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Engineering services

Donnersbergkreis | Published July 30, 2015
Müller Ingenieurplan GmbH
71300000, 71311230

To keep the option of full integration of this route into the Rhineland-Palatinate clock open, the excursion traffic for the next 15 years will continue to be operated. Under this plan a "Erstinvestitionsbedarf" amounting to 3,370 thousand euros (net construction costs) was determined. The services include the refurbishment of the railway Monsheim-Langmeil in the fields of railway crossings, control and safety technology and superstructure and civil engineering works, the power stage 3, when the financial viability of the project is secured, the power stage 4, and then gradually further commissioning of Phases 5-9 ( all phases in accordance with § 43 HOAI of Structures, § 47 HOAI for traffic installations). Procedure: 1) The request to participate summarizes the information and evidence of the notice together. This request to participate has been signed directly submitted together with the other application documents in a sealed envelope with the appropriate identification by the contracting authority until 16.01.2015, 12:00 clock by mail or.

Business and management consultancy services

LEADER-Management für die LEADER-Region Donnersberger und Lautrer Land | Published November 21, 2015  -  Deadline January 6, 2016
79410000, 79411100, 79411000, 79416000, 79413000, 71241000, 92400000

It is the management for the implementation of the Local Integrated Rural development-development concept (LILE) including a participatory participation process (bot-tom-up) of the LEADER Region Donnersberger and Lauter Country (accessed at in the programming period 2014 -2020 expected in close coordination with the LAG managers. The LEADER region Donnersberger and Lautrer land consisting of the district Donnersbergkreis and Verbandsgemeinden Otterbach Otter Berg, Enkenbach-Alsenborn and Weilerbach from the district of Kaiserslautern, has applied for the programming period 2014-2020 again as leader region and was 24.7. 2015 Minister Ulrike Höfken receive the appropriate certificate of appreciation. V. is the Local Action Group (LAG) and is principal of the regional management of the LEADER Region Donnersberger and Lautrer country. It is available on the website of LAG Donnersberger and Lautrer Country ( The remaining services in the amount of 1 AK awarded to an external agency; Here, the following key tasks are to be fulfilled: organizing the LEADER regional management process: Substantive preparation, design, facilitation and follow-up of the Board and Working Group meetings and the meetings of the members; Regular reporting in the LAG Board on the work state in the development process. Project-related consulting services: management of project implementation: - Preparation and monitoring of project ideas to implementation maturity; - Identification and securing of project financing sources; - Preparation of formal grant application procedures; - Support of the project implementation by a project sponsor (rapid transformation into a financial and legal responsibility); - Assistance to project promoters in the grant settlement and proofs of compliance by the ELERVerwaltungsbehörde. Professional enrichment and support of projects: - Technical assistance to the working groups and by other project teams, including through the preparation of short expert reports; - Identification and examination of competing programs; - Training of the working groups and project teams with regard to moderation and self-organization (steadying the regional development process). Management support of project teams: - development of a functioning project team structure (autonomous processing); - Methodological support in the planning of projects; - Methodological assistance in the management of projects; - Networking of projects, knowledge transfer; - Training of project stakeholders in Project Management. Regional Strategic Dialogue, Monitoring and Evaluation: - maintaining contacts with political, administrative side, economic, cultural and social decision-makers in the region, the neighboring regions of the country, the federal government and the EU; - Organization of continuous regional dialogue with the population; - Balance formulated strategic development ideas with the operational work; - Review of the strategic development ideas for their continuing validity; - Verify the consistency of the activities of regional management with other activities in the region; - Continuous monitoring of LILE-implementation; - Annual evaluation of LILE-implementation process and annual activity report of the regional management; - Developing proposals to update the LILE and the Action Plan. 4. Public Relations: - Annual creating a short approach to public relations; - Write and send press releases about current events at public areas-che media; - Regular updating and maintenance of the website of LAG Donnersberger and Lautrer country and a Facebook accounts of the LAG Donnersberger and Lautrer country; - Regular preparation and presentation of results; Project team meetings as well as of LAGMitgliederversammlungen and their deployment to download. Conceptual support and advice of national and inter-regional cooperation projects. V .: Organizational preparation and review of the work of the Management Board and General Assembly; Auspices of public relations with the Executive Board. Are expected the following personal skills: - evidence of qualification and the availability of personnel deployed; - Knowledge of LEADER and the EAFRD in general and other European, national and state funding programs related to regional development; - Experiences in regional management; - Experience in project development and implementation; - Experience in public relations, facilitation and reporting; - Continuous presence in the region; - Good knowledge of the region and Lautrer Donnersberger country. The working language is
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