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Benin Emergency Urban Env. Pr. - P113145

SERHAU-SA | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
Acquisition Of 150 Tricycles For The Gie / Pre Collection Of Business Of Solid Waste Household Du Grand Nokoué NOTICE OF PRE QUALIFICATION BUSINESS for the provision of tricycles for GIE / BUSINESS solidesménagers of pre waste collection from large Nokoue DUBENIN REPUBLIC EMERGENCY PROJECT oF GESTIONENVIRONNEMENTALE URBAN (PUGEMU) IDA Credit 4937-BJ Acquisition of 150 tricycles lesGIE / BUSINESS pre collection of household solid waste Grand Nokoué APQ 01 / PUGEMU / SERHAU-SA / 2016 the Government of the Republic of Benin créditde obtained a World Bank financing GestionEnvironnementale Emergency project in Urban Areas (PUGEMU), and intends to use part of cefinancement to regulate the acquisition of 150 tricycles for GIE / COMPANIES pre solid waste collection ménagersdu Grand Nokoué Benin. The minimum comprenentau tricycles caractéristiquesessentielles the following: - Type: Mono quatretemps displacement - Displacement: 200cm3 at least - Total length 3,80m - Ignition: electronic - Speed: 05 reports - clapotage: 4x4 all terrain - Power: 8.0 / 8500 KW / rpmau least - front and rear wheels: 05 - Container (Length: 2 meters Width: 1.4 meters Height: 1.15 meters, Volume: minimum 3.2m3), the container must have two side doors and open a door to the opening rear - minimum load the dump system: 1 ton - YATCH type tipper system - consumption: 2L at 100KM auplus, the delivery time from the contract notification date estde 3 months. The candidaturecomprendra record - unelettre submission to the pre qualification précisantl'objet - the presentation of the company including at least the register decommerce or statutes - lesréférences (experiments) - Business leschiffres the last three years Cesattestations must be dated within three months of the deadline for submission of prequalification dossiers "to be included on the shortlist, suppliers must fulfill lesconditions below: Lesoumissionnaire can attach photos or prospectus tricycles already delivered tenderers must joindreà his offer any evidence (certified financial statements for the past three years: 2013, 2014 and 2015) showing he did lechiffre desired minimum case. Cesattestations must be dated within three months of the submission deadline for prequalification files "Only the pre-qualified companies will receive the Tender Documents InternationalRestreint (DAOIR) DUMARCHE The award will be conducted through International Competitive Bidding Restricted (LIB) as définidans the "Guidelines: procurement financed by IBRD Loans and IDA lesCrédits" and open to all countries eligible bidders as defined in lesDirectives5 Suppliers may associate with other Suppliers in group form entreprises.Dans this case each party to the group must meet the minimum conditions of the three experiments similar detricycles supplies. Additional information relating to the mission can be obtained at the following address indiquéeci the following service hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:30 and 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. àcompter of 13 October 2016 of Lesdossiers prequalification written in French to be delivered (in person or by mail, or by fax or email) auplus 31 October 2016. Regional Studies Society, Habitat and Urban Planning (SERHAU- SA Attn: MAKO Séidou Imorou, CEO 2338 COTONOU Benin Tel (229) 21 30 02 09 Fax (229) 21 30 0626 Email:. and to copiebenjdavi2@yahoo.fret Made Cotonou October 10, 2016 the Director General Séidou MAKO Imorou
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