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VN-Project Preparation TA Facility - P118610

 | Published October 22, 2015

Small Contracts Award (dir,cqs,indv,sss) Small Contract Award Notice Vietnam Project: P118610 - VN-Project Preparation TAFacility Report Period: 01-Jul-2015 - 30-Sep-2015 Awarded Firm/Indv. : Exp. International Services Inc. Address: 150 Marchand Street, Suite 600, Drummonville, Quebec, J2C 4N1 Contract Signature Date: 03-Sep-2015 Method of Procurement: CQS- Selection Based OnConsultant's Qualification Price: USD 280,284.00 Duration: 5 Month(s) Summary Scope of Contract: - Reviewing theexisting reports of Environment Impact Assessment- Preparing the overall Environmental and Social Impact Assessment- Preparing the Environment and Social Management Plan

VN-Haiphong Urban Transport Project - P111548

 | Published March 27, 2015

Cs1c - Establishing A Planning Connect System COMBINED EVALUATION RESULT Name of consultant submittingproposals Joint venture of Vietnam-Denmark VidaGIS Company Limited (Vietnam,Leader) and Joint Stock Company of Consultancy Service and Technology Development for Natural Resourcesand Environment (Vienam, JVmember) 89 Construction Work Joint StockCompany Technical point 88.88 72.91 Evaluated price 9,000,000,000 VN? 7,216,500,000 VN? Final point ranking 87.14 78.33 Contract award Consultant to be awarded the contract: Joint venture ofVietnam-Denmark VidaGIS Company Limited (Vietnam, Leader) and Joint Stock Company of Consultancy Service and Technology Developmentfor Natural Resources and Environment (Vienam, JV member) Awarded price: 9,900,000,000 VN? (inclusive oftaxes)

Mekong Delta Region Urban Upgrading Proj - P113904

 | Published June 4, 2015
Saigon Water Environment andInfrastructure Joint Stock Company (Saigon Weico)

Small Contracts Award (dir,cqs,indv,sss) Small Contract Award Notice Vietnam Project: P113904 - Mekong Delta Region Urban UpgradingProject Report Period: 08-Apr-2014 - 04-Jun-2015 Awarded Firm/Indv. : Saigon Water Environment andInfrastructure Joint Stock Company (Saigon Weico) Address: No. 179, Dinh Tien Hoang street, Dakao ward, district 1 Contract Signature Date:29-May-2015 Method of Procurement: CQS- Selection Based On Consultant's Qualification Price: VND 5,643,074,000.00 Duration: 13 Month(s) Summary Scopeof Contract: Project Revision and Investment Preparation for AdditionalWorks

VN- Industrial Pollution Management - P113151

 | Published March 10, 2015
Research Center of Environment andClimate Change

Small Contracts Award (dir,cqs,indv,sss) Small Contract Award Notice Vietnam Project: P113151 - Vietnam Industrial Pollution ManagementProject Report Period: 12-Feb-2015 - 06-Mar-2015 Awarded Firm/Indv. : Research Center of Environment andClimate Change Address: No.54, Cuc Dinh Canh - Dinh Cu Residential Area, Xuan La, Tay Ho district Contract Signature Date:28-Feb-2015 Method of Procurement:CQS- Selection Based On Consultant's Qualification Price: VND4,165,128,000.00 Duration: 12 Month(s) Summary Scope of Contract: Develop methodology for TMDL to apply in 4 projected provinces

