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Financial and insurance services

OCMW Wemmel | Published April 15, 2016  -  Deadline June 2, 2016
66000000, 71330000

The contract is a contract of services that combines three aspects:

- The making available of a credit facility to finance the investment described below, up to the following maximum amount, which will be converted to the board in a loan (conditions cf. Part II);

- Financial assistance and administrative services (conditions cf. Part III);

- An administrative, financial and technical assistance for the purpose of gunnend board during the duration of the project, hereinafter referred to as technical and financial project management (conditions cf. Part IV).

Object to derive maximum amount (including fees, VAT and other costs).

Construction / renovation of an administrative center CPAS on the site of the residence Geurts up to 2 EUR 100 000.

Construction of a new library for the town on the site of the residence Geurts than 1 EUR 500 000.

The contract relates to the site of the residence Geurts, along the Prince Boudewijnlaan Wemmel, in particular the building and the surrounding land. The municipality Wemmel owns the site and the building of the residence Geurts given in leasehold to the PWC. The contract will need to be examined what the best position is between the two buildings, both from technical considerations from the proposed program.

Both buildings are part of the contract.

Loan maturity: 20 years.

Fixed interest rate.

Periodicity intres Tan bill and booking commission during the credit facility: 3 monthly.

Frequency of capital repayment and intresting Tan: A three-monthly.

Calculation Method capital redemption: progressive tranches (constant annuities).

The entire contract will be awarded to one bidder. In the award will be entered into a contract with PWC and a contract with the municipality (in application of article 38 WOO).

Financial and insurance services

Commune de Jette | Published September 11, 2015
Ethias SA

Gezamenlijke opdracht gemeente-OCMW - verzekeringen - verlengbaar (jaar 2015 tot 2018).

cutlery for assignment contracts for financial services (loan envelope)

vzw SOCIAAL WOONKREDIET | Published October 22, 2015

commitment for provision of a loan envelope of EUR 40,000,000 (forty million) guaranteed by the Flemish Government; with recording by any authorized credit institution for financing the mortgage loans granted by the EKM concerned for acquiring or maintaining a modest dwelling; according to the breakdown set by Ministerial Decision provides; for the period 1 January 2016-30 June 2016 with a repeat order for the period 1 July 2016-31 December 2016

Credit granting services

PZ AMOW | Published December 13, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017

The services to be provided involve the provision of a loan to finance the government (CPV:

66113000). The task of providing loan is to be found in the overview of the loans,

annexed to these specifications. The contract includes one group of fields, namely:

Long-term Loans based on interest rates of 2 years and more.

lot I

Description Article maturity amount

Establishment of administrative buildings 330 / 722-51 25 1 EUR 500 000.

EUR 1 500 000.

Totality of the plot: 1 EUR 500 000.

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