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F--EPA Region 1 Emergency and Rapid Response Services

Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Acquisition Management (OAM) | Published November 4, 2015

The purpose of the Emergency and Rapid Response Services (ERRS) contract requirement is to conduct emergency responses, time-critical and non time-critical removals, and remedial actions with respect to the release or threat of release of oil, hazardous and toxic wastes, petroleum products, hazardous substances, or pollutants, contaminants or fire or explosion hazards, that pose an actual or potential threat to human health or welfare, or the environment. This effort also includes the cleanup for incidents involving weapons of mass destruction, acts of terrorism, and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear incidents.

HSI Courses

Department of the Army, National Guard Bureau | Published February 16, 2016

This synopsis is issued in accordance with FAR Part 5.204, Pre-Solicitation Notices. The purpose of this synopsis is to provide notice to the public of this requirement before issuing a solicitation. The National Guard Bureau's Homeland Security Institute ("HSI"), Hanscom AFB, MA, has a requirement for education and training support for its General and Flag Officer Executive Seminar, and the Leadership in Homeland Security Program. Targeted audience of the programs are National Guard leadership personnel and their partner organizations. The mission of the HSI is to provide world-class professional education to leaders and practitioners in homeland security to ensure success during complex, multi-jurisdictional emergencies. The HSI has the responsibility to develop and deliver career/service level and intermediate/joint level Professional Military Education to eligible members of the National Guard and its partner organizations. The HSI accomplishes its mission by delivering the General and Flag Officer Executive Seminar and the Leadership in Homeland Security Program through onsite instructor-led seminars. These programs are to be conducted within the Greater Boston area and described further below.HSI intends to issue a competitive solicitation under NAICS Code 611310, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools to perform the services described.The solicitation will include a Performance Work Statement (PWS). All institutions that are capable of providing the required services and supplies are encouraged to submit a proposal in response to the solicitation when it is released. The Government plans to enter into a firm-fixed-price with economic adjustment, single award IDIQ contract for a period of 5 years.Anticipated Release Date of Solicitation: 18 February 2016Anticipated Closing Date of Solicitation: 18 March 2016All terms and conditions will be identified in the solicitation. The solicitation will be available to interested parties through the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website ( It is the responsibility of interested parties to independently watch the website for updates to any and all documents. Potential Offeror's are responsible for downloading their copy of the solicitation and amendments, if any. In order to be eligible for award of a Government contract, interested parties must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM). The website for SAM is PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE CONTACT POINT LISTED BELOW. A due date and email address for questions and/or clarification will be included in the solicitation. Contracting Office Address: USPFO-MA-P&CMAARNG, JFHQ2 Randolph Road, Hanscom AFB, MA 01731 Primary Point of Contact. CPT Pedro R. Statement of Objectives: General and Flag Officer SeminarThe National Guard Homeland Security Institute (HSI) seeks contractor to support our "General and Flag Officer Seminar" (GFOS), in order to better prepare National Guard senior leaders to respond to manmade and natural disasters. GFOS will be hosted annually, with participants representing senior leadership from the entire Army and Air National Guard, the United States Coast Guard, Active Duty military, Law Enforcement/Fire/EMS as well as Federal and State Emergency Management professionalsHSI seeks an experienced academic institution with a strong background in hosting and developing executive education courses to host an annual GFOS course once for no less than one year but not to exceed five years. The institution will be able to demonstrate experience of working with Government and Military leaders, specifically in the realm of disaster planning, emergency management and crisis leadership.The intent of the course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to prepare for and lead an effective response to large scale and novel disasters.The class will:- Be 3.5-4 days in length- Have space for 60 students/participants (broken down below)- Have prepaid/contracted seats for 40 National Guard personnel- Have space for 20 additional non-National Guard personnel ( USCG, FEMA, state emergency management, etc) who will pay a predetermined fee, not paid by HSI or the Army National GuardThe course curriculum will:- Be current and relevant to today's emergency management landscape, with special emphasis paid to the use or potential use of the National Guard in support to Civil Authorities- Be case study driven, when available using expert instructors with firsthand experience of the disaster or topic at hand. Learning objectives will be derived from real world examples of success or challenge from recent disasters or terror attacks that impacted the United States- Consist of mostly discussion and some lecture on topics pertinent to emergency management, crisis leadership and best practices from the emergency management community. Extra emphasis will be placed on discussion between participants to capitalize on- Focus on the strategic/executive level, policy, long range planning, large scale novel disaster leadershipThe contractor will provide: - Adequate staff to support course logistics both prior to and during the courseo Pre-Course requirements include but are not limited to: welcome correspondence, registration, financial guidance to participants, etco During the course, provide administrative support, finance personnel to facilitate course payment, other requirements as determined by contractor and HSI- Experienced instructors with a demonstrated long term history of expertise in both teaching executive education and crisis leadership in the context of emergency management.- An appropriate class space for senior executive level instruction, amphitheater/lecture hall classroom space preferred. - Adequate facilities to support classroom operation for contractor and HSI staff, basic internet access, printing, etc. - Meals through the duration of the course, billed via Government travel card to the individual participants (as appropriate). Meals will include networking dinners and a final graduation/certificate ceremony. - Appropriate space to host a keynote speaker or forum style event with high profile guest speaker(s) to address participants on a subject related to the course material. Statement of Objectives: Leadership in Homeland Security ProgramThe Leadership and Homeland Security Program is a 5.5 day program dedicated to examining the challenges of developing the requisite leadership skills and organizational capabilities to see the nation through 21st century, landscape-scale emergencies. Who Will AttendThe primary audience for the Leadership and Homeland Security course is senior level National Guard leadership. The program will convene 40 field grade and senior non-commissioned officers from the National Guard with the option to increase the audience size by 20 additional seats for non-National Guard personnel with whom they partner in large scale crises at the national level. Non-National Guard personnel would pay at their own expense directly to the contractor.Curriculum Through intensive case study-based discussions of recent real life examples, the faculty will develop concepts and frameworks for the design and execution of response capabilities in a complex, multi-jurisdictional and multi-sectorial environment. For example, we will use a case that we developed with funding from the National Guard that examines the response at various governmental levels to the BP oil spill. Throughout the program, the central questions will focus on leadership: how do leaders prepare themselves, their constituents and their organizations for crises, how should they lead during an event, and how do they help their communities and organizations recover and rebuild in the aftermath. Leadership and Homeland Security is made up of both plenary sessions and small group sessions. The program treats a number of themes that range from the challenges of inter-agency coordination to managing the political ramifications of an event.
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