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Purchase of individual credit cards for EPFL

Direction des Achats de Biens et Services - DABS | Published October 26, 2017  -  Deadline December 6, 2017

CPV: 66110000 - Banking services,
66113000 - Credit granting services

Database systems

Stadt Zürich, Dienstabteilung Verkehr | Published November 4, 2017  -  Deadline December 20, 2017
48610000, 72320000, 38730000

In addition to the existing payment options (cash / ParkCreditcard / credit card at parking meters), the city of Zurich would like to give the car parkers the option of paying the parking fees cashlessly via their smartphone and intends to hire three providers to use their smartphone to pay parking fees the territory of the city of Zurich. One of the three parking app providers is commissioned to operate a central database for the police's inspection activities, in which all parking operations of the three parking app providers are stored and which can be read by the police to check the parked vehicles.

Central database and parking app.

Parking app.

Purchase a control system input "EKS".

Poste CH SA / F7 / achats du groupe | Published May 30, 2014  -  Deadline July 7, 2014
30210000, 30232000, 30231300, 30233161, 30233300, 34300000

In mid 2015, the SwissPass be introduced for general subscriptions, as well as half-price for the first value-added services for customers (PubliBike, Mobility) subscriptions. The SwissPass is a plastic card the size of a credit card with an RFID chip, on which are printed the photo, the full name and customer number. To read the SwissPass and all other electronic tickets, electronic equipment will be necessary. It was a mobile control unit with which control all the titles electronic transport Public transport in Switzerland could be ensured. The device must also serve as a means of communication to the driver (telephone, Internet and document study) however. The equipment shall be installed as a standalone solution in vehicles (bus) and allow the driver to read the titles of electronic passenger and check their validity. This includes control of RFID cards such as visual codes (bar codes, QR codes, etc..). The devices must operate autonomously and be also be installed on the existing infrastructure in the bus. To this end, with a support power supply (12/24 V) adapted to the vehicle is required. The support and the unit must be mounted in vehicles so that the device can remain on the support during inspections. The control application SwissPass shall operate the unit and databases related to it will also be able to be loaded. The unit must regularly exchange data with the central service control (retrieve new clients and services, send the results of monitoring data). Control applications of electronic tickets from other manufacturers as well as specific applications Postbus will run on the device. We therefore looking for a hardware solution that will integrate Postbus in the construction of vehicles and on which work PostBus own and those of other partner applications. Assistance provider equipment will be necessary for the integration of different applications and optimization of their use on the devices. Device Management will however by the system management station (AirWatch). Object of delivery: - Tester Mobile (RFID, bar code, phone, internet) for access control - support for devices installed in vehicles - electrical connection to the power 12 / 24 volts - Warranty service and support. Quantities: Postbus Suisse SA plans to purchase about 1000 to 2000 devices during the period mentioned in the tender dossier.
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