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Construction-site supervision services

Община Ямбол | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline January 24, 2017

Contractor as a consultant under TDA and Engineer under contractual conditions of FIDIC should exercise construction supervision of these subprojects within the scope of the project "Integrated Water Project of the town. Yambol - construction of a wastewater treatment plant and inlet manifold , expansion and reconstruction of sewerage and water supply network in the city. Yambol - second phase ":

35 current plan of the town. Yambol area "Manaf Cair"

35 current plan of the town. Yambol;

Reconstruction of the main collector IX and fall in track pipeline, located in the city. Yambol - streets with identifiers 87374.532.71, 87374.535.5, 87374.535.64, 87374.536.6, 87374,535,159.

The implementation of obshtestvenata order includes:

10 of the SPA worked on investment projects and preparation of a comprehensive report on the assessment of conformity;

2. Assistance in need of the sponsor in the procedure for approval of project documentation made in the course of construction, before the relevant construction works and supplement / modification of issued building permit;

3. Supervision of works during construction to acceptance and commissioning of building in mandatory coverage regulated by the TDA and regulations for its implementation;

4. Perform functions Engineer obekta under contractual conditions of FIDIC (FIDIC), in accordance with the contents of the terms and conditions of the Contract for construction of the object at the very condition that any act and / or decision and / or order and / or consent and / or certification and / or approval of the artist as an engineer FIDIC, which can lead to a change in cost and / or time for completion of construction contracts, and / or additional expenses entity should obtain prior approval by the latter;

5. Perform functions Safety Coordinator and Health in accordance with Decree № 2 of 2004 on minimum health and safety in carrying out construction works, incl. fulfillment of all obligations of the contracting authority provided for in the said Ordinance;

54a of CPRA

176a of the SPA and Decree № 5 of the 2006 Technical passport;

8. Manage the process of commissioning the construction, including single and group tests, commissioning works of the plant and equipment to issuing a permit for use of the building and its transmission to operate a specified by the contracting entity;

9. Monitoring of the site during the trial operation of issuance of permission for use until the deadline for notification of defects within the meaning of the contractual conditions of FIDIC (FIDIC) for facility management processes to eliminate the defects and provide assistance to the contracting authority documentary and financial completion of construction contracts;

10. Preparing and presenting sponsor of monthly reports on the progress of the works, including a report on the work of the contractor, Reports, if necessary by actions of the contractor related to a change in price or period of construction contracts, reports the occurrence of circumstances can lead to changes in price or period of construction contracts; Reports Sample Reports to achieve design performance at operating conditions and others.

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