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Geographic information systems (GIS or equivalent)

Zentrale Vergabestelle im Bayer. Landesamt für Steuern | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline December 16, 2016

Creating an industry model for recording the data of soil evaluation and implementation of an XML interface for the automated exchange of data of soil evaluation between the Bavarian financial administration and Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung in a GIS program.

Accounting and auditing services

FMS Wertmanagement AöR | Published November 26, 2016  -  Deadline December 23, 2016

will be awarded a framework agreement on the implementation of the annual audit and any connected ancillary and other assurance services in the FMS group.

Further details regarding the procurement subject, see Section II.2.4) of this notice and in the retrieved from the website of the FMS-WM information (tender documents A II).

The tender also includes other companies / affiliates, the majority of which in direct or indirect influence (voting majority) of the FMS Group stand.

The tender is carried out with the aim of a framework agreement on the implementation of annual audits for the FMS Group and in connection therewith standing minor and conclude with a suitable audit firm further assurance services.

A claim to commissioning does not exist.

The services include in particular:

For the FMS-WM:

Annual audit:

- Examination of the financial statements and management report of FMS WM accordance with the applicable regulations for large corporations (including, where applicable, by the Management Board or Board of FMS WM audit issues.);

- Examination by HGrG;

- Examination of the service-related internal control system outsourced to the FMS-SG activities under the annual audit (without separate report).

Carry out special.

Audit review of semi-annual and quarterly financial statements.

Regular provision of other assurance services under existing issuance programs (prospectuses).

For the FMS-SG:

Annual audit:

- Audit of annual accounts and the annual report of the FMS-SG in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code.

Carry out special.

Regular further examinations:

S. d. § 24a KWG.


Statutory audit of the financial statements of DEPFA Bank plc and its subsidiaries in accordance with the Companies Act 2014 (the "Act"):

Audit of the consolidated financial statements;

Examination of the following separate financial statements.

DEPFA BANK plc, Dublin;

DEPFA ACS Bank, Dublin;

DEPFA Pfandbriefbank International SA, Luxembourg;

DEPFA Finance NV, Amsterdam;

DEPFA Funding II LP, London;

DEPFA Funding III LP, London;

DEPFA Funding IV LP, London;

DEPFA Hold Six, Dublin;

DEPFA Holding Ltd Ireland, Dublin;

San Sabia Capital Corporation, Delaware.

Audit review of the financial statements of Depfa Group and Depfa ACS Bank.

Other benefits, such as are generally required by an auditor.

For other companies / affiliates, which are directly or indirectly majority owned by the FMS-WM (essentially is Hypo Real Estate Capital Corporation, New York and Flint Nominees Ltd., London):

Statutory audit of financial statements:

- Audit of the financial statements in accordance with relevant legal regulations.

Voluntary annual audit:

HGB analog in accordance with International Standards of Auditing, especially ISA 805th

Carry out special.

See also the additional description in tender documents A II.

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