore, it is required that all solutions are well documented in writing and explained to relevant business people. The Calypso BA should have an excellent financial understanding. This includes detailed knowledge about subjects such as corporate actions, settlement of bond trades and cash, market data, and bond static data. Knowledge about the Danish financial sector, including Danish mortgage bonds, is an advantage. Superb written and oral English skills are required. The candidate shall not submit résumés in the request for participation. Only the pre-qualified tenderers will be invited to submit résumés.

Development of software for transaction processing and custom software 2015 / S 236-428204

Københavns Kommune | Published December 5, 2015

The purchase of two copy databases of financial system RUN undertaken by KMD to EC procurement: 2014 / S 75-130166. The establishment of copy databases requires access to parts of KMD network (such as servers and network) and it is found that the establishment can only be handled by KMD.

Development Custom software 2014 / S 207-367628

Trafikselskabet Movia | Published October 28, 2014  -  Deadline November 24, 2014
72230000, 48810000, 72000000, 72200000, 72240000, 72250000

Development Custom software Movia also handles the statutory individual disability service for all local authorities, transport of patients Zealand, the special service to special schools for municipalities in the Capital Region and various flexible transport arrangements for municipalities that wish. This is because it has been estimated that Axapta exceed Movia's current and future needs: - A smaller financial management system will fit Movia in complexity and size - a different and less financial management system can ensure cheaper administration in favor of Movia's owners - a different and less financial management system will be the best choice compared. a future umbrella. Movia therefore want: - to purchase and implement a different and less financial system consisting of standard modules for Finance, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Project, Billing, Purchasing, Inventory, Banking and time tracking. - The integration of Movia's existing system landscape including salary administration, budgeting through TM1, reporting via Movias data warehousing and performance management system and integration with Movia's revenue-based systems, such as the Travel Card, Webshop, control tax system and Flex Trafik Planet - also to contract with a supplier about a Future collaboration of operation, development and maintenance of the new financial management system - using a new financial management system and a competent partner to create a less complex system landscape surrounding economy task. Procedure: The Contracting Authority has chosen to perform this task digitally through Mercell Denmark A / S. This registration is required for your continued participation and is free of cost.

Mentor Benefits for employment in Frederiksberg

FREDERIKSBERG KOMMUNE | Published November 4, 2014  -  Deadline November 19, 2014
98100000, 85312000

Act on Employment Initiatives. The area covered by Annex II B of the Procurement Directive. Interested companies are invited to express their interest. This applies to companies that can deliver compared to several civic groups, and businesses that specialize in specific areas. Among all interested companies will Frederiksberg inviting a number of companies to bid on the job. Interested companies must submit the following materials: - business description, max. about 2 A4 pages - accounts for the last financial year of the reference list must appear each shipment of scale, and for each delivery must be given contact information for the buyer - information about the target company has an interest in the meaning. Below 12. Audiences following represent groups of citizens who have the option of mentoring and how Job Centre Frederiksberg seeking external suppliers. Audience 1: A significant part of the target group 1 will have the right and duty to participate in a mentor program as a consequence of the fact that they are not able to participate in other employment offers by LAB. There may be a combination of physical, psychological and social problems including abuse and crime. Part of the audience one will have a different ethnic background than Danish and do not possess language skills to communicate with a mentor in Danish. Target Group 2: There is however a relatively large part of the group of young business ready to have mental problems / psychiatric / abuse or severe challenges by engaging in social and hence employment contexts. It involves both the process where the mentor function is supporting training or employment programs and courses where the mentoring program constitute the offer itself, when the young are not currently able to participate in other promotions. Audience 3: Citizens who are awarded resource processes or jobafklaringsforløb, as part of a development of a citizen's functional and performance. These are all age groups but the same for target 3 is that it is the citizens who are considered to have complex problems that require a long-term, cross-sectoral coordination and often with mentor support to motivate and support the citizen's own active part in the process. Audience 4: There can be no question of all age groups. Audience 5: Much of the audience 5 are citizens who are sick with lighter psychiatric challenges such as stress and depression. Procedure: This registration is required for your continued participation and is free of cost.

consulting, software development, Internet and support 2015 / S 248-452050

Folkekirkens It (cvr. nr. 27206808) | Published December 23, 2015  -  Deadline February 1, 2016
72000000, 72210000, 72260000, 72261000, 72263000, 72265000, 72267000, 72268000

Framework news, development and maintenance of small administrative IT systems included in financial management - such as budgeting system, system auditing and publication of accounts system for establishing agreements for grave maintenance and data capture solutions for the transmission of pay elements, etc. Solutions that included in the National Church parish councils and deanery committees management tasks. Current solutions are developed using Oracle Report / FORMS (version 11g / 12c), Oracle DB (version 12C) Silverlight (version 5), PSP and HTML.

Cleaning services

Next Uddannelse København | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 24, 2017

Further information in tender documentation.

