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CL-Partnership for Market Readiness - P130378

Agencia de Cooperación Internacional de Chile | Published May 5, 2015

General Procurement Notice MODEL NOTICE GENERAL PROCUREMENT PARTNERSHIP FOR CHILE CHILE-MARKETREADINESS, PMR ENERGY SECTOR GENERAL NOTICE DEADQUISICIONES Grant No. TF017731 To this end, it has signed a Subsidiary Agreement between AGCI and MoEque establishes the rights and duties of each agency in implementation of the project. To achieve these objectives, the project is organized into four components: This component considers perform comparative unanálisis existing regulations to implement carbon pricing systems; mapeode laidentificación and regulatory capacities for MRV and registration systems; the drafting of protocols and standards for reporting and transacciónde emissions; the evaluation of existing institutional capacities and required to implement carbon pricing systems, a design proposal for the institutional arrangements in the country for carbon pricing systems (tax, STDs, etc.); asícomo assessment of existing capacities and financial institutions required to implement this type deinstrumentos In Chile. This componenteincluye defining the scope and breadth of MRV framework; the determination of the general requirements for MRV and anddevelopment complementary methodologies and technical requirements; Implementing initiatives to increase the completeness and accuracy dela information reported under the PRTR as well as improvements to the system of compliance associated with the emission of PRTR GEIen; Development of functions and key components of transaction log This component considers the design of a strategy partesinteresadas participation and involvement; consultation of the public / private sector and high-level political implications of carbon pricing systems (ETS, taxes) and registry and MRV systems, and the development of a communication strategy (including information anddevelopment tools). This component considers lacontratación personnel, training, technical visits, technical and outreach workshops, amongothers. Proyectose procurement carried out under the following two ways: first, corresponding to the standards of the World Bank, and the second corresponding to the Rules Governing the Public Market. The acquisitions made under lanormativa World Bank are governed by the guidelines established in the "Standards of Selection and Employment of Consultants conPréstamos IBRD, IDA credits and grants from the World Bank porPrestatarios" of January 2011, the "Rules of Adquisicionesde Goods, Works and Non-Consulting Services conPréstamos the IBRD, IDA Credits and Grants by World Bank Prestatariosdel "of January 2011, the World Bank, and the terms of the Grant Agreement. While this Act excludes from its application "The contratosefectuados according to the specific procedure of an international organization, associated with credits or contributions esteotorgue" for greater flexibility in project management and procurement support internal processes AGCI, for some specific cases this method will be applied as well has been established in the Grant Agreement and Document deProyecto. As they become available, sepublicarán Specific Procurement ads for contracts to be tendered under the procedures of international licitaciónpública World Bank and consultant contracts high value at the United Nations DevelopmentBusiness Portal, UNDB, (link: and government procurement platform Chilean State Public Market Portal (link:, for purchases that run according to normativanacional. Firmasde the suppliers, contractors, consulting firms and eligible consultants who are interested in being included in the list decorrespondencia to receive an invitation to tender in accordance with the above procedures, or those quenecesiten more information, should contact the Agency International Cooperation of Chile. Your contact information is: Consuelo MontalvaZegers sectoralist DEPARTMENT International Cooperation Agency Coordination deChile @: Phone: 02-28275700 Teatinos 180, piso 8, Santiago, Chile INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AGENCY DECHILE RELACIONESEXTERIORES MINISTRY OF GOVERNMENT OF CHILE
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