VN-Coastal Resources for Sustainable Dev - P118979

 | Published February 12, 2015

National Consultant On Esmp Implementation QCBS, QBS, FBS, and LCS Contract Award Notice Scope ofContract: Under Component D of the Coastal Resource for Sustainable Development Project (CRSD): Project management, Monitoring and Evaluation, an eligible and independent firm wouldbe recruited by the PCU to provideconsulting service helping Project Central Unit (PCU) and Provincial Project Management Units (PMUs) to ensure that theactivities of CRSD fully comply with WB's Social-Environment policies and guarantee all sub-project operations under CRSD projectwill be conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the approved Project Social-Environmental Management Framework/Environmental Assessment and respective Environmental Management Plan. Minimum Qualifying TechnicalScore: 75 Consultants'names E.P.C CO., LTD Joint Venture between Vietnam ECI Environment and Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (the lead firm) andInvestConsult Group Vica Consultants International Company Limited (VICA) Investment, Development forResources andEnvironment Joint Stock Company (REEN) City/Country Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Status: AwardedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm RejectedConsultant/Firm NotEvaluated Reason: not meetminimum qualifying technicalscore TechnicalScore 91.41 83.22 76.06 70.07 FinancialScore 100 87.94 96.44 NA CombinedScore 93.13 84.16 80.14 NA Criteria Adequacy of the proposed methodology and work plan in responding to the terms of reference 17.88 14.44 16.18 16.38 Key professional staff qualifications and competence for the assignment 73.53 68.78 59.88 53.69 Price as readout 3,698,600,000 VND 4,626,160,000 VND 4,218,676,000 VND NA Final EvaluationPrice 3,698,600,000 VND 4,205,600,000 VND 3,835,160,000 VND NA Final NegotiatedPrice 4,065,270,000 VND NA NA NA Rank 1 2 3 NA

VN-Northern Delta Transport Dev - P095129

 | Published February 16, 2016

Training And Waterway Management Capacity Building Services Scope of Contract: Training and Waterways Management Capacity BuildingServices Minimum Qualifying TechnicalScore: 75 Consultants'names Joint-Venture: Apave Asia-Pacific Company (Vietnam, leader); Apave International (France, partner); Apave Mare Ltd (Croatia,partner) Bremenports(Germany) [Associatedwith SubConsultant: University of Bremen,  Faculty in Maritime Business and Logistics(Germany)] Training and TechnologyTransfer(New Zealand) Joint ventureHPTI Hamburg Port Training Institute GmbH (leader, Germany) and UNICONSULT Universal Transport Consulting GmbH (partner,Germany) Joint-Venture of Witteveen+Bos (leader, Netherlands) and Adcom Environment & Community Development JSC (partner,Vietnam) Associated with sub-consultant Hanoi TC Expert JSC(Vietnam)] City/Country Hanoi, Vietnam Bremen,Germany Wellington, NewZealand Hamburg,Germany Netherlands Status: Awarded Consultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm TechnicalScore 81.85 75.68 75.52 70.60 64.51 FinancialScore 97.96 100.00 94.28 Not qualified for thefinancial evaluation Not qualified for thefinancial evaluation CombinedScore 85.07 80.54 79.28 Criteria SpecificExperience 7.10 6.90 7.00 8.00 3.50 Work Plan& Methodology 30.70 33.40 36.90 29.30 28.70 KeyExperts 40.15 35.38 28.68 32.22 29.18 Training Localinput 3.90 0.00 2.94 1.08 3.13 Price as readout USD: 140.000;VND: 5,117,350,000 EUR:331,502 VND:791,516 USD:389,235 Final EvaluationPrice (conversion to VND) 8,179,560,100 8,012,568,317 8,498,946,225 Final NegotiatedPrice USD: 155.186 VND: 5.674.455.800 (including VAT and CIT) Rank 1 2 3 4 5

Irrigated Agriculture Improvement - P130014

 | Published October 13, 2015

Monitoring & Evaluation Consulting Services For The Irrigated Agriculture Improvement Project Scope of Contract: M&E consulting services Minimum Qualifying Technical Score: 70 Consultants'names JVof PEAPROS Consulting JSCand Center for Development Assistance JV of Investment and development for resources and environment JSC and Center for Sustainable Community Development Joint Venture of e.GenConsultants Ltd. and Nathan Associates Inc, and Hydro - Plan Pty Ltd Wapcos Limited City/Country Hanoi/Vietnam Hanoi/Vietnam Dhaka/Banglades Haryana/India Status: Awarded Consultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm TechnicalScore 93.50 83.04 80.32 75.73 FinancialScore 64.83 100.00 13.07 22.53 CombinedScore 87.77 86.72 66.86 65.09 Criteria SpecificExperience 10.00 7.30 8.50 7.50 Work Plan &Methodology 34.00 33.33 33.50 32.00 KeyExperts 44.50 37.41 34.15 35.23 Localinput 5.00 5.00 4.17 1.00 Price as readout US$ 524,641 (inclusive oftaxes) US$ 339,900 (exclusive oftaxes) US$ 2,315,488 (exclusive oftaxes) US$ 1,350,400 (exclusive oftaxes) Final EvaluationPrice 466,860 302,650 2,315,488 1,343,200 Final NegotiatedPrice US$ 506,518 (inclusive oftaxes) Rank 1 2 3 4 Other Shortlisted Consultant(s)/Firm(s) (these will be allthat "Proposal submitted=no") Consultants'names AECOM VICA Consultants International Ltd City/Country Canada Hanoi/Vietnam ProposalSubmitted: No No