When groups of operators, including temporary associations participating in the tender process together, for each of the participating economic operators to fill in a separate ESDP with the information required in Part II-VI.

ESPD document attached to the application must be completed with information on:

- Part IIA: Information on the economic operator

- Part IIB: Information concerning the economic operator representatives

- Part IIC: Information on the use of other entities

- Part IIIA: Reasons relating to criminal convictions

- Part IIIB: Grounds for the payment of taxes or social security schemes

- Part IIIC: Reasons relating to insolvency, conflicts of interest or negligence in the exercise of the profession

- Part IVB: Economic and financial standing.

Under 'Other economic and financial requirements "admitted the economic operator's equity in the latest financial year

- Part IVC: Technical and professional ability.

Under 'In the case of service contracts, the export of services of the kind set out "enrolled reference list of the principal deliveries of services performed within the past 3 years, stating: Description (mission and performance description) Amount ( contract per. year) Date (date for the start of the contract) and receivers (authority / company name).

- Part V: Limiting the number of qualified applicants.

Follow the instructions in eESPD'en.

You can read more about the filling of eESPD as a candidate in Chapter 2 of the Competition and Consumer Agency's guidelines on the electronic ESPD on

rådgivning, programmeludvikling, internet og support 2016/S 043-070180

Vækstfonden (The Danish Growth Fund ) | Published March 2, 2016  -  Deadline March 29, 2016
72000000, 72200000, 72220000, 72230000, 72240000, 72250000, 72253000, 72253100, 72254000, 72254100, 72260000, 72263000, 72265000, 72267000

Vækstfonden is a state investment fund that contributes to the creation of new companies by providing capital and expertise. Since 1992, Vækstfonden has together with private investors co-financed growth in more than 5 400 Danish companies with a total commitment of more than 15 000 000 000 DKK. Vækstfonden is interested in acquiring a new system that can serve as a Private Equity Software Solution. The System is to be used by 20 employees in Vækstfonden as investor solution for the Venture department and as fund management solution for the Fund of Funds department. Vækstfonden expects to optimize business processes by implementing a solution with a user friendly interface that is flexible for both entering data, reporting, export and integration.

The System must support equity and loans to venture companies and funds and provide full overview of commitments and investments. Relations between investors, funds and portfolio companies are important information to be stored and contribute to overview. Rights and obligations both from Vækstfonden and other parties (in the form of equity, loans, options, warrants, obligations to invest, and other instruments) shall be handled by the System.

Important processes to be supported by the System are:

— Handling of investment cases;

— Cash calls and distributions to investors;

— Draw-down and re-payment from portfolio fund;

— Calculation of interest on loans;

— Reporting from portfolio companies and funds;

— Valuation of portfolio companies and funds;

— Reporting to board of directors and other interests.

Implementation project.

After contracting a short implementation project must be performed. The project scope must include:

— Installation of software;

— Configuration and development of customer specific modifications in order to meet the business requirements from Vækstfonden;

— Training of super users;

— Migration of data from existing software solution;

— Go Live including hyper care;

— Project Management and quality assurance.

The System must be implemented with integration to other systems in the IT portfolio of Vækstfonden. This includes:

— Export to external bank systems;

— Export to Financial Management and Accounting solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Support and maintenance.

In addition the Agreement must include support and maintenance including new version/releases of standard software, service, support and functional changes to implemented solution.


As options the supplier must offer hosting and system operation.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Frederiksberg Kommune | Published April 20, 2016
Fujitsu A/S

Frederiksberg provider implementation, maintenance, support, operation and further development of a financial management incl. e-commerce solution due to contract expiry on current solution per. 31/12/2016. Unlike current solution offered ERP and Wage and Personnel System separately why this contract must be seen in close connection with the offering of Wage and Personnel System advertised concurrently. Frederiksberg Municipality has focused on finding a system solution that supports the business, process and functional needs that exist in Frederiksberg current organization with a high degree of decentralization.

The contract and its annexes are an integral part of the tender documents, and therefore must be made for the contract with its annex the terms and conditions of bidding. The solution's scope:

The following functional areas are part of the offer:


Accounts Receivable

procurement and


In addition options mentioned. Contract Annex 3 and 7.

The supply must lead to the conclusion of a mandatory agreement between Frederiksberg Municipality and the bidder (contract holder), awarded the contract. When a mandatory agreement means an agreement where Frederiksberg Municipality undertakes only to purchase such services from contract gardens.

The supplier must, in an implementation period of up to 9 months from the start of the contract stand for in Appendix 1. The main activities, complemented by the supplier otherwise specified activity needs ..

The supplier must also during the implementation period as a minimum charge of training local administrators and power users if necessary. supplemented with end-user training for all users in Frederiksberg. The supplier must also handle the ongoing operation (perhaps. Excl. Hosting) service and maintenance of the system.

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