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Accounting, auditing and fiscal services

Groupe E, service achats | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline February 17, 2017

Auditors within the meaning of Swiss law. Revision of the statutory accounts of eight companies and the consolidated financial statements under Swiss GAAP FER repository.

Blown Optical Fibre for ICTS

United Nations Secretariat | Published December 20, 2016
The scope of this EOI is to identify  potential suppliers able to provide a blown optical fibre installation kit, micro duct, single mode optical fibre cable, accessories/consumables, training and support to ICTS at UNOG Geneva as per detail below :
1. Blown Optical Fibre Installation Kit
The kit should allow installation of individual blown single mode optical fibres through micro ducts.
The kit should be complete and only requiring electricity to work.
The kit should permit the installation of uninterrupted optical fibres for a length of minimum 1000m.
The kit should permit pulling optical filers for paths containing at least 50 90 degree bends.
The vendor will provide support, spare parts, consumables and accessories for the whole duration of the contract.
2. Microduct
The vendor will provide at the beginning of the contract 2000m of micro duct which can be used for the installation of minimum 8 blown optical fibres (4 pairs).
The micro duct should be used for dry/indoor installations.
ICTS reserve its right to procure or not micro duct for the whole duration of the contract, according to its needs.
The price of the micro duct will be specified in the financial offer and will remain unchanged for the whole duration of the contract.
3. Optical fibre
The vendor will provide at the beginning of the contract 2000m of single mode optical fibre cable with minimum 8 optical fibres (4 pairs).
ICTS reserve its right to procure or not optical fibre cable for the whole duration of the contract, according to its needs.
4. Accessories and consumables
The vendor will provide at the beginning of the contract all accessories and consumables needed for the installation of 2000m of single mode optical fibre cable through 2000m of micro duct.
ICTS reserve its right to procure or not accessories and consumables for the whole duration of the contract, according to its needs. The price of the accessories and consumables will be specified in the financial offer.
5. Training and support
The vendor will provide an initial training inside the UNOG compound, training which must contain the installation of at least one blown optical fibre cable.

Request for Proposal (RFP): Consultancy on data management for Strategic Information and Procurement

World Health Organization | Published January 6, 2017


The objective of the consultancy  is to support robust management of data sets related to strategic information and drug and diagnostics pricing and procurement, analysis, validation and ensuring these are made available transparently through country intelligence and in the WHO systems.


Main Tasks:


Management of data includes but is not limited to the following:


  1. Support the databases and data management systems on HIV strategic information and  HIV and Hepatitis drugs and diagnostics procurement  information
    1. Creation of data extracts, including encoding and formatting data to match the specifications of targeted systems, and matching data to existing datasets (for example, for the Global Health Observatory).
    2. Conduct data entry, data extraction, and generation of reports.
    3. Conduct quality analysis (data verification, and cleaning of data).


  1. Create an interface to enable access to HIV data through the WHO web site and Country Intelligence.
  2. Propose  links and information-sharing with appropriate partners for the further dissemination of HIV data.
  3. Validated global reporting data and consolidation of all data into country intelligence
  4. Integration of key data sets of strategic information, procurement and country intelligence within the WHO informatics operating environment.
  5. Producing and maintaining a factsheet of key strategic information and drug and diagnostics data (procurement) for the department and supporting slide sets and communication materials
  6. Responding to ad hoc requests for data (including the creation of tables, graphs and charts) from HIV department, Regional and Country Offices and partners, and working closely with the TB department and EMP


Key requirements for this consultancy:


Essential Education:

University degree in public health, computer science or other related subject


Essential Work experience:

At least 5 years of work experience in data management and database administration, of which at least three years in public health.



Documented experience in working with large data systems including global, regional and country data sets and producing reports and info graphics.  Work experience in the UN system or other international institutions is an asset.


The initial contract duration under this RFP is for 12 months but could be extended to another 12 months depending on the performance and funding availability.


Submission of proposals:

No later than 27 January 2017, 17:00 (CET), the bidder shall complete and return by either email or hard copy to WHO (only when this step is completed the bidder is regarded as a prospective bidder):


a)            Covering letter signed by the bidder or the respective authority when the bidder is not an individual.

b)            Proposal (including, but not restricted to, technical and financial documents).

c)            “2017HTMHIV001_3_RFP Confidentiality Undertaking” form completed/signed.

d)            “2017HTMHIV001_4_RFP Acknowledgement Form ” form completed/signed as confirmation of the bidder's intention to submit a bona fide proposal and designate its representative to whom communications may be directed, including any addenda.

e)            “2017HTMHIV001_5_ RFP Acceptance Form” form completed/signed.

f)             “2017HTMHIV001_6_RFP Completeness Form” form completed/signed.


A prospective bidder requiring any clarification on technical, contractual or commercial matters may notify WHO via email at the following address no later than 20 January 2017, 17:00 CET.


  • Email for submissions of forms and/or proposal: (use subject: Bid Ref 2017HTMHIV001)
  • Mailing address for submission of proposal:


World Health Organization

­­­­Mr. Jerome Peron


Bid Ref: 2016HTMHIV017

20, Avenue Appia

CH-1211 Geneva 27        


Refer to attached documents for additional information.


Mandate of auditors

Groupe E, Service Achats | Published December 16, 2016  -  Deadline February 17, 2017
CPV: 79200000 - Accounting, auditing and fiscal services,
79210000 - Accounting and auditing services,
79212100 - Financial auditing services

Services at Abacus Software (finance)

PUBLICS | Published January 6, 2017  -  Deadline February 3, 2017
CPV: 48440000 - Software package for the financial analysis and accounting,
72200000 - Software programming and consultancy services,
72265000 - Software configuration,
72260000 - Services related to software

Expansion age and Spitex center Dübendorf

Batimo AG Architekten SIA | Published November 4, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017
CPV: 45000000 - Construction work
Construction costs plan number (BKP): 2730 - wooden interior doors,
2733 - General carpentry,
276 - Internal financial statements,
421 - Gardening works
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