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CG Health Sector Project - P143849

programme de developpement des services de sante | Published September 18, 2015  -  Deadline October 2, 2015

Recruitment D? A Cabinet D? Financial auditcomptableet The Program Development Services Are De Sante (pdssii) REPUBLIC OF CONGO -------------- THE MINISTRY OF SANTEET LAPOPULATION ------- ----------------- ------- CABINET DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AVISA Desante programmme OF EXPRESSION OF INTEREST N ° 007 / MSP / 2015 / CT / PDSSII RECRUITING A LAW AUDIT ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME OF HEALTH SERVICES (PDSSII) 1. GouvernementCongolais and the World Bank have agreed to jointly fund a second health, Service Development Program (PDSS-II) who returned in force January 21, 2015 and will cover a period of five (5) years, and intend to use unepartie the amount of such financing agreement to make payments under the following contract "Recruitment uncabinet to achieve the accounting and financial audit of HSDP II, year 2015 and 2016 "2. The purpose of financial audit is to express an independent opinion on motivéeprofessionnelle and managing project resources at the end of each fiscal year and ceconformément to (i) Practical rules, financial regulations, and admitted to planinternational management procedures; (ii) requirements set out in the basic project lesdocuments including applicable provisions Inthe project in administration, monitoring and evaluation, preparation of reports; (iii) Procedures and beyond World Bank guidelines on aspects of financial management, accounting, depassation markets and supporting various rapportsadmis, including the conduct of the Bank Code. 3. The duration of the mission is de21 days a year, the contract covers the years ended December 31, 2016. 4. 2015et at December 31 interested firms are invited to manifest their interest parécrit by email by producing information indicating information indicating that they are performed for bienqualifiés ...

Forest & Economic Diversification Pro. - P124085

PROJET FORET ET DIVERSIFICATION ECONOMIQUE | Published February 25, 2015  -  Deadline March 13, 2015

Recruitment D? A Company Officer De L? The improvement Financial Management Systems And The Human Resources Department Etmatérielles In Breast Of De L? Forest Economics And The Sustainable Development (mefdd) MINISTRY DEL'ECONOMIE FOREST AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION PROJETFORET CREDIT No. 5121-CG-co-ordination Unit Project BP 14564 Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, Tel: 24 205 616 95 74/06817 June 33, Email: NOTICE OF AMANIFESTATION INTERETN ° 024 / MEFDD-CAB / PFDE / AMI / C / 15 "Recruitment of a firm responsible for dessystèmes improving financial management and human and material resources seindu Ministry of Forest Economy and Sustainable Development (MEFDD)" The Government of the Republic of Congo areçu a credit from the development Associationinternationale (IDA)], and intends to use unepartie the amount of this credit to payments under ducontrat follows: "Improving financial management systems, hardware ressourceshumaineset in the Ministry of Forest Economy and Sustainable duDéveloppement "services include the design and miseplace a computerized system for managing financial resources, human, material within the Ministèredel'Economie Forestry and Sustainable Development in order to comply with lesstandardsmodernes financial management, human and ResourcesManagement matériellescompatibles with the rules of the Congolese Government Administration Consultants may associerpour enhance their qualifications. The criteria for evaluation desManifestationsd'Intérêt are: (i) general qualifications etexpérience cabinet in his chosen field of specialization, (ii) the experience of the firm in achieving similar missions laprésente (equipped with more weight), and (iii) the ducabinet permanent staff in the normal course of management. A consultant will be selected in accordance with lesprocédures the selection based on "Qualification desConsultants" defined in the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by Borrowers WORLDBANKOPERATIONSEV January 2011. Expressions of interest must be delivered to the adresseci --Bra later than 13 Mars2015 adresseci the following: FOREST AND DIVERSIFICATIONECONOMIQUE PROJECT COORDINATION UNIT PROJECT, Case J-142 / V OCHMoungali III, Tel: (242) 05 616 95 74/06 817 06 33, Email: Brazzaville on 18 février2015 LeCoordonnateur of PFDE JacquesOSSISSOU

Forest & Economic Diversification Pro. - P124085

Projet Forêt et Diversification Economique (PFDE) | Published September 25, 2015  -  Deadline October 9, 2015