VN-Mekong Delta Water Mgmt for Rural Dev - P113949

 | Published November 17, 2015

Technical Assistance Support Firm For Sanitation Marketing And Behavior Change Communication (bcc) QCBS, QBS,FBS, and LCS Contract Award Notice Scope ofContract: Technical assistance and implementation ofsanitation marketing and behavior change communication Minimum Qualifying TechnicalScore: 70 Consultants' names Jointventure:Vietnam Association for safe water  and environment (AWATEN) and Umwelt Projekt Ingenieusgesellschaft mbH (UPI) and PACO trading and investment consulting company Ltd Joint venture: SNV Netherlands Development Organization and IRC consult Joint venture: Spatial decision and Centre for Excellence in management and technology Pvt.LTD and watersupply sanitation reference centre Consultant: CODESPA foundation City/Country Vietnam & Germany & Vietnam Netherland & Britist India & India & Vietnam Spain Status: Awarded Consultantm Evaluated Consultant/Firm Evaluated Consultant/Firm Rejected Consultant/Firm Not Evaluated The CODESPA foundation was submitted proposal in associated with Save the Children (non-shortlisted consultant)without prior aprroval of Client Technical Score 88.87 86.69 75.43 Financial Score 80.95 76.60 100.00 Combined Score 87,29 84,67 80,34 Criteria Specific Experience 6.00 10.00 8.00 Work Plan & Methodology 28.67 30.00 25.33 Key Experts 39.21 32.03 29.43 Training 10.00 9.67 7.67 Local input 5.00 5.00 5.00 Price as read out USD 158,250 and VND 7,038,000,000 Vietnam Dong (local taxes and contigencies notincluded) USD 499,330 USD (local taxes and contigencies notincluded) USD 277,300 and VND 2,356,088,400 Vietnam Dong (local taxes and contigencies notincluded) Final Evaluation Price VND 10,582,008,750 VND 11,182,495,350 VND 8,566,221,900 Final Negotiated Price USD 167,368 and VND 7,220,888,400 Rank 1 2 3 Other ShortlistedConsultant(s)/Firm(s) (these will be all that "Proposal submitted=no") Consultants' names Joint venture: ADCOM consulting and technology development companyLtd and ETM centre for environmenttechnology and management Consultant: International development enterprose(iDE) City/Country Hanoi,Vietnam UnitedStates Proposal Submitted: No No

VN-Rural Water Supply & Sanitation (P4R) - P127435

 | Published December 29, 2014

Technical Assistance To Scale Up Sanitation Services Eight Red River Delta Provinces: Part Ii: Assessment, Action Plan And Community Incentive Mechanism QCBS Contract Award Notice Project: TF013061 - AusAID Technical Assistance (TA) for Results-Based Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program ? Package P.08:"Technical Assistance to Scale up Sanitation Services Eight Red River DeltaProvinces: Part II: Assessment, Action Plan and Community Incentive Mechanism". Country: Vietnam Method of selection: Quality and Cost-BasedSelection (QCBS) AwardedFirm: Centerfor Creative Initiatives inHealth and Population (CCIHP) Duration of contract: FromDecember 2014 to June,2016 Scope of Contract: - Task 1: Development of a Sanitation Action Plan to support demand creation, supplystrengthening and effective sanitation finance - Task 2: Assisting theProvincialCenters for Preventive Medicine to Implement the Action Plan by intensive training and on the job dailysupport - Task 3: Designing andImplementing a Community Rewards Program for achieving Commune-Wide Sanitation Minimum Qualifying Technical Score: 75 Consultants'names Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP) PopulationServices International/ Vietnam (PSI Vietnam) City/Country Vietnam Vietnam Status: Awarded Consultant/Firm Evaluated Consultant/Firm Technical Score 93,10 84,50 Financial Score 100,00 20,50 Combined Score 94,48 71,70 Criteria Specific Experience 9,30 8,50 Work Plan & Methodology 23,00 23,50 Key Experts 51,00 44,00 Training 4,80 4,70 Local input 5,00 3,80 Price as read out 8.682.960.000 VN? (inclusive of all local taxes) 42.292.796.558 VN? (inclusive of all local taxes) Final Evaluation Price 8.682.960.000 VN? (inclusive of all local taxes) 42.292.796.558 VN? (inclusive of all local taxes) Final Negotiated Price 8.682.960.000 VN? (inclusive of all local taxes) N.A Rank 1 2 Other Shortlisted Consultant(s)/Firm(s) who had notsubmitted the proposal Consultants' names Cowater InternationalInc. (leadfirm) and sub-consultant: East Meets West Foundation (EMWF) Joint Ventureof ECOPIS (lead firm) and ADCOM Environment and Community Development JSC Joint Ventureof EMC ? Emerging Market Consulting  and WaterSHED and  Sub-consultant: Adepicos Grontmij A/S (lead firm) and sub-consultant:Asian Management and Development Institute (AMDI) City/Country Canada Switzerland Cambodia Denmark Proposal Submitted: No No No No

Vietnam Road Asset Management Project - P123961

 | Published November 13, 2014

Consulting Service For Construction Supervision And Performance Based Contract Strengthening For Vietnam Road Assets Manag Ement Project (vramp) Name of Project (includeproject country): Vietnam Road Asset Management Project(VRAMP) ProjectID: P123961 Contractdescription: Construction Supervision and PBCStrengthening for VRAMP Scope of contract: The scope of the assignment will include: Construction supervision ofcivil work contracts for: (i) road maintenanceprogram including NH2,NH6, and NH48 with diversified contract forms including traditional maintenance Contracts (NH48 and NH6),Performance-based maintenance Contracts (NH2, NH6,) under Component B; and (ii) improvement of some keynational highways in theNorth including NH38, NH39 (Trieu Duong ? Hung Ha), NH39 (Vo Hoi ? Diem Dien) and 4 bridges over 25m on NH38B under Component C ofthe project. Improvement of PBC performance including: (i) update of the legal framework andreview of moving maintenance responsibility from the PMUs and RRMUs; (ii) development of standard PBC bidding documentation(including sample contracts) with clear performance indicators linked with amounts of bonusesand penalties; (iii) training of PBCcontractors on how to prepare bidding proposals for PBCs, quality assurance methods, and work programming, which will occur beforecontract awarding; and (iv) provision of a manual for PBC supervision (engineering and environment). Study and comparingthe effectiveness ofmaintenance methods focusing on alternative and more efficient techniques for maintenance. It will take benefit of thefact thatsome roads renovated under the project will be maintained with input-based contracts while some others will be maintained withPBCs. The study will compare methods, techniques and achievements of both ways of maintenance, and identify the most effective,long-term preservation strategy for Vietnam. It will also provide examples from other countries with maintenance techniques aimedat reducing maintenance costs and improve service quality. Duration: 66 months Contract signaturedate:November 13, 2014 Disclosure Report for Contract Awarded byQCBS/FBS/LCS Name & address* ofconsultant/firm Technicalscore Financialscore Final evaluated price FinalRanking Cardno Emerging Markets Pty Ltd. (Fortitude Valley, Australia) in association withsub-consultants: (i) National Consultants Hanoi TC;(ii) Institute of Planningand Transportation Engineering (Vietnam); and (iii)Thang Loi Engineering Consultants (Vietnam) 82.59 76.04 VND 277,480,489,745 4 Joint venture of CDM Smith (leader, Cambridge, United States) and OrientalConsultant Co. Ltd (member, Japan) and sub-consultants: (i)Viet A Construction Investment and Design Consultant Joint Stock Company(Vietnam), and (ii) ASICO VietnamConsultant Joint Stock Company (Vietnam,and (iii) VNC Construction Joint Stock (Vietnam) 79.98 63.80 VND330,715,752,465 6 Getinsa Ingenieria S.L (Marid, Spain) in association with sub-consultant Asia Pacific Consultant Joint Stock Company(Vietnam) 78.20 100.00 VND 210,982,796,500 3 SMEC International Pty Ltd. (New South Wales, Australia) in association with sub-consultants: (i) SMEC Vietnam Joint StockCompany (Vietnam), (ii) Tan Phat Joint Stock Company (Vietnam), and (iii) BYM Group Investment ? Consulting Corporation(Vietnam) 90.68 84.39 VND 250,020,647,520 1 RENARDET S.A. ConsultingEngineer (Geneve, Switzerland) in association with sub-consultant (i)Lines Consultant JSC(Vietnam) and (ii) InPEL International Investment & Consultant Corp. (Vietnam) 87.83 89.21 VND 236,507,624,550 2 Roughton International Ltd (Hampshire, UK) in association with sub-consultant AseanDevelopment &Management Consultancy Company Limited (Vietnam) 82.66 73.88 VND 285,589,051,800 5

Can Tho Urban Development and Resilience - P152851

Can Tho PMU for ODA funded Construction and Investment Projects | Published August 10, 2016

General Procurement Notice GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE VIETNAM THE CAN THO URBAN DEVELOPMENT ANDRESILI ENCE PROJECT Sector: Sub-national government administration (10%), Informationtechnology ( 5%), Urban Transport (30%), Sanitation (10%) and Flood protection (45%) GENERAL PROCUREMENTNOTICE Credit N o. IDA 57790-VN and IBRD 85980-VN Project ID No. P152851 The Can ThoCity has received  financing in the amount of US$ 322.041 million equivalent from the World Bank toward the cost ofthe Can Tho Urban Developmen t and Resilience Project and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works,related services and consulting services to be procured under this project. This project will be jointly financed by theSECO The proposed Project Develop ment Objective is to reduce flood risk in the urban core area, improve connectivitybetween the city center and the new low risk urb an growth areas, and enhance the capacity of city authorities to manage disasterrisk in Can Tho City. Approximately 65 pe rcent of the outcome is to reduce flood risk, while 25 percent is focused onimproving connectivity to lower risk parts of the City and 10 percent aims to increase the capacity to manage disaster risk in theCity. The core urban area is defined as the Ninh Kieu an d Binh Thuy districts. The project will include the followingcomponents: Component 1: Flooding risk management and environmental sanitation The objective of this component is to reduce f lood related risks in the urban core of Can Tho. This componentconsists of a balance between structural and non-structural measuresto help the city manage urban flood risk. The structuralmeasures are a combination of “low-regret” engineering solutio ns, including surrounding embankment, tidal gates/valvesand improved rainwater storage and drainage system. A polder appr oach will be taken for flood mitigation, which can beexpressed as a structural system consisted of a: i) closed “ring embankm ent with tidal sluicegates/valves” to protectarea from high water on outside rivers (river and tide floods); and, ii) drainag e system including open canals, sewers, stormrainwater retention, and pumps (if needed). Tidal gates are designed for “embank ment function” during closed time and“water discharge function” during gate opening. The drainage system is desig ned based on rainfall intensity, basinarea according to classification and specifications issued by the Government (for example, 1 in 10 year rainfall for open channeldesign). Component 2: Urban corridor development The obje ctive of the transport investmentsis to increase intra-city connectivity and encourage compact, mixed-use, pedestrian and public tr ansport oriented urbandevelopment in the less flood prone area of Cai Rang. Connectivity in Can Tho’s urban transport system would be significantlyimproved, increasing transport-related efficiencies, and reducing transport costs. The urban transport systemof Can Tho is formedand oriented along vertical and horizontal axes. There 9 are only a few horizontal axes connecting to the vert ical axes. Thesehorizontal axes are far apart from each other thereby limiting interconnectivity. Thus, transport flows through theurban center,creating increased traffic density in the urban core, increasing transport costs and subsequently product costs, redu cinginvestment attractiveness and competitiveness. Unlinked transport infrastructure also decreases regional and interregional transport connectivity, lowering the speed of goods circulation and subsequently affecting the economic development capability as wellas access of residents to social infrastructure. Under this project, transport investments will be used to guide more resii aient urbanization,13 to low risk areas on higher ground. Increased accessibility and connectivity as a result of the new andimprov d transport infrastructure is likely to increase land values and investment opportunities along transport corridors, whichis value- creation that the Government can capture using a variety of mechanisms and convert into public revenue. In doing so, thecity has th e opportunity to proactively guide urban growth to areas with lower flood risk, including the higher elevation areasnear the heart of the city. Component 3: Spatial Planning Platform and Financial and Social ProtectionInstruments The objective of this intervention is to build management systems to improve spatial planning, dataand information management,post-disaster budget execution, and the responsiveness of safety nets to flood events. Theseactivities are expected to improve dev elopment planning in a climate and risk informed manner, to strengthen financial resilienceand to augment social protection. In Can Tho, detailed area plans that provide guidance on infrastructure developmentare paper-based. This slows the planning pro cess, makes enforcement of construction permitting less transparent and effective, andhinders the efficient sharing of information across departments. Therefore, a web/based geospatial database will be built, whichwill serve as a single platform for spatial dataand is intended to be used across line departments for spatial planning andinfrastructure development. The Platform will be housedin the People’s Committee (PC), above the line departments, toensure a higher level of ownership and commitment from the PC.Housing the Platform in the PC, instead of one of the linedepartments such as the Department of Construction, will limit rivalriesand competition, which is often the key barrier in datasharing and usage. This Platform will have infrastructure assets that inclu de sectors such as transport, water, sanitation andenergy, as well as buildings. Summary goods, works and services contra cts funded by IDA that will be procured under theproject are as below: Ref. No Summary of Contracts that will be procured Estimated Cost US$ (million) Number  ofPackages Brief description of the Contracts 1 Summary of theNCB (Works) es 154.7 16 Construction of the Can Tho River Revetment, road at the rear of revetment, tide sluice gates on routeat the rear of Can Tho River revetment, Water Lock, Improving and upgrading the infrastructure of Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Water Draii aage system at Central area in Ninh Kieu District, Construction of Quang Trung Bridge, module 2 and extension of the span ofmoduleand reinforcement of existing bridge, lighting system and architecture rehabilitation of the Quang Trung Bridge, approachroads at the both sides of the Bridge and construction some main roads in central District and An Binh Resettlementsite. 2 Summary of the ICB (Goods) packag es 21.9 01 Construction of Tran Hoang Na Bridge 3 Summary of number of Consultant Services contracts thhat will be let under QCBS/QB style="width:38px"> 3 7.2 e="width:271px"> Construction Supervisionand contract management Consultant for packages under Component 1 and 2 4 Summary of number of Cons ultant Services contractsthat will be let under CQS 1.6 08 Construction Supervision and contract managementConsultant for packages of An Binh Resettlement site, M&E, Environment, Auditing, Independent consultant for resettlement and coommunic Consulttion on the project. Total 185.4 27 The brief description of the goods, works andservices that will be procured under ICB procedures are as below: ContractNo. Description Construction CT3-PW-2.4/13112017 Construction of Tran Hoang NaBridge Consultant Bridge CT3-CS-TV01/06052017 idth:440px"> Construction Supervision and contractmanagement Consultant for packages under Component 1 CT3-CS-TV02/21042017 Construction Su pervision andcontract management Consultant for packages under Component 2 Procur ement ofcontracts financed by the World Bank will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the World Bank's Guid elines:Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits dated January 2011, revised Jully, 2014 and is open to all eligible bidders  as defined in the guidelines. Consulting services will be selected in accordance with the World Bank's Guidelines:Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers dated January 2011 and revised Jully, 2014. Specificrocurement notices for contracts to be bid under the World Bank's international competitive bidding (ICB) procedures and forcontracts for consultancy services will be announced, as they become available, in UN Development Business; and otthe con newspapers in Vietnam such as Vietnam News, Nhan Dan Newspaper, Lao Dong Newspaper, Procurement NoticesPaper.
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