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AF: ARTF-Public Fin. Mgmt. Reform II - P120427

National Procurement Authority (NPA) | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
Legal Procurement Consultant With International Experience
Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Public Financial Management for Results Project (PFMR) II
For National Procurement Authority under
Administrative Office of the President
Position Title:                         Legal ProcurementConsultant with International Experience
Directorate:                            National Procurement Authority(NPA)
Duty station:                          Kabul, Afghanistan
Supervisor:                            Director of Legal and Procurement Dispute Resolution
Duration:                               Six (6) months with possibility of extension
Number of Positions:                        One (1)
Vacancy Ref. No.                  NPA/AF/C-147
Deadline for Application:     October31,2016
After several decades of wars and civil strife, building an effective state - one that can provide securityand services to the people - has been at the heart of the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan. The government has made significantprogress in many areas such as primary education, basic health services, irrigation, rehabilitation, and rural development.  In spite of the Government's best efforts to improve the servicedelivery in priority sectors like health, education and infrastructure, corruption remains a major obstacle in effectivegovernanceand thus efficient service delivery to the people of Afghanistan. The Government has taken many steps to ensure that corruption isdealt with a firm hand and is contained in the medium term and completely eradicated in the long term. One of the main areas ofcorruption is public procurement.
As part of the ongoing procurement system reforms by the National Unity Government, National ProcurementAuthority (NPA) hasbeen established to act as the apex procurement organization, to formulate policies related to publicprocurement and to regulate the public procurement function in the entire nation. The NPA is consolidating these functions of intoa single central organization to oversee and facilitate all national procurement (goods, works and services) above acertainthreshold and which are vital to economic development of Afghanistan. In addition, NPA is looking after the policies andproceduresto strengthen the procurement system and start e-procurement in Afghanistan, to bring about a completely transparentpublic procurement system. Other objectives of this NPA are to enhance budget execution, ensuring efficiency in public procurementsystem, recruitment of professional and honest procurement civil servants at different levels and various capacities to carry outprocurement function.
In order to satisfactorily meet its procurement related legal obligations, the NPA requires highlyexperienced and competentinternational legal and procurement expert, to develop legal framework for efficient, accountable and costsaving procurement.
Duties andResponsibilities:
The consultant will work under the overall guidance and supervision of Director, Procurement Policy, andNPA and will be responsible to develop legal framework for efficient, accountable and cost saving procurement. Specificresponsibilities and duties include butnot limited to;
·         Review current procurement legal framework and examine its compatibility with existing procurement, financial and otherrules and regulations of GoA having impact on procurement function. Develop guidance and operational manuals for environmentalconsideration, SMEs development, dispute resolution, debarment of bidders and contractors/suppliers, appeal review and handlingmechanism and any other policies and manuals required by the Procurement Law and Regulations andGoIRA.
·         Develop ProcurementOperational Manual for Goods, Works and Services.
·         Review the current developed standard bidding documents and provide recommendations and suggestions for the enhancement ofthe documents.
·         Develop Policies and operational manual for domestic preference Develop the capacity of the staff in the area of developingprocurement SBDs.
·         Coordinate with theWorld Bank's procurement team to suitably make the National Bidding Documents compliant for use in thenew World Bank funded projects in accordance with para 5-3-5.6 of The World Bank Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers, July 1,2016.
·         Develop operationalmanual and mechanism for review of the procurement documents
·         Develop operationalmanual and mechanism for certification assessment
·         Help and support relevant directorate in reviewing cases and contracts referred by PEs and detect legal flaws onthem.
·         Provide legal advice to the procurement enquiries.
·         Work closely with the national counterparts to train and develop capacity in legal aspects of procurement, disputeresolution mechanisms and other related fields.
·         Provide monthly reports to Procurement PolicyDirector on the performance carried out against theassigned tasks & responsibilities
Qualifications andExperience:
Minimum MasterDegree in law, Procurement, Supply Chain Management or other relevant fields from an accredited and recognised university.
Work Experience
·        Minimum overall experience of 10 years, of whichat least 5 years of progressively responsible work experience in legalaspects of public procurement
·        Experience with projects funded by MultilateralDevelopment Banks (MDBs) is preferable.
·        Knowledge of Government procurement rules and/orother internationally accepted procurement procedures is an advantage.
·        Candidates with work experience in multiplecountries will be strongly preferred.
Key Competencies
1.      Knowledge of developing Public Procurement Law and procurementrules.
2.      Be able to uphold and respect procurement ethics and toconduct activities with integrity.
3.      Be a team player who demonstrates patience, flexibilityand honesty.
4.      Be a self-starter, who is able to planand managehis/herown work, takes initiatives and strives to meet deadlines.
5.      Be able to work in a multi-culturalenvironment.
6.      Preferably has working knowledge in environment ofAfghanistan and/orSouth Asia region.
7.      Excellent working knowledge of English,
8.      Fluency in MS Office application (Word, Excel), use ofemails and internet.
The National Procurement Authority (NPA) invites qualified individual consultants to express their interestin providing the abovementioned services. Interested candidates must provide information indicating that they are qualified andexperienced to provide the above mentioned services (in addition to the educational qualifications, experience in similarassignments and country of work etc. should be incorporated in the CV, which is to be submitted along with the expressionofinterest).
Submission Guideline:
Organization Name:                            National Procurement Authority (NPA) Administrative Office of thePresident (AOP)
Organization Address:                       Pashtoonistan WattPD#3 KabulAfghanistan
Email Address EOI to be sent: 
Responsible Person:                            Habibullah Azmat
Job Title of responsible person:           Senior Human ResourcesSpecialist
Mob #:                                                 +93 (0) 780 290 293