Recrutementd? A Cabinet Charged With L? And External audit Financial Accounting Of Forest And Economic Diversification Project (FELP)? 2015-2017 exercises And Closing DEMANIFESTATION APPLICATION OF INTEREST N ° 026 / MEFDD-CAB / FELP / AMI / C / 15 Recruitment a firm responsible for auditing and externefinancier comptabledu Forest Project and Economic Diversification (FELP)? Exercises etclôture 2015-2017. 1. The Government of the Republic of Congo has obtained from the International Development Association (IDA) credit a (No. 5121-CG) and intends to use part of the amount of that credit will finance consultants, Service -after "financial and accounting external audit of the Project Forest etDiversification economically Exercises 2015, 2016.2017 and fence" 2. The purpose of financial audit is to express an independent professional uneopinion on the financial situation the project for the period concerned and ensuring that the Project misesà available resources are used for the purposes for which they were granted. Firms may associate to enhance their compétencesrespectives. 4. The criteria for the evaluation of Expressions of Interest lessuivantes are: (i) general qualifications and experience of the firm in the field of auditing, (ii) experience in lafirme laréalisation similar missions this (with a greater weight), and (iii) the ducabinet permanent staff in the desa normal management framework. 5. On this basis, the consultants will be selected accordancewith Directivesde Bank "Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers of janvier2011". Terms of Référencespeuvent be consultésà the same address. 7. Expressions of interest must be submitted in plifermé or electronically to the address below, no later than 09.10.2015 to the following address: FOREST AND ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION PROJECT COORDINATION UNIT PROJECT, Case J-142 / V, OCHMoungali III, Tel: (242) 95 74/06 05 616 817 0633, Email: Brazzaville, September 18, 2015 LeCoordonnateur of FELP JacquesOSSISSOU

CG Skills Development for Employability - P128628

PDCE | Published December 23, 2014  -  Deadline January 7, 2015

External Audits and Financial Accountants Reguliers REPUBLIC OF CONGO -------------------------- DEVELOPMENT PROJECT POURL'EMPLOYABILITE SKILLS (EDP) EVENT NOTICE INTEREST FOR THE RECRUITMENT OF A CABINET FOR EXTERNAL AUDIT PROJECT DEVELOPMENT SKILLS POURL'EMPLOYABILITE (EDP) No. SC01 / 14 / IDA 5302 - GC The Government of the Republic of Congo signed a financing agreement avecl'IDA to finance eligible activities desCompétences Development Project Employability (EDP) and would like to use some of the resources of this credit to finance the contract ofservices expertise of a Cabinet for the achievement of financial external audits and comptablesréguliers. It should directly benefit young à15.000 with equal distribution between men and women. The financial year of the project begins on January 1 of each year and ends on December 31 of the same year. The EDP's accounts are kept in CFA francs following a plan consistent with generally accepted accounting principles, put inplace by the EDP Coordination Unit. MISSION OBJECTIVES The objective of the audit is to express a professional and independent opinion on the consolidated financial position duprojet and the funds received; and the eligibility of expenditures with funds as credit than lacontre Congolese side. The mission of the listener will cover three years on the following periods: The année2013 - 2014 (year1) The année2015 (year 2) Renewable for the year 2016 (year3) Qualitédel'auditeur The consultant must be a law Audit and Accountancy independent, making regular occupation revise lescomptes regularly on the roll of Institute of Chartered Accountants internationally recognized by IFAC oulaFIDEF, with proven experience in financial audit and acceptable development projects parl'IDA. Study Duration The contract period is three (3) years, three (3) managements to cover: from 2013 to 2014.2015, renewable for 2016 on the basis of performance. These must provide information indicating that the technical capabilities to perform requested lesprestations including brochures and references concerning the performance of similar assignments, experience antérieurespertinentes in similar conditions, availability of key personnel, etc. The selection of the firm will be by selection method based on the quality techniqueet cost (QCBS) in accordance with procedures defined in the Guidelines "Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank lesEmprunteurs, Edition January 2011. Interested firms may obtain Additional information and the terms of Référencecomplets, at the above address? below, weekdays from 9am 30-15 h00. Applications should be sent no later than January 7, 2015, at 14 hours, with plisfermé at the following address, with "manifestation of Opinion No. No. SC01 / 14 / IDA5302? GC for recruitment an office for the audit duPDCE external "Project development of skills for employability (EDP) Project Management Unit located: 117 rueSOWETO? eg TV Phone neighborhood: (00242) 06 667 22 29 Email: Républiquedu Congo MichelMOUANGA Coordinator


PREDD | Published September 22, 2016  -  Deadline October 7, 2016

Recruitment D? A Company Officer De L? Du Plan D development? Investment Of The National Strategy Redd + From The Republic Of Congo MINISTRY OF FOREST ECONOMY, DUDEVELOPPEMENT DURABLEET DEL'ENVIRONNEMENT REDUCTION PROJECT LIEEES LADEFORESTATION EMISSIONS AND DETERIORATION DESFORETS CoordinatingCommittee unit Project Case J370V, District III OCH Moungali SOPROGI; Tel: 00 24206 666 73 21; Email: AMANIFESTATION NOTICE SOLICITATION OF INTEREST N ° 019 / MEFDDE / CAB-PFDE-UCP-SPM / 16 "Recrutementd'une firm responsible for the development of the investment plan of the strategy nationaleREDD + the Republic of Congo "1. the Government of the Republic of Congo has asked the financial auprèsde unappui World Bank for the development of the forestry investment plan of Congo (PI-PIF) and intends to use an amount partiedu to finance the services of the consultant following: Recruitment of a firm responsible for the investment Duplan development of the national REDD + strategy of the Republic of Congo. The duration of the mission was estimated at sixty-one (61) days of travailpresté. Interested Consultants must fournirdes relevant information that indicates their technical capacity to perform such services. Interested consultants must fournirles information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, référencesconcernant contract performance consultants interested in the casd'une association, the consultants should clearly indicate LeChef queue and sanationalité. The Consultant will be selected based on the SélectionFondée on quality and cost (QCBS). 5. interested parties should contact the PFDE Coordination Unit for additional disinformation at the address below, the joursouvrables, 8 h 00-14 h 00. 6. Expressions of interest must be submitted in a sealed envelope or versionélectronique the address below, no later than Friday, October 7, 2016 to: Emission Reduction Project related deforestation and Degradation desForêts Case J370V, District III OCH Moungali SOPROGI; Tel: 24206 00 666 73 21, Email: Brazzaville on 15 septembre2016 the National Coordinator Georges Claver Boundzanga

CG-Water, Electricity & Urban Dev. SIL - P106975

PEEDU | Published November 26, 2015  -  Deadline December 22, 2015

Control And Monitoring Of Supplies And Construction Work Sixteen (16) Departures (feeders) Underground 20 Kv In Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire Republic DUCONGO PROJECT WATER ELECTRICITY anddeveloping URBAN (Peedu) Co Congo / WORLD BANK BP 2099 - Brazzaville Tel: [00 242 ] 05 556 87 87. Email: AMANIFESTATIONS NOTICE OF INTEREST N ° 001 / Peedu / 26 OF 2015 CONCERNING Novembre2015 Recruitment unIngenieur board for control and supervision of construction supplies and travauxDE 16 DEPARTURES ( feeders) UNDERGROUND 20 KV in Brazzaville etPointe Black. Demanifestations solicitation of interest follows the general procurement notice desmarchés 31 October 2014 published in the DevelopmentBusiness. The Government of theRepublic of Congo with co Labanque World Water Electricity Project and Urban Development (Peedu) and intends to use part of the proceeds of this financing payments poureffectuerles consultants under a service contract to perform the control and supervision desfournitures and construction of sixteen (16) starts (feeders) 20 kV underground in Brazzaville etPointe Black in favor of the National Electricity Company (SNE). The duration of the missionestde seventeen (17) months. The NIS is the public operator of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the Republic of Congo. To facilitate the implementation destravaux for the supply and construction of departures (feeders), SNE adélégué auMinistère its prerogatives of Infrastructure and Public Works represented by the Unit of deCoordination Peedu, through a master agreement of ouvragedéléguée (MOD) a copy of which will be made available to the Project Manager. The Consultant selected as Maîtred oeuvres, will access the CAD and design studies and any documentationannexe supplies and work object. He is responsible vis-à-vis the MOD and SNEsur the contractual and operational plans as well as the smooth running destravaux. For all the work of Brazzaville and PointeNoire, the consultant will provide the following benefits among others: Coordination, supervision and management ettravaux supplies, Technical inspection of étudesd'exécution; control, testing and reception during lafabrication d Control execution of works on lessites; Preparation of reports. As such, it will have the whole load lacoordination, monitoring and supervision during the execution desditstravaux together with SNE and Peedu, each in regard to, in particular: the gestionadministrative, technical and financial the associated markets auxfournitureset work, including the work and planningsd'exécution provisional and final acceptance; The desmesures application and environmental protectionsociales planned. Interested consultants doiventfournir information indicating that they are qualified to perform lesservices (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, etc.). Interested consultants (consulting engineer) peuvents'associer to enhance their qualifications (enclose agreement unbundling). Serasélectionné a consultant in accordance with the procedures defined in the Guidelines: Selection and EmploideConsultants by the Borrowers of the World Bank, current edition. The consultantsintéresséspeuvent more information about dereference documents to the address below from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 4:00 p.m.. The manifestationsd'intérêt must be delivered to the address below no later than 22 décembre2015 to 12:00 (local time). Project Coordination Unit Electrical & DéveloppementUrbain (UCP-Peedu) 2nd floor Ministryof Labour and Social Security (Boulevard Sassou Nguesso, Roundabout great job), BP 2099 Brazzaville / CONGO -Tel: [00242] 055 568 787 Email: / Made àBrazzaville the 26novembre 2015 The Coordinator Maurice Bouesso Peedu
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