AF: ARTF-Public Fin. Mgmt. Reform II - P120427

ARMP PROJECT SUPPORT UNIT (PSU), Afghanistan Revenue Department | Published October 10, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016
(international Resident Advisor ? Tax Administration)
ARD Terms of References for the World Bank funded project(PFMRII)
(International ResidentAdvisor ? Tax Administration)
Reference #: ARD/AF/C-1
AboutAfghanistan Revenue Department:
The Afghanistan RevenueDepartment (ARD) is the unit of the government responsible for the administration and collection of tax and non-tax revenuerequired to fund services provided by the Government of Afghanistan.  Over the past few years, considerable achievements have been made in ARD's ability to collect revenue.  However, insufficient domestic revenue to adequately fundeducation, health care, security and other critical services remains aserious problem.  The Government of Afghanistan has therefore deemed an   increase in domestic revenue a priority and imperative to the goal ofreducing long-term reliance on donors.
As part of the AfghanistanReconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) ? Public Financial Management Reform Project, the World Bank has provided funding to support theGovernment of Afghanistan in meeting its goals.
ARD intend to use a portion of itsfunding to hire a Tax Administration Resident Advisor.  The Resident Advisor would be assigned to work directly with the Director General to assist inthe establishment of an effective Executive office.  The key objective would be todevelop the knowledge, skills and abilities of assigned personnel to enable them to be an effective support system   in implementing tax administration reform programs aimed at achieving more effective and efficientadministration of the tax system, improving services to the taxpaying population, and strengthening overall revenuegeneration.
1.                  Advising the Director General on various institutional developments issues
2.                  Advising on the approaches and negotiation processes for potential funding of all ARDreforms, project work plans and modernization programs;
3.                  Advising on the management of donor funds, its allocation andreporting;
4.                  Assist in developing and monitoring the tax administration strategic and workplans;
5.                  Assist in developing and updating revenue administration reform strategies;
6.                  Assist in assessing the areas requiring technical assistance ;
7.                  Coordinate with other TA providers and experts to help authorities implement measures tostrengthen overall tax administration;
8.                  Plan, develop and participate in seminars and workshops aimed to strengthen the overallcapacity of the management staff;
9.                  Assisting ARD to further restructure and organize itself under functional lines;
10.               Perform other duties as deem appropriate
Minimum Qualifications andExperience/Skills Required
1.      At least  a Master Degree in Accounting,  Economics, Management, Law, Project Management, Business Administration, Communication, orRelevant Field;
2.      At least 5 years   senior level management experience   within atax administration organization;
3.      At least 5 years' experienceproviding tax administration technical assistance in developing countries;
4.       Ability to conduct performance assessment reviews;
5.       Ability to manage multiple ongoing projects and work activities in accordance withmilestones and goals;
6.      Abilitytopresent clear and concise information consistent with the targeted audience and represent        the         organization as needed;
7.       Excellent Organizational and Communicationskills ? Excellent Report writing and presentation skills;
8.       Proficiency in English mandatory ? knowledge of Dari or Pashto is considered an advantage;
9.       Ability to work well in a teamenvironment;
10.   Ability to work independently
Duration and Timeframe:  The internationalHRConsultant will be appointed for a period of 08 Months (November 2016-June2017)
Location of Assignment:  Kabul,Afghanistan
Submission Guideline
Interested candidates shouldsubmit their applications by e-mail by 24 th   October, 2016 to:
ARMP PROJECT SUPPORT UNIT (PSU), Afghanistan Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance, Kabul-Jalalabad Road, Kabul,Afghanistan.
Ismail Khan ? ProjectCoordinator
Cell #:+93 (0) 790 40 60 52
Please note that applications received after theclosing date will not be considered. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